7 Tips To Prepare Your Greenhouse For Spring-Summer

1 Review inventory supplies

It is often necessary to face conflicts that could have been avoided if the greenhouses were cleaned and organized for the summer cycle. This task involves planning ahead and taking care of sensitive aspects of the business so that they do not interfere with the work season. Here are some factors to consider before starting a new production cycle.

The pre-shipment period is the ideal time to review the inventory. There is nothing worse than realizing that there are not enough trays to ship the product while a large order is being filled.

Do not reduce your inventory to shipping material only; Also check the production material. The less worries you have regarding material orders, the easier things will be when the products are being shipped.

2 Be sure to properly rotate delicate products.
There should always be a system to use older products first, from cardboard to growing substrates. Have your departments continuously rotate the material, so as not to take surprises just when they have less time to deal with those problems. For example, crop substrates usually have a shelf life of three months. After that time, the wetting agent is less effective and causes problems with irrigation.

Some producers use color codes to distinguish their cultivation substrates, so that their staff knows which mixture should be used first. It is also useful to have strict procedures for placing orders so that they are not lacking, nor are they over material.

3 Eliminate obstacles caused by the disorder.
It is surprising how the lack of organization can affect the efficiency of any greenhouse. A well-organized and obstacle-free boarding area can greatly increase the opportunity to meet the strict delivery deadlines that are imposed so frequently.

Allow sufficient time to review the shipping and production areas to ensure that the inventory is in order and is placed in an area that ensures maximum efficiency in difficult times. Sometimes even the simplest changes can save many hours of labor.

4 Establish a maintenance program at the end of the cycle.
There are obvious greenhouse maintenance problems that need to be resolved through a program; However, there are certain points that are of particular importance as the summer cycle approaches. If your greenhouse has a cooling system, it will be necessary to check it before it is required. Make sure all pumps are working in the correct order, as are the rest of the cooling system components.

As soon as the weather permits, they should conduct a thorough perimeter review of the entire greenhouse, to solve the problems immediately. Shading and light blocking systems must be in optimal condition before the next cycle. As long days approach, light blocking systems are essential for plants that require short day conditions to bloom.

5 Take measures early to reduce pest infestation in the warmer months.
The arrival of hot weather also brings pests. There are certain precautionary measures that can be applied in and around greenhouses to reduce the severity of pest attacks.

Remove weeds inside the greenhouse, before the cycle change; as well as the preventive applications of pesticides by means of basal baths and sprays will help to alleviate the situation.

Check the chemicals they have in their cabinets and check their inventory. Make sure pesticides are part of the inventory before they need them. Again, they should concentrate on each of these tasks, before the busy season comes.

6 Review climate control systems.
Instead of waiting until the warmer season arrives, plan to service the climate control systems in advance. There is a high probability that adjustments to climate control systems will be required due to the increased workload of the greenhouse. The duration of days and temperatures will change. The shading and light block parameters will need to be adjusted to meet the weather conditions. Keeping records of previous years will help make the necessary changes.

7 Whitewashed outside.
If you are planning to whitewash the greenhouse, make your plans and place the orders of the material on time, before the time for more work arrives. Depending on the method of application, this task may require a lot of planning, just to get enough workforce.

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