How To Make An Original Planter

Pots or planters are a basic ornamental element for those who like to have plants at home, both indoors and in gardens or terraces. Depending on the space we have available, we can opt for an infinity of existing models in the market, of many materials and of all sizes. However, if you want to have an original planter, it is best to do it with your own hands. In this way you make it to measure of the corner in which you want to locate the plant and you get a more creative and original space. Next, we are going to give you some ideas to create, simply and quickly, some amazing planters.

Make a planter with an antique piece of furniture

How many times have you thought about what to do with a dresser that no longer has room in your house, but that is so beautiful that it is sad to throw it away. Making it a gardener can be a great option. How? These are the steps: Paint it some color, varnish it or leave it as is. Make some small holes in the drawers (4 or 5) with a drill and then form them with black gardening plastic or any other plastic, taking into account that it has to be strong to support the weight of the soil and plants. Then hole the plastic coinciding with the holes of the drawers and put a piece of metal or plastic mesh on each one, this will cause the earth to strain. Once this is done, open the drawers so that they are staggered, that is, The lowest drawer should be the one that is most open and the tallest one that is the most closed, always thinking that they do not fall if you open them too much or that the space is not too small to plant if you open them little. Now you just have to fill the drawers with soil and place the plants you like.

Make a planter with bricks or cement blocks

When you have corners, corners, or spaces where it is difficult to fit a standard planter, cement blocks and bricks can be an ideal alternative, as they are very versatile in the sense that with them you can play creating different heights and shapes. You just have to look for the material you like depending on the color, because the cement blocks can be found in white or gray and the bricks in a wide range of terracotta. You also have the option to paint them in colors, if you want something more fun. Once the pieces have been chosen, you just have to worry about putting a plastic base on them so that the earth does not strain (the pieces have holes at the top and bottom) and make some drainage holes in the plastic. Plant granules, succulents or aromatic plants,

Make a planter with tires

This idea is recommended when you have enough space horizontally or vertically, on a wall. The raw material is old tires, those that you do not know where to take to recycle and leave the mechanic when you change the wheels. The treatment of them is very basic. In the case of the horizontal location, on the ground, it is only necessary to stack them so that they form a kind of pyramid. We will plant in the remaining holes. Think about the place chosen because once the planter has been created, the set will be too heavy to move. You can also stack two or three column-shaped tires and plant in the hole. If you want some color, you can clean them and paint them with spray or exterior paint to your liking, the result is a very cheerful set. The other option is to hang them on a wall,

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