Types Of Shovel –Worth Knowing Factor

The shovel is one of the elements that should not be missing in any home workshop or warehouse of the most necessary tools. Here is a small guide to types of shovels and properties.

A brief history of the sword                    

Spades are one of the varieties of shovels. These are tools designed to allow digging and transfer of soil – the first spades were made of wood, but since the metals were known, initially they began to produce only sharp ends of the spade. As long as the digging tools were not sharp, it was necessary to use a chisel to crush the soil, and it was only carried with a spade. Without a shovel, the work was much slower and more arduous.

Blade family

Spade, as a representative of the blade family, belongs to one of their two main varieties distinguished for their use:

The first group of blades is tools used for work where digging and engraving are necessary to obtain material for transfer to another location. This is where shovels and various types of shovels are included. Spades are used primarily in construction, gardening, and road works. They can also replace blades from the second group, although they are used with less efficiency.

The second group consists of shovels used for loading and moving loose and granular materials. These blades have a working part, called a bucket or bucket, made of hard metal, plastic or aluminum. Often, the spoons have bent edges to prevent the contents from sliding off them. This group includes, for example, shovels for cereals, debris, sand, coal wagons, snow shovels, and others.

Shovels may be universal, but also more specialized, designed for a specific type of work environment. We meet with their various varieties. Like the shovels, their sub-group in the form of shovels have their types distinguished in this way.

Types of shovels

There are many designs, shapes, and types of spades. They were created for various purposes and works performed with their use:

A garden shovel, probably the most common type, is one of the basic gardening tools. It is also often referred to as engraving. It has a long styling, is quite wide, allows you to put your foot on it so that the pressure of the leg makes it easier to penetrate the shovel into the ground. Most often it has a point-like blade and arched edges. It is mainly used for soil works, digging and breaking up clods of soil. In gardening, it replaces the plow, it is used for manual agrotechnical operations and weed control.

The Irish shovel is similar to a garden shovel but has a thinner end.

The iron shovel has a short, rounded tip and is mainly used for trimming and discarding grass.

The nursery shovel is elongated, specially constructed to facilitate the work of transplanting plants, shrubs and planting trees.

The shovel for digging pipes and drains has an elongated shape and is specially reinforced so that it can be used for drainage works.

Women’s shovel- straight or pointed, constructed so that its use is easy and simple, even for the so-called weaker sex.

Other detailed variations of the shovel can be determined by their shape, raw material or finish, e.g. straight, pointed, sleeve, reinforced, hardened.

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