Brazilian Hammock – comfortable seat (not necessarily from Brazil)


A Brazilian armchair is a fantastic place to relax. Read before buying what a good Brazilian hammock should be 🙂

This name is used to describe two types of hammocks:

Hammock hooked on a wooden bar, suspended from the ceiling, its other names are Brazilian chair, Brazilian chair, hammock chair, hammock chair, etc.


Hammock actually made in Brazil from weaved canvas according to a special technique.


The Brazilian hammock in the first version is used for resting in a sitting or reclining position. In the second – for years it was used for sleeping instead of bed by tribes living in Brazil – and today it is also a brand of hammocks imported from Brazil.


What is the difference between a Brazilian chair and a hammock chair?


Brazilian hammock, hammock chair, Brazilian chair, hammock chair, Brazilian chair is really  the same product – the  name is used conventionally, the most important is its design, that is:

1) We have one hook at the top of the hammock, which we attach to a chain, rope or eye under the ceiling or a strong beam. It is important that the attachment is very solid! The fastening rope should be reinforced with a metal thimble so that it will not wipe quickly and ensure the safety of using the hammock. 

2) The Brazilian hammock obtains its shape by attaching its arms to a wooden bar to which a hook is attached at the top. One stick/bar is the hallmark of this model.

3) Seat – the most important part of a hammock. It is best if it is wide and long enough to fit comfortably in the armchair. It should be made of flexible material that adapts to our bodies. 


If the seat is stiff, made of canvas, usually “something will seduce us” and we will not fully take advantage of the relaxation in such a hammock. It will also be less solid, due to the need to point the strings to the canvas in several places and load the canvas in those places, which may break over time. If the seat is all woven from strings (e.g. like here in Mexican hammocks from Yucatan) then its stretch and comfort will allow us for many hours of blissful rest. It will also be more solid because we eliminate the weakest link, i.e. a combination of strings with a canvas seat.


How it’s working?

In the case of hammocks made using the loose weave technique – the strings that attach the hammock to the beam are attached smoothly in dozens or even several hundred places to the strings forming the seat. And this is also the secret to the incredible comfort of such an armchair …


A Brazilian hammock in the form of a suspended armchair will not always be made in Brazil. You will also find super comfortable Brazilian chairs in a string version (e.g. made in Mexico) – which has many advantages compared to material seats from Brazil. The seat made of loosely connected strings (instead of one stiff canvas fabric) fantastically adapts under the weight of our body to every movement. Thanks to this, we can take any position and the hammock will adapt to us – not the other way around!


So what to choose?


Of course, we recommend the 2 in 1 version, i.e. the Brazilian Cabana armchair made in Mexico 🙂



Brazilian Hammocks from Brazil vs. Mexican Hammocks – a subjective comparison

When it comes to comparing TECHNIQUES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION of Mexican hammocks in relation to Brazilian ones (when it comes to the country of origin) we consider some of the most important points below.


The convenience of loosely woven string hammock Mexican seat definitely beats Brazilian hammocks. If you have ever tried to rest in an original, densely woven Mexican hammock, you know how airy and pleasant a hammock can be. The Brazilian hammock is made of canvas, even if it is quite thin, it will still be a compact material that will give us cheers on hot summer days. The material will adhere to the body and can add warm us.


In contrast, plaited hammocks have millions of small meshes between loosely tied strings, thanks to which we will feel the breeze on the body and even on very hot days resting in a hammock will be a pleasure. And on cooler days we can help with an additional blanket. 


The comfort of the hammock depends primarily on its length and the type of material from which it was made. Brazilian hammocks are from 3 to max. Length 4 meters (and this is only for the largest family models. For most smaller models this is not enough length to lie comfortably in a hammock in a diagonal position.

For comparison – hammocks from Mexico are from 3.6 to 4.3 m long.


If you compare different models of Brazilian hammocks, you will notice that the maximum permissible load is about 200 kg even for the largest XXL models. Reason?


The compact fabric will not absorb bodyweight equally, the greatest pressure on the fabric will be under our center of gravity, where there is a risk of material breakage when used too intensively. Even the strongest canvas cannot withstand more than 200 kg of pressure at one point. Drawstring fasteners are also a weak point – they are point-attached to the material.

Whereas loosely woven Mexican hammocks withstand a load of up to 400 kg, thanks to hundreds of loosely connected, strong strings on which the weight of people using the hammock is evenly distributed. Here is a Tropical Double Hammock in action on the plot: 


Brazilian hammocks from Brazil – prices

Despite the fact that they are already mass-produced, they are not cheap, and some models can even reach the price of  1,000 dollars. Every good, original hammock imported from South America must cost its price, so if you see a “Brazilian” hammock at a price of around  100 dollars, it will probably be a low-quality hammock imported from China (unless you find some great promotion of the last pieces!). A good Brazilian hammock starts from around 250 dollars.

You will also find Mexican hammocks at similar prices.

Brazilian hammocks have already gained popularity in Europe due to the fact that they are mass-produced and available in many stores. Mexican hammocks, strung – hand-woven by the Mayans on the Yucatan Peninsula – have been available on a larger scale in Poland recently.

Mexican Hammocks from Yucatan are unmatched in comfort and durability. The original Mexican Cabana hammock will serve you from several to several years (depending on the intensity of use), after which you will replace it with … the same model. Be warned! Cabana hammocks are addictive 🙂

We encourage you to check their advantages in your own home and garden.

You will fall in love from “first lying down”!

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