Best Lawn Scarifiers Of 2020

Looking for the best lawn scarifiers you will surely come across many devices. We can recommend MTD OPTIMA 38 VO , equipment with 38 cm working width. As a result, soil loosening will not be difficult for anyone, even in large spaces. The model has a solid casing, which will not be destroyed under the influence of falling stones or other accidents. The equipment provides air to the soil very well and is ideal for loosening it. We also recommend AL-KO Combi Care 36 E Comfort , which is equally well-made equipment. Changing the working depth for this model is easy, as is operating the scarifier. 

Comparison table of 3 best lawn scarifier

Sun Joe AJ801E 13 in. 12 Amp Electric Scarifier

  • The device is solidly made. The engine is very powerful and does not break down, and the scarifier can handle even clods of soil. The model is convenient to use because it has a well-made handle and large wheels. The large working width allows you to finish work quickly.
  • Knives get blunt relatively quickly. Breaking the soil with them after some time can be quite difficult. Over time, you’ll have to buy a new set of knives or a special sharpener for this type of equipment.
  • The model is not only a scarifier, but also an aerator. The working width is 38 cm. The depth can be adjusted, 6 positions are available. The scarifier housing is made of steel, the equipment weighs 27 lbs .

GreenWorks Scarifier

  • Easy depth adjustment with a knob on the housing makes setting the right value easy. The device is easy to use because it is quite light, and  in addition has large wheels and a well-made han in addition has large wheels and a well-made handle.
  • We advise you not to use the equipment without the basket. According to user reviews, if you want to scarify without a basket and leave dirt on the surface, there is a risk that the equipment will be clogged with dirt.
  • The scarifier weighs 15 kg. It also has the function of an aerator. The maximum working depth is 3 cm. The working width is 36 cm and it is unchanging.

Scotts LSW70026S Push

  • The scarifier is not damaged by a collision with hard soil. It can easily be attached to many types of handles. Using the device is easy, it does not cause problems. It has large wheels, thanks to which it moves smoothly on every surface.
  • This is a manual scarifier, so using it may be difficult. For this you must necessarily buy a handle for it, because it is not included.
  • The working width of the model is 32 cm. It is equipped with 11 very sharp blades. Their base is made of stainless steel. Inserting and removing the handle is easy.

The best lawn scarifiers in 2020

To maintain a good lawn condition, it is worth buying a scarifier, preferably with an aeration function. It is recommended to use such a device in early spring, when the grass begins to grow. How to choose one equipment from so many models available? The scarifier ranking comes in handy, in which we describe the most interesting items.

Our recommendations of best lawn scarifiers

Sun Joe AJ801E 13 in. 12 Amp Electric Scarifier

 the Sun Joe AJ801E 13 in. 12 Amp Electric Scarifier will allow you to prepare the lawn and soil for spring vegetables. This combustion scarifier allows not only scarifying but also soil aeration. As a result, the felt created from vegetables from last year or after stagnation will be effectively removed, and you can immediately start sowing.

The model is made of steel, if during the process a stone splashes on it or you accidentally leave it in the rain, do not worry, it will not be destroyed. The equipment is equipped with 16 very sharp knives that efficiently cut the ground. The scarifier’s working width is 38 cm, which means you can quickly scarify even a large garden.

The product is equipped with a basket for felt after vegetables, as a result, you can easily get rid of it, you do not have to waste time collecting it after the aeration process. Users praise this combustion scarifier because you can independently determine the depth of operation, you can choose from 6 different positions.

GreenWorks Scarifier

Handiness is for many people one of the most important aspects, which is why the GreenWorks Scarifier is very popular among consumers. It weighs only 15 kg, so handling it does not cause any problem. In addition, it is worth mentioning the folding handle, which makes storage and transport of the device easy.

Users also positively assess the uncomplicated change in the depth of operation of the device. The housing has a large knob with values, just select one of them. The equipment is not only an electric scarifier but also an aerator, which is why the set also includes aeration springs that can be mounted in place of blades.

What are the opinions about scarifiers from this brand? Users favorably speak about the convenience of use. The handle of the model is well profiled, and it is not too heavy. In addition, the product wheels are large enough that we can easily bypass possible cavities. Noteworthy is also a large basket, into which felt falls. After using the scarifier, the soil is perfectly loosened.

