When And How To Transplant A Plant

What to do if we have doubts when it comes to knowing if we should transplant a plant to a larger pot:

We will leave the plant without watering a couple of days for the soil to dry . Once the land is dry, we will gently knock around

from the pot with our hands, we will turn the pot with one hand and with the other we will hold the plant carefully; in this way the root ball will leave the pot and we can see if the plant needs more land.

If the soil or root ball is very attached to the pot, it is because there is a lot of  roots and little soil inside it , so the transplant should be done as soon as possible.

If, on the contrary, the root ball easily detaches from the pot, and in addition to roots, we see that it still has  enough soil , we will carefully return the plant to its original pot , since it still does not need to be transplanted, we will proceed to water it and leave it in its pot one more little season.

How to perform the transplant:

We will have to buy a pot of a size larger than we have, it will have to be at least  2 cm. more in diameter and another 2 cm. more depth

The first thing we should do is throw a handful of gravel at the bottom , this will improve the drainage of the pot.  

Later we will put the plant with its root ball to take the measure of the height , so we will know the amount of land that we will have to put on the gravel so that the plant stays at the desired height .

Once we have the gravel and the necessary soil in the bottom, we will place the plant with its root ball in the center, if the pot has any drawing or side seen, we will match the most beautiful side of the pot with the most beautiful side of the plant (by its flowers, leaves or form) and later we will fix it, filling the perimeter hole   with  earth , pressing gently with the hands, until the plant is  held  and does not move. 

The transplant land can be purchased in a specialized establishment, there they will advise us depending on the species to be transplanted.

When the transplant is finished, we will proceed to water the plant with plenty of water .  

If we want to give the pot an oriental touch , we can cover the surface with  marble , pine bark  , volcanic gravel ,….

Before making a transplant, you must inform yourself if the plant species requires that it be carried out at an appropriate time  or not. There are species that if not transplanted at the right time may not survive it .

If your home allows it and you have plants that have grown enough for you to transplant them to the garden,  ask us about their location, think that not all species can survive outdoors, but others will enjoy the change.


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