Ideas To Decorate Gardening Light For The Night

Do you have the best garden light and you want to enjoy it during warm nights? The lighting is key. This time we will share some ideas to decorate patios for the night, probably some will inspire you. In addition, some time ago we shared an article that might interest you, with “Original proposals to decorate exteriors”.

If it comes to decorating outdoor spaces for the night we are talking about outdoor lighting. An excellent option is round lanterns. This type of light can be set as a garland throughout the terrace or garden, illuminating certain important areas such as the table, where we will have dinner with our friends or have a drink having a pleasant time.

They can be garlands of LED lights, but there are also the typical solar lanterns, ideal for those patios that have a lot of sun during the day. Ideally, always look for options that combine aesthetics with energy savings.

We can also choose to choose the typical strip lights, like the ones we put in the Christmas trees but with a larger bulb to illuminate a little better. These types of lights are typical of fairs. These can be placed side by side of the patio or take an object, such as a large tree, and surround it. In this way, we will achieve a very romantic and charming atmosphere.

If we have leafy trees, we have a good part, because a large tree would allow us to hang on it, be they garlands of lights or lamps and its glass would be a ceiling, which would make the light perform better.


Another alternative is torched, often used with citronella, to increase mosquitoes and other insects. Do you love torches but you don’t like to “play” with fire? There’s a solution. In the market, we can find the typical torches but illuminated with a bulb. The shape is the same, we can even nail them in the grass simulating the effect of some of the traditional ones, the result, as we can see, is great.

We love lanterns. Those elements that are ideal for placing candles on them and giving a soft and pleasant light. If you have enough space to place several, you will get an ideal environment for meetings with your friends. In addition, these can be mixed with other types of lighting, such as LED strips. If you are looking to do something original and economical do not forget to visit our article where we teach how to make candle holders with glass jars. You can also find interesting ideas in another article where we share easy ideas to decorate with candles.

If you have a large patio or gallery, you can decorate and illuminate each area of it with different solutions, from lanterns, light strips or even an outdoor fireplace. What do you think of the ideas to decorate patios for the night? If you liked the article we would love you to share it on your social networks!

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