Scotts LSW70026S Push

Are you interested in manual scarifier? Check out the Scotts LSW70026S Push , small equipment that only contains blades. It can be combined with a handle, which unfortunately is not available in the set, but it can be easily purchased. The equipment is praised for effectively getting rid of all weeds and turf from the lawn. It loosens the soil well, and in addition, allows it to better absorb minerals and water from the outside.

Good quality cutting knives are considered an advantage. They are made of steel and even as a result of frequent use they do not rust or are damaged. You can prepare for many years of using the device. This good and cheap scarifier is small and does not weigh too much, so nobody should have a problem with operating the equipment.

The model has a working width of 32 cm, which is why scarifying a large area is not a challenge for anyone. The axle and wheels are raised, as a result, the use of equipment is very comfortable and you can do all the scarifying by yourself.

Goplus 10Amp Corded Scarifier

If you do not like to stop work too often, we recommend you an aerator and scarifier in one, i.e. the Goplus 10Amp Corded Scarifier, A very large basket for felt felt (50 l) makes it possible to empty it only after finishing work, without having to constantly interrupt. The power of the device is 1500 W and allows quick loosening of the soil.

What users value most is the weight of the product. It weighs only 14 kg, so operating it even for several hours is not very tiring. Due to the fact that the model has the function of not only a scarifier, but also an aerator, you can easily aerate and loosen the soil.

The working width of the equipment is 38 cm, so the work will not last too long. This good scarifier is equipped with 20 quite densely arranged knives, while the aerator is two bands with 22 springs. The working depth can be adjusted, it is up to you whether it is 12 mm or 8 mm deep.

Earthwise LSW70021 SCARIFIER

With the help of a scarifier such as MacAllister 87 CM3 38 CM, you can take care of your lawn without unnecessary effort. The device drives practically by itself, you only need to give direction. This scarifier available in the Castorama store has a metal housing, so during the loosening process the soil will not be accidentally damaged.

The engine power is 2.3 HP, as a result of which getting rid of felt and soil aeration is easy and runs quickly. The equipment is equipped with sharp blades that break through the first hard layer of soil and give it access to air. Users praise them because they do not corrode and do not need to be replaced for a long time.

The cutting height can be adjusted in 6 levels and the working width is 38 cm, even when loosening larger areas you will not lose too much time. This good scarifier is equipped with a large basket with a capacity of 45 liters.

Makita UV3600

Makita UV3600 is the equipment that most consumers are satisfied with. It is equipped with a large basket, whose material is impermeable to dust. So when using the scarifier, it will not get very dusty. The working width of the model is 36 cm, this is enough to quickly cope with soil loosening.

This grass scarifier has a very comfortable handle that has been appreciated by many consumers. It can be easily folded so it will not interfere with handling or transport. It is worth adding that it is adjustable, so everyone can adjust it to their height. The weight of the model is about 18 kg, and the basket has a capacity of 40 liters.

The scarifier test shows that replacing the blades is not difficult. In addition, replacing the inserts with blades for the ones with springs (aerator) takes only a second. The device is solid, you will certainly loosen the soil with it for several seasons.

Al-KO SF 4036

Al-KO SF 4036 is battery-powered equipment, so you are not limited by cables, you can loosen the soil even where there is no access to the socket. The device has 12 very sharp knives that effectively loosen the entire surface of the earth. The scarifying width is 36 cm.

The device weighs 11 kg, so you can loosen the soil freely and transport is not a problem. This AL-KO scarifier has 5 levels of loosening depth. Noteworthy are well-made wheels that do not get stuck in the mud and soft soil.

Operating the scarifier is also considered convenient due to the comfortable grip. Where you will hold your hands there is a softer material that protects your hands against the formation of corns. A large basket, which has a capacity of 50 liters, will keep order during loosening.

Aerator-scarifier model

If for some reason you do not want to buy a full-size device, you can invest in a model aerator-scarifier. It is a scarifier and aerator that can be attached to a small tractor or even a lawn mower. Connecting to other equipment is not complicated, usually it is a matter of a few seconds.

