The 6 Best Garden Stones Of 2019

Do you want to decorate your garden with stones to get a beautiful design? You just have to read the list of the best garden stones, so you can get the design you like best. Remember, stones are a great tool to decorate a garden, which do not need any maintenance.

Jump fox garden stones that glow in the dark

I start the list talking about one of the best garden stones in the market. Not only will they look really good during the day, but at night they will stand out for their brightness. And they are stones that glow in the dark , which makes it very striking. If you want your garden to shine at night automatically, do not hesitate, these are the stones you are looking for.

In spite of being a variety of stones very little seen, i can assure you that its price is not expensive at all. What’s more, the pack has about 100 stones. So you can make a part of your garden shine with a single bag. Although if you want you can buy more bags and get a 100% bright garden.

The operation of these stones is very simple. During the day they absorb sunlight and at night they use that energy to shine. This brightness will depend on the number of hours the light has received, but for you to get to the idea, the duration is usually about 3 hours or so. They do not need electricity to shine. They only need sunlight.

Rockincolour garden white stones

In this case you can enjoy some really very elegant garden stones, which will give it a much more beautiful and modern look.

The pack of white stones is sold in bags of about 15 kg. Each of the stones has a dimension of 20 to 40 mm, so they are really very elegant because they are not very large.

If you are looking for beautiful and cheap white stones , this pack will give you very good results. For example, you can use them on mulch to get a really pretty contrast. But other people use them to form stone paths or shape in the garden. Of course, remember to put an insulating fabric to prevent weeds from growing easily and therefore cause the design created to be ugly.

Depending on your needs, you should buy a bag or several bags. When making the purchase, consider the size of your garden. So you can make a proper purchase and make your garden look really beautiful thanks to these stones.

Brightly colored garden stones


If you want to give your garden an original touch, both day and night, this variety of stones will surely suit what you are looking for.

This pack of stones has a wide range of colors , through which you can make your garden much more modern and elegant. What’s more, if you have children at home, you will like this kind of stones a lot, so they will like to look at the garden thanks to its range of colors.

Each of the bags has about 100 stones. If you want to cover ample space in your garden, then you should buy more than one bag.

Another thing i like about these stones is that they shine at night. To get a good lighting it is important that the sun directly to the stones and to be able to be in the afternoon, in order to get them to be charged with energy and get them to shine at night for quite a few hours.

These stones have been made with resin, because as you have imagined, they are not natural, but are artificial to achieve the colors and night brightness.

Decorative garden stones closer to nature


If you are looking for natural-style stones that allow you to offer your garden a different look than the traditional one, these stones will surely please you. You can buy them in black or multicolored. I personally like the multicolored option more because they seem more natural.

The stones are natural, so they do not have a chemical. So you can get a very nice look to your garden. What you should keep in mind is that with 1kg of stones you will have to cover very little space, because they are stones that weigh a lot. At a minimum i recommend purchasing the 4kg bag. And depending on your needs, you should buy more or less packages.

These stones are taken from a river in scotland, hence it says that they are natural stones. For example, they can be perfect to put around plants, on a path or even in a pond in case you are lucky enough to enjoy it.

They are high quality stones, so if we evaluate their price, we can realize that they are quite cheap. They are import stones.

Irish garden decoration stones


Engraving stones different from the traditional ones, in this case i propose the option of buying majestic stones. That is, today you can buy stones from Ireland for your garden at a very competitive price.

The stones stand out not only for being natural, but for being of different colors. Thanks to this detail, you can get a very good combination of colors in your garden. But these stones will not only be beautiful when they are dry, but they will offer you a really beautiful color when they are wet . Moreover, they are almost prettier when they are wet than when they are dry.

These stones are sold in bags of 20 kg each. Each of the stones measures 10 to 30 mm, so it has a perfect size to get a good decoration in the garden.

Many people use them to form a path over the mulch or to make a circle around the trunks of the plants. The important thing is to keep in mind that it will be done with those stones, to buy more or less in the order.

