How To Alleviate The Effects Of Pollen On Allergy Sufferers

Do you have allergy problems every time spring arrives either in the garden or on the street? Here are some tips for you and for the most suitable plants or trees for the garden.

Tips to alleviate the effects of pollen on allergy sufferers

Spring is a season of the year that stands out for its beauty, the countryside and the gardens bloom giving us a landscape that we will only find at this time of year, but those allergic to pollens see it differently, since this season is You can turn them into a true nightmare.


If you have been diagnosed as allergic to pollens, you can mitigate its effects by following the following recommendations:


► Find out about the time and place where there is more concentration of the type of pollen to which you are allergic to avoid as much as possible exposure to it during the days of greatest concentration in the atmosphere.

► The pollen concentration is always lower inside the buildings, it also decreases on the seashore, since the breeze keeps the air clean of pollens.

► Between 5 and 10 in the morning and 7 and 10 at night are the intervals that accumulate a greater concentration of pollen. It is advisable to reduce outdoor activities during those hours and keep the house windows closed.

► When traveling by car, keep the windows closed and check the air conditioning filters periodically to renew them regularly.

► At home it is convenient that you have an air purifier or if you have air conditioning you should clean the filters often and try to keep the windows closed as long as possible.


► When you go on vacation, look for a beach area, if this is not possible before the trip, find out about the flora and vegetation of the place and consult with your doctor to advise you, in this way you will prevent your vacation from becoming a torture.

► Avoid outdoor activities during dry and hot days, also during windy days and before and after spring storms, since these days, the concentration of pollens in the air increases considerably.

► If your house has a garden, you have to avoid mowing the lawn or lying on it, you should also avoid staying in gardens or areas of abundant vegetation during the pollination season. If in your garden you have trees or plants of abundant pollination (mimosas, olive trees, …) you should consider replacing them with other species that do not harm you.

► It is convenient to dry clothes in a dryer or inside the house, especially in times of higher concentration of pollens, since pollen is deposited in it.

► If on windy days you have to go outside, always wear sunglasses, in this way you will protect the eye conjunctiva of the pollens that carry the air.

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