Cares of the Poinsettia

We want to give you some tips for your home at Christmas. The care of a flower so typical of these holidays: The poinsettia.

Easter flower care tips

When Christmas comes , shops and homes are filled with Easter flowers, or poinsettias, brightening the spaces with their red and green Christmas colors. This plant has become one of the most representative icons of our parties and it is rare the home that does not have one for those dates. Its success is due to its bracts or red leaves in the shape of a star, which after months turn green and then red again (there are also cream, white or pink). However, although we buy them beautiful, over time, as the holidays pass, they begin to lose their flowers, wilt and after a month or two they die. And it is that the Christmas flower is a very strong plant, but if we do not take into account the basic care you need, we will not always be able to keep it beautiful and flowery.

Choose a suitable plant

When you go to buy an Easter flower , make sure that the specimen has a thick base and that there are healthy green leaves under the colored leaves that form the star. If you see that there are yellow leaves or damage to the leaves and / or buds it means that the plant is not well maintained.

Be wary of plants whose soil is soaked or very dry, as it may be a sign that they are not being watered on a regular basis and this may have irreversibly damaged the roots.

Do not buy plants that are outside. The reason that they are sold wrapped is that this plant suffers a lot from the blows produced by the low temperatures and in a few days it can lose its leaves almost completely. Try to be well protected on your way home.

The care of the poinsettia at home

When you get home you must remove the wrap from the plant to air it.

Place it near a window where it receives good light and prevents it from being very close to heat sources such as radiators or air conditioners, as they dry the environment a lot and can damage the plant.

Watering should be done directly in the pot, never wet the bracts and leaves, and in a moderate way, because a lot of water can rot the plant.

When winter passes you can prune it and even plant it in a garden. When spring arrives it will start to sprout and grow and bloom again for Christmas.

The care of the poinsettia in the garden

If you are going to decorate your garden with poinsettias , keep in mind how sensitive they are at low temperatures. Find the warmest areas for your location and those that may be protected by some artificial and natural wall.

Make pruning on the month of April to favor budding and try not to plant them near street lamps or areas that remain illuminated all night, because by lengthening the day artificially, they may not bloom when December arrives again.

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