This scarifier for a tractor is made of 3 mm thick sheet metal. It is solid, so it can easily handle hard soil. An interesting solution is the presence of a shelf above the star-shaped blades. You can put a brick or other load on the shelf so that the equipment can go a little deeper into the soil. It is worth knowing that even such a simple device gives us the ability to change the scarifying depth.

When you just drive from lawn to lawn you can use wheels that will facilitate transport. The wheels can be locked during operation so they do not bother. Users like the fact that the model does not damage the grass roots, only loosens the soil.

Stiga SV 213 E

For those looking for a handy, small device, we recommend the Stiga SV 213 E, a scarifier that weighs only 10 kg. Pulling it out of the garage and running on the lawn is not a problem. The equipment is rather designed for smaller lawns, because its working width is 32 cm. If there are trees or flowers on the lawn, you can easily bypass them.

This Stiga scarifier has a power of 1300 W. It has two functions: scarifying and aeration. For the first class, 16 knives are used, which are placed on a board – it is easy to change. For aeration, springs are used, and there are 36 in the set. For a better effect, you can use two functions.

The advantage is considered a fairly spacious bin, in which all the rubbish lying on the lawn falls, as well as felt and very hard clods of soil. Using the scarifier is convenient. By guiding it, you can easily change the direction, and you also do not have to worry about fingerprints.

 What best lawn scarifier to buy?

Shopping guide

If you don’t take care of your lawn properly, it won’t look good. We must mow it regularly, and remove a compact layer of rhizomes, stalks and weeds, i.e. felt. You need a scarifier for this, but how do you find the right one? The tips in the guide will help you with this.

Which scarifier to choose?

Owners of small lawns can decide to buy a manual scarifier. This is a small and cheap device that has a very simple design. It is built of a long handle and a roller on which there are knives. Sometimes manual models are additionally equipped with wheels, which makes them easier to drive. With such a scarifier, we don’t have to worry about breakdowns and defects that can be costly to fix. Nevertheless, lawn scarifying takes a long time and can be tiring, because the device is driven by the work of our muscles. The exception is the scarifier adapted to be attached to the tractor. It looks like a trailer, it pulls behind the vehicle.

An interesting alternative to a hand-held device is an electric scarifier. It is suitable for medium-sized lawns. This type of equipment works quietly, does not emit exhaust gases, and for this allows even cutting of the soil, without unnecessary effort. The electric scarifier must be connected to the power supply, which often involves the use of an extension cord. Some people are bothered by the cable laid out on the ground, but you can eliminate this problem by buying a battery-powered model. When deciding on such equipment, you must remember to charge the battery. Before work, make sure that the battery is 100% charged so that you can get the job done quickly.

Remember that the larger the lawn, the more time it takes to scarify. We recommend combustion equipment for work carried out in large areas. Although it generates a lot of noise and emits exhaust gases into the environment, we can quickly cut the soil. Combustion driven devices are larger than those electric ones and require regular maintenance. However, they are professional scarifiers distinguished by their effective operation.

Working width

The working width allows you to determine how wide the strip of soil can be cut at once. It is given in centimeters and is usually in the range of 30 to 50 cm. A wider roller with knives enables faster scarifying, but also makes the equipment bigger and heavier. A device with a very large working width can be difficult to maneuver.

Working depth

The working depth informs about how deep cuts in the soil we can make. Usually, the knives dig into the ground relatively shallow, up to approx. 5 mm, but in the case of professional models, it can be from 15 to 45 mm. If we have doubts about the best scarifier, let’s look for a device that can adjust the working depth. Then we can decide how much the knives will cut the lawn.


When buying electric or combustion equipment, check its power. This parameter is given in watts or horsepower, depending on which device we chose. Among electric scarifiers, the most popular are those with a power of over 1000 W. The higher it is, the larger the area we can scarify, without exposing the engine to fail. In turn, efficiently operating equipment with combustion engines is considered to be those with a power of at least 2.5 HP.


Knives cutting the soil should be resistant to extermination, and at the same time solid and not susceptible to mechanical damage. According to professional gardeners, this is a feature that distinguishes the best scarifier. Mostly, the knives are made of stainless steel, which ensures their strength and corrosion resistance.


