Types Of Hammock –Worth Knowing

There are several types of hammocks all around the world. Among them, you can choose for your own need.

Hammock for the room/house

In our store’s offer, you will find exclusive cotton home hammocks and hanging armchairs. We recommend unique home hammocks made of cotton. We also have original hanging chairs, without which many people cannot imagine a life. If for a long time you can not fully relax it will help you in this Mexican seat, which has gained the title of the most comfortable on the whole globe. A home hammock will not only allow you to relax comprehensively. It is also an unusual retrofitting of the interior arrangement      Your rooms. We offer only the highest quality products in various color variants. We assure you that you will definitely choose a unique seat perfectly suited to your needs. We guarantee that the room hammock will meet even the most demanding expectations. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the detailed and rich offer of our online store Hammocks Cabana.   

Hammock for the garden

Try the unique Mexican garden hammocks, which have become the most comfortable seats in the world. They are made of very durable fabrics and are designed for years of use in the garden. In our store, you will find perfect hammocks for the garden, which will treat you to comfortable rest after a hard day at work. We offer the largest selection of designs on the market! You can opt for a garden hammock in all the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Choose the best solution for yourself and enjoy the beautiful and comfortable Cabana hammock for many years – our garden hammocks are very strong and durable. You don’t have to buy a new hammock every season, we offer you the highest quality. Our online store Hammocks Cabana are also excellent Brazilian chairs, swings, as well as compatible frames.

Hammock on the balcony

Do you dream of an original balcony arrangement? Hammock for the balcony is a unique type of hammock  that will work even in a small area. Choose a hammock chair or a classic hammock, in which you can take a nap after work or hide in search of peace from the hustle and bustle. The hammock on the balcony has good conditions (usually: roofing, less risk of getting dirty, no leaves falling on it) so you can go crazy! Choose the most comfortable Cabana balcony hammock made by hand in Mexico: the seat is very durable, super comfortable, and each hammock in our store is available in many beautiful colors that will make the balcony your favorite place in the apartment throughout the summer.    In the hammock, you can drink coffee, read a book or even watch a movie. If you buy two or three hammock chairs, the whole family will be able to rest together 🙂

Double Hammock

Do you want to make yourself and your family happy? Buy a unique  Mexican double hammock characterized by perfect workmanship from the highest quality materials and a  unique and eye-catching look.  The seat will look great both in the home and garden. It’s a great way to spend time with your other half. You will be able to watch, for example, a movie in comfortable conditions. Double hammocks will certainly appeal to children who will not want to leave them.  Mexican seats the Hammocks Cabana in our online store guarantee perfect relaxation for many years. The Mayas are specialists in creating extremely durable and comfortable hammocks, in which they also sleep every day instead of beds. That is why products from Yucatan in Mexico are very popular.

Natural hammock

A natural hammock made of unstained cotton is an elegant and versatile choice – it fits everywhere! If your interior is decorated in subdued colors, you like the Provencal or Scandinavian style (very hot!), Our cotton natural hammocks will be the perfect complement to your home. You can choose from different sizes and styles of hammocks and hanging chairs, our offer is really wide. The natural hammock is made of 100% cotton, you can always wash it easily, it is very pleasant to touch and comfortable (cotton stretches slightly, allowing you to take the most comfortable position in a hammock). For the undecided and stunned by the number of colors of hammocks to choose from in our store, it is also a remedy for the modern shopping problem called “excess of options, I don’t know what to choose !?” :

Hammocks for children

Hammocks for children are great fun and physical development. When choosing a children’s hammock, you definitely pay attention primarily to the quality and safety of use, because this is the most important. In our store, you will find the highest quality children’s hammocks and hammock chairs, as well as you will receive professional instructions on safe assembly. Choose a unique children’s hammock for your child. 

What to look for when choosing, using and installing?

The most important thing is for our children to be able to use the swings and hammocks completely safely. Let’s install a children’s hammock away from the edges, stairs, edges and other furniture. Let’s adjust the height of the suspension to the age and height of children – mounting a children’s hammock using a chain and a carabiner will allow us to make such adjustments (then even adults will be able to use the swing or hammock when the children go to bed).  

Note:  Never hang a hammock for a child over concrete, tiles and other hard surfaces – a rug or lawn will be better. We recommend the Smart Cabana Stand for the garden, which has no structural elements under the hammock. And most importantly – let’s always supervise the fun of the youngest

Hammock with frame

The hammock set is an elegant element of the garden. Easy shopping and easy assembly for everyone! If you buy a hammock with a frame you will be able to use it and relax wherever you want. Moving the set to a sunny place or under a tree is not a problem. All Cabana hammock sets are exceptionally large and durable. Racks have a load capacity of up to 300 kg, and hammocks also hold up to 200-350 kg, depending on size. Each colorful hammock is available in many colors to choose from 🙂

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