Red garden stones


If your goal is to get a striking garden that contrasts with the color of the grass, do not hesitate. These red stones will adapt very well to your needs.

You can buy the red stones with an intense color or with a soft color. Personally, i recommend buying those with an intense color to get a good contrast of colors with the green of the grass.

If you have a decorative project, you will surely like these stones. With them you can get a design that no other neighbor has, hence you will feel very proud or proud of the work you have done.

To buy these stones, you must take into account that their size is quite small and that they are sold in bags weighing 20 kg. Of course, before making your purchase, look to see if this color of stones is going to adapt to your project or not.

And to get a good design it is important to put a good layer of stones, in order to avoid that you can see the earth in the background and therefore subtract beauty from the decoration you are making.

Guide to buy the best garden stones

Garden stones are a tool that is increasingly used to achieve garden designs different from the traditional ones. With the stones you can limit different environments in the same garden, which will cause the garden to appear wider and much nicer than if you only bet on using the option of putting grass and plants. The contrast of colors is very important in all types of gardens.

Advantages of garden stones


Thanks to the wide range of best garden stones in the market, you can enjoy a wide range of possibilities when decorating your garden. Depending on the type of design you want to make in your garden, you must buy a type of stone, both by color and size. And as we have seen, there are some artificial models that will allow you to see how your garden shines for a few hours at night. Moreover, to get better designs, it may be a good option to combine different types of stones. This will already depend on your tastes and the design you want to make.

The stones stand out for being very easy to install. To make a good installation of them and save work in the future, i invite you to follow the next steps. First you must remove the weeds, to later smooth the ground where you are going to put them. Once you have the compact and smooth floor, put an anti-weed mesh. When you have done this work, you must finally put the stones on the mesh and extend them well. You should always put a good layer of stones to prevent the bottom from seeing. When you have everything well installed, with a hose, water the stones well to remove any dust they may have. This way you will get them to shine and show their best color.

Once put on they do not need any maintenance. At the most time you will have to remove weeds if they come out. But the stones do not need any kind of care. At most, if it goes a long time without raining, they may take a lot of dust and therefore lose color. To remove it, you just have to wash the stones with a little water and they will be like the first day.

They help save water . Many people not only use them as a means of decoration, but use them to prevent soil water from evaporating quickly. It is a very good way to ensure that each irrigation is used by the plants to the fullest.

Main types of garden stones

The boulders are a variety of stone that is often used much in the gardens. They cover very well the grounds of the gardens and give a good decoration, hence they are very used. As they are round and large, they are perfect for children to play because they are not at risk of cutting. Of course, always be careful not to put the stones in your mouth to avoid any kind of scare. This variety is not only used a lot to decorate gardens, but they are stones used to create paths, remembering that the stones are not abrasive at all.

The gravel is another option that many people are betting when giving a touch of color different from its gardens. Gravel is a crushed natural stone, which also offers a very elegant color. Thanks to its small dimensions, you can get really interesting designs, hence a variety of stones in demand.

The bowls are also rounded stones used to decorate gardens, waterfalls and aquariums. It is a variety of stones that are usually used to differentiate different parts of the garden.

The rockeries are limestone that stands out for having large dimensions and for having natural holes. This variety of stone is used to separate different environments to decorate the garden itself. But it is also used to save slopes in an elegant way or to build walls among other things.

Where to buy garden stones?

Once you have decided what variety or varieties of stones you want to have in your garden, the next thing you need to know where to buy cheap garden stones.

If you do not want to complicate your life, i recommend you buy them online. And if you want to enjoy a beautiful garden, i recommend you buy some of the stones that i have recommended at the top. So you can enjoy a much nicer garden thanks to the stones.

On the other hand, if you buy online, you can not only enjoy a much cheaper price, but you will also enjoy the convenience of stones arriving directly at home. That way you won’t have to carry the stones from one place to another. And, although you think not, the bags are very heavy.

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