Do you want to have a beautiful garden and save on irrigation water?

We all like to have a beautiful garden, but sometimes it is very expensive because of the amount of water we need to maintain it. In areas like Alicante where lack of water is a reality, it is a factor to take into account.

Here are some gardening tips for areas, such as Alicante, where having irrigation is a problem.

Tips to have a beautiful garden saving irrigation water


With the times to run we also have to make cuts in our homes, hence we get obsessed with the receipt of light, telephone, water, ….

A solution to save irrigation water in the garden is to use the crass plant, this type of plant in addition to being very resistant to heat, needs very little water, and what most people do not know is the infinity of varieties what’s up. The default Crasa plant is associated with rockery and arid zone, but its beauty should not be underestimated, since we can get a beautiful and colorful garden with these species.

We are going to relate the large groups of varieties that exist: 


In turn, in each group we can find different species, which although of the same characteristics are totally different in sight. Hence having a wide variety of plants that will allow us to play with them when designing our garden or decorating our terrace.

Here we are going to give you some tips to plant and maintain these species.

How to plant a crass plant

In the garden , it is necessary to plant it in dry land, avoiding the shady places where there is humidity, if the terrain is better rocky.

In a pot, keep in mind that the drainage hole must be very large, it being convenient to add gravel to the bottom of the pot, before pouring the filler soil.

How to care for the crass plant

These plants require very little water .   

The period of irrigation will always depend on the climate and the place where they are, since it can be grown both outdoors and indoors.

It is very easy to know when we have to water them, we will simply wait for the land to be completely dry to water them again. It is better that we forget to water them than not to water them in abundance, since the excess of water will end up rotting the plant.

They are very resistant to diseases, the most dangerous pest for them is the cottony.

Cochineal ,it is easy to detect in sight, so we can act quickly by going to a specialized establishment and buying the specific product that they will recommend.

Some of these species reproduce very easily and we can use them as a mantle to cover hillsides or areas of our garden.

If our garden is large, we can choose the most appropriate areas to make flower beds or rockery with these plants, thus, only one part will need more irrigation and more care, reducing the maintenance of the garden in its percentage. 

If, on the other hand, we have them in a pot on a terrace, they will be delighted that they give them the sun, and if they go on a trip, they will not have to tell the neighbor to go to water. 

The message we want to give our readers, is that if they do not want to be slaves of their garden and want to  save  on their maintenance, the  crass plant  is the best solution, although some copies are not too cheap at the time of acquiring them, you have to have Surely in the long run they are cheaper than the seasonal plant.

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