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How To Plant Roses In Your Garden

Tips for planting roses in the garden

Are you thinking about the best flowers for your garden? The rose will always be a highly recommended flower to plant in your garden. Due to their beauty and color they will make your garden a very nice and pleasant place.

 The first thing you have to do is buy healthy and appropriate roses to the place , positions to choose is better to go to a nursery or specialty store, since in addition to having a variety of species, they will advise and help you decide, there is no get carried away by the vist to , if not buy what is appropriate to the place where you go to plant.

When you already have your rose bushes and you are ready to plant them, it is convenient to take into account the following tips:

  •  In the east zone, the rose bushes grown in pots can be planted practically throughout the year, you just have to avoid planting them if there are frosts.
  • For roses grown outdoors, it is best to plant them in the fall. At this time the soil is still warm and some rootlets can still be formed, which will guarantee adequate growth in the following spring.
  • Most of the rose bushes like the sun, but keep in mind that there are some varieties that will suffer too much heat if you locate them to the south, do not get carried away by sight and before choosing ask for advice in the specialized establishment, indicating where You are going to locate.
  • The rose bushes like to be in a collected and airy place, avoiding places with a lot of wind and drafts.
  • We have to choose the terrain well, a slightly clayey or silty land will be perfect, but if the terrain is not of these characteristics we give you some tips:
    • Sandy ground: it can be eventually enriched with manure.
    • Heavy clay: can be made looser with basalt flour.
    • Acid peat bog: we will pay annually with lime.

For all types of soil it is advisable to make a wide planting hole and to avoid surprises it is best to fill it with special rose soil.

  • Remove the soil well and make a hole wide enough, so that the roots of the rose bush can spread well.
  • Plant the rose bush so deep that the gusset graft that is the knotty part, from where the branches sprout, is approximately 5 cm. Under the earth. Of course, this is not valid for high-standing rose bushes (they are a Tea Hybrid, a floribunda Rosal or a Miniature Rosal that is grafted onto a wild Rosal trunk).
  • If we want to make a massif of rose bushes, we will have to plant them at a distance between them of 30 to 50 centimeters to offer a more voluminous appearance.
  • It is not advisable to plant roses in the same land where there was another one previously.
  • Climbing roses should be planted about 30cm. from the wall, if we close them too much, the floor may be too dry.
  • To cover the hole, we will use the special land for rose bushes that we will have bought or, failing that, the earth removed when making the hole mixed with compost or manure. Once covered, we will ram the earth well helping us with the foot, to make sure that the roots are in contact with the earth, since otherwise the rose bush will not take root well.
  • To extend the life of the soil and limit possible frost damage, it is convenient to cover the ground, it can be covered with dry leaves, but if we use pine bark, it will be much more beautiful and clean.
  • Finally we will water abundantly after planting .
  • The rose bushes need a sunny place with at least 5 or 6 hours a day of sunshine, so choose an area in your garden as sunny as possible.

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