The weight of the equipment is important in terms of comfort. The scarifier cannot be very heavy, even if it is equipped with a power unit, because even taking it out of the garage will not be easy. The weight of hand instruments is a few kilograms, but the electric and combustion ones are a dozen or even several dozen kilos. You have to keep this in mind, especially when you dream of a high power scarifier.


Most electric and combustion appliances have a basket that receives dry blades, moss, and weeds. Its capacity is from 30 to 50 liters. No manual cleaning of the lawn is a great convenience, but if the basket is small, it must be emptied frequently.


The handle that we use to operate the equipment must be at the correct height. Many manufacturers make sure that the scarifiers they offer give the possibility to change the position of the handle. Sometimes it can be folded up so that the device takes up less space in the garage.

Scarifier with aerator

Some devices are a combination of the best lawn scarifier and an aerator, these are 2in1 models. Like scarifying, lawn aeration has a positive effect on its appearance. It means aerating the soil by driving thin spikes or tubes into it. 2-in-1 equipment is practical and people who dream of having a green, strong and healthy lawn will be satisfied with their purchase.

Best lawn Scarifiers at good prices

We will pay no more than PLN 250 for a manual scarifier, and an electric one – from PLN 400 to PLN 700. The most expensive are diesel-powered equipment, for most of them you have to pay over 1000 PLN. It is necessary to think carefully about how much we can spend on the purchase of a scarifying device.


Q1: What is the scarifier?

The verticutter is a device with which we can take better care of our garden, especially the lawn. It is equipped with long blades that dig deep into the ground, thus creating horizontal notches (they resemble grooves a bit). In this way, it is possible to violate the topsoil so that it is less compact, as a result of which the grass has better conditions for growth. There are several types of scarifiers: manual, petrol and electric. There are also devices in the form of trailers that attach to tractors. This type of equipment is used not only in home gardens and small plots, but also in more extensive areas, such as lawns in parks.

P2: Scarifier – when to use?

If we want to enjoy a nice-looking lawn, we must scarify the soil at least once a year. Experienced gardeners advise to reach for the scarifier in early spring, just after the first mowing of the lawn. It usually falls at the turn of March and April. If necessary, we can re-use the equipment in the fall. In the summer you have to give up scarifying. It should be remembered that after carrying out the grass must have enough time to regenerate and prepare for the onset of winter. It is not recommended to use the scarifier on hot days, because it may not bring the expected results. Scarifying should be done when it gets cold and the soil is slightly moist.

Q3: How does the scarifier work?

The way the scarifier works depends on its construction, although all this type of equipment is used to cut the soil. Hand models are driven by the strength of our muscles. They are usually equipped with a shaft with one or two lines of blades of a certain length. Electric scarifiers, like the combustion ones, are powered by the engine. The device’s knives cut the soil, creating vertical cuts in it. The grooves form a characteristic pattern. The rollers in the scarifiers rotate only one way. The soil is cut to a depth of approx. 5 mm, a maximum of 15 mm, although in the case of professional models it can even be 45 mm.

Q4: When the aerator and when the scarifier?

Sometimes the scarifier and aerator are considered to be the same device. However, it must be remembered that each of these devices is intended for different work, they are not used for the same purpose. The scarifier has knives that allow the soil to be cut, as a result of which it is possible to remove felt. This is called a compact grass layer that makes it difficult for nutrients and water to reach the roots of the blades. In turn, the aerator is a device used to prick the soil, i.e. carry out aeration. Instead of knives, it has thin tubes or spikes attached to a rotating disc. This type of equipment creates deep holes in the ground, allowing more air to enter the lawn’s roots.

 Q5: What does the scarifier give?

Although the scarifier is not considered essential by many people, it is worth considering buying it. The device will definitely be useful to owners of large lawns that do not look good. Due to scarifying, we remove moss and felt formed after mowing, which not only nourishes the blades but also protects them from the development of diseases. The use of a scarifier stimulates the lawn to grow more intensively as the roots gain more free space in the soil. Although the day after scarifying, the grass does not look good, after a few weeks it is fully regenerated, strengthened and more durable.

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