Garden Lighting At your home

Recently we discussed the theme of night gardens and we already anticipate the variety of options that we have at our disposal to make them look. Indeed, we have numerous options that will help us in this aspect, both for gardens created specifically to enjoy at night and for any landscape that requires lighting. Below we will review some of those options that may fit your garden:

Accent lights:


They are very suitable to enhance specific spaces, so it is especially interesting to use them according to the size of the garden. For example, in a relatively small garden it may be a very good option to hide small lights behind rocks distributed throughout the garden that contribute to making it appear larger. Solar lamps (including torches) can be used to illuminate scattered areas without having to do electrical installation and with a very low maintenance and oil lamps or conventional garden torches are also interesting, although you always have to take into account safety and take all necessary precautions.

Among the other options we must consider the use of those that use low voltage current, since they allow great security for gardens where children and / or pets play. So that you can get an idea of ​​how much they improve safety you can keep in mind that the current they use is similar to that of many of the children’s toys. They are especially recommended for walks or edges.

General lighting:

If it is not a garden intended only for intimate spaces, it is usual to use lights that allow to fill good spaces of light. You can opt for spotlights (there are increasingly more attractive designs) to illuminate in a more defined way or lamps or reflectors to make it more diffuse. Depending on the color temperature we want them to emit we can choose between a range that can range from 1800 to 3000 K and use lamps that can give very different effects to be sodium vapor, mercury, fluorescent, among other options.


Ambient lights:

For more delicate lighting than that achieved with more conventional spotlights, reflectors or lamps, ambient lighting systems can be used. For this it is very interesting to take advantage of the advantages that LED technologies give us, which are of great energy efficiency.





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