What To Consider When Choosing A Garden Sun Loungers?

A sun lounger is already an inseparable element of garden equipment. It is used for relaxing and sunbathing and allows you to relax with a book in hand in the shade of trees. A home sauna goes well with it and an afternoon nap after the screening. The sun loungers will also be useful during the holiday trip. Although choosing the right sun lounger seems simple, we give some tips on what to look for.

Sun lounger for the garden - not so easy choice

Manufacturers offer us many models of garden sun loungers s made of wood, aluminum, metal and even rattan. You can choose the version on wheels, on legs, on a stand, with armrests, with a footrest, with a roof, with an additional shelf for drinks, with adjustable backrest, as well as rocking couches. There are many models on the market. How do you make a choice to meet your needs and expectations?

What is the most important thing when choosing sun loungers for the garden?

Solidity of performance

At the beginning let’s determine what may disqualify a piece of furniture for summer rest. None of us would like to replace garden equipment every season, so let’s consider solidity as the main selection criterion. Perhaps one of us found a “surprise” in the form of breaking the sunbed or tearing the material with which it was covered. To avoid such situations, pay attention to the material from which the furniture was made.


Remember also that the garden lounger will be exposed to various weather conditions / Therefore, durability is an important criterion. It is worth considering whether the sun loungers will be waterproof and whether it will be subject to excessive heat and discoloration during exposure to the sun. Technorattan products will work great here.


Many people have problems with the spine, so proper profiling, the ability to adjust the angle of the backrest and stability of the structure should be a priority. Some manufacturers attach headrests and pillows to sun lounger’s s to enhance the comfort of users.

Easy to carry

The last important feature of an ideal piece of furniture is its lightness and ability to move easily. If you plan to buy several copies or you can’t imagine a vacation without your own sunbed, rather give up products that are difficult to assemble or made of heavy materials such as wood.

Less important but important features

If the sun loungers meets the above 3 criteria: robustness, convenience and ease of carrying, you can focus on secondary issues, e.g. on aesthetics of performance. It depends on your taste whether you choose a model with a classic design or a more modern one. It would be good if the style harmonized with the rest of the garden furniture. Garden equipment should also be easy to clean. Models made of rattan, wood or metal covered with textilene, which does not absorb moisture, will work perfectly well. It is also worth checking in advance what type of maintenance the material the sun loungers is made of.

If you keep in mind the above tips, rest in the fresh air will definitely be a dream come true for all year round.

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