How To Choose A Blower For Your Garden

Sweeping the ground to collect fallen leaves, pruning remains and other debris that accumulates in the garden is a tedious, tired and unproductive task. Thanks to the leaf blowers and leaf vacuum cleaners, which allow you to accumulate the waste at one point, vacuum them, crush them and store them, you can have the impeccable garden at any time of the year.

The blowers and vacuum cleaners are the perfect machines to have your garden clean and ready, avoiding the accumulated leaves and debris.

They are simple and easy to use machines, which hardly require effort and maintenance with which you will save time.

Its different functions include: blowing, vacuuming and even crushing the litter.


You have various types indicated for different functions, depending on your needs:

–          leaf blowers, whose function is to sweep the cut grass or fallen leaves in gardens or paths. As they do not have a vacuum function, they do not include a waste collection bag.

–          vacuum cleaner and leaf blower, whose function is to blow and vacuum the cut grass or fallen leaves. In some models, it is not necessary to change the tube, for greater comfort and speed of work.

–          blower, vacuum cleaner, and leaf shredder, ideal for the double function of sweeping waste and vacuuming, is collected in a bag that includes the tool. In addition, thanks to a crushing system, waste occupies less size in the collection bag, greatly facilitating cleaning.

Characteristics of the blowers and vacuum cleaners:

Different aspects must be taken into account when choosing the right blower or vacuum cleaner:

Surface to clean. Depending on the type of power and the power of the device.

Food. You can choose between the battery, electric blower, and gasoline blowers and vacuum cleaners.

Battery: ideal for those gardens or surfaces where there is no easy access to the electric current. They are recommended for small surfaces.

Electrical: suitable for small gardens or terraces where there is an outlet, as they work by means of a cable.

Gasoline: these are vacuum cleaners with a 2 or 4 stroke gasoline engine, suitable for large garden or land areas.

Power. The machines that we offer, usually have between 2,500 w and 3,000 w in the case of electric motor and between 1 and 4 hp in gasoline. Recall that the higher the power, the faster the working speed and the greater the capacity for vacuuming or blowing heavier waste.

Blowing speed: you can find blowers between 200 and 300 km/hour, depending on the use and surface you are going to clean, you must choose more or less speed.

Absorption volume: this is the ability to collect sheets and waste from the machine. Normally, they can absorb up to 45 liters.

Weight: it must be taken into account that the lower the weight, the greater the ease of transport and comfort at work.

Commissioning of the blowers and vacuum cleaners:

Before putting the machine into operation, you must follow the following steps:

– check that you have all the necessary accessories for the functions of these machines.

– depending on the desired function, blow or vacuum, you must place the accessories in their corresponding positions.

– once the machine is ready, press the power button on the battery blower.

In maquituls you will find what you need at all times. We have the greatest variety in leaf blowers/vacuum cleaners for your garden. It is time for you to place your order and begin to be the envy of neighbors and friends. Your garden will be the most beautiful and cozy of your urbanization.

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