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The 7 Best Urban Cultivation Tables Of 2019

The 7 Best Urban Cultivation Tables Of 2019

Would you like to start consuming your own vegetables from your garden? Having the possibility of creating your garden either in the garden of your home or even on the terrace of your house or flat is a breakthrough since you will be consuming what you grow, knowing 100% what you eat. On this occasion I will analyze the best urban cultivation tables so you can select which one to buy comfortably from your home.


I start with an orchard that is very practical for me and that will help you have everything much more organized than any other.

Perhaps one of the weak points, if you look from the aesthetic aspect, is not that it is a wonder visually, since it has a very basic design with a resistant material but that will not give you the feeling of a completely beautiful product. However, try to highlight coloring the corners of a light green that at least gives it personality. But possibly the strong point is in its usefulness. It has a large area where you can plant all kinds of vegetables and even spices, very resistant. The tray below you can place from the shower to give water to the plants or even put there fertilizers or bags of soil to have everything at hand. You can also place other pots, giving you the use you prefer.

Its assembly is very simple and will not take you more than a few minutes since all the pieces are joined by means of screws that are screwed thanks to an Allen key. It is a recommended product especially to have in a shady corner of the garden, because if it gives too much sun, the metal can overheat and therefore also heat the place where the plants are, drying them out, causing them to get ugly before of time and that are not suitable for human consumption.


I give way to another type of table to grow, which is suitable for all types of land and for its aesthetics could go well in any place that we propose. It is an orchard that is made entirely of wood, except for the anchors, since, as in the previous case, you will have to do it with screws, but the result will be perfect, without difficulties in assembly, since it has inside with a manual that you can follow step by step.

The best thing about these cultivation tables is that, being of a resistant wood and that perfectly isolates what you are going to grow, the resulting product will be of higher quality. How do you get this? Because, in winter it will be able to supply moisture to the plantations, something very common in the vegetables that are planted at this time but without abusing, absorbing the excess moisture, and in summer it will do the same but with the heat, leaving The perfect temperature to the crops. It has a fabric with a special fabric so you can put in it the substrate and fertilizer so that your vegetables are kept in the best state. Its price is quite cheap and when it is made with wood it will last a long time, although we always advise you to take care of this material by sealing it or checking that the moisture does not make a dent in it, something usual when several years have passed since its purchase. Although going out so cheap, it will not cost you to replace it at a later time with a new model.


We can say that this model is a small evolution of the previous one, although the measures are somewhat smaller, you will see how its quality is what is really going to get your attention. It is a very well treated wood and that to the touch is formidable, without feeling that you are touching an unfinished product.

If you have a terrace or balcony and once in a while you have thought about creating your own crops of vegetables, plants or even spices for your meals or simply to give a creative touch and decorate this area of ​​your home, now is the time to do it , since with this table to cultivate wood, you will have a place to do it with total guarantees that it will work for you and especially because it has a beautiful design. As you can see in the image, it has the name of the brand on one of the front, although at first you can think that it will affect, in a short time you get used to it, especially by the use of wood. Its assembly is very easy, although if you get lost, you can always use the instruction manual that you will find inside the box and that will guide you step by step. Once you have assembled the entire structure, it will be time to add a geotextile fabric that what you will get is that the roots of the plants you grow can breathe better, and that, the water you throw does not stagnate, being able to drain easily . It has a capacity for at least 60 liters of substrate, more than enough for what you have in mind, and that for the price that comes out, you should not miss the opportunity to get your organic garden.



Among all those found in this list and which are made of wood, this is possibly one of the ones I like most for its design and is perfect to place on either side, whether it is a spacious garden or a terrace that will remain perfect The only counter point that I can find regarding its placement, is that you will need to see a high wall better, since it is indicated above all to rest on a wall and not to place it in the middle of a garden.

Regarding the following characteristics, some strengths and others that are not so strong. To begin with, it has a shelf on the top that has been completely covered with zinc, so that in this place you place what you want and have a more protected surface. For the rest of the shelves you can put from plants with pots, to your tools, being the main problem, that if you want to grow large vegetables, it will be practically impossible, since the hole is very small and therefore, not They will grow as well as you might expect and therefore, if you are going to buy this wooden cultivation table, you have to keep in mind that it will not be useful for those plants that have many leaves or that grow vertically much or their roots are very spacious One of the main advantages,



If what you are looking for is a professional cultivation table for your garden, this product will interest you a lot. It has many differences with respect to those we have already seen and those we will see later and it is important to emphasize each point so that you can see everything you can do with it once you have it installed in your garden.

The thing that is going to hit you the most about this table is that it has no legs, so the whole structure will rest on the floor. The advantage of this is that it will occupy less space and even visually be more collected. On the other hand, it is also true that if you decide to expand the garden, placing one of the same model just to the side everything will be perfect, something that maybe when you buy several tables with legs, it may look good, but the gap below Do not use as you would like, although it is true that many people could use it to store under the substrate, tools or place other plants. As they say, about tastes there is nothing written. The wood used is of high quality, resisting both water and heat, although in this case and as a negative point, you will have to buy for yourself a fabric that is capable of insulating the earth from the wood, so that the roots can breathe correctly, just as the excess water from the irrigation can be filtered. For the rest it is a product that we recommend you buy, which takes up very little space and that we are sure can be effective for all types of vegetable or plant plantations.



There are people who love plants that also want a design product, elegant and that can be placed on the terrace or at the entrance of your garden to give a more glamorous touch to the whole set. For this type of people I will analyze the white cultivation table that comes from the Hurbz brand, a product that will really make you fall in love as soon as you see it placed in any corner of your house, since you can use it in your living room or in some of your rooms without getting too close.

Its structure manages to create four different modules in which you can plant from vegetables, vegetables, moss or decorative plants giving a perfect sense of harmony between all the plants, since they are not in the same level, but, what it achieves is that Each of these independent modules are at a different height. The material is plastic, although it will not seem like it at all, giving the impression that you are buying a premium product for very little. It is true that you have to be very careful with him, because despite having this quality, that the touch is seen as a good product and of great quality, that it is, it is true, that it is not as resistant as example could be those that are made of wood or as the first we have seen that is aluminum, so if someone stumbles and falls, It could break easily. Similarly, it is also not advisable to load it with a lot of soil or many plants for this aspect. Although it fulfills its cultivation function, it focuses mainly on the decorative function, so if you want it is to grow many vegetables for consumption and not to decorate a corner of your garden, it is preferable that you look at another product.



Finally, I am going to analyze a table for you to cultivate very cheap plastic and with which you can start making your first steps in this of the urban gardens at home. It is a table with enough background for a lot of substrate that also includes a division so you can plant several types of vegetables inside, differentiating them when they leave.

Thanks to the fact that it is made of resistant plastic, you can quickly place it anywhere, since it will not weigh much, although it is convenient to do this transfer as long as there is nothing grown, since this will entail an added weight. On the contrary, you have to be careful in knocking down or causing it to fall, since not being as robust as other models that we have taught you, the material can break more easily, something that would also occur in times of very hot or with large gusts of wind, overturning it and not only destroying your crop, but it is also common for a leg to break, and therefore being unusable. If you want to start with this world of crops and get your plantations to go further, we recommend this model for several reasons, the first one is the economic one, Since with respect to the selection that we have made, it is one of the cheapest, so if you get tired or see that it is not your thing, you will not have spent so much. It is also a versatile product that will even help you start growing your first shoots and then plant them on other more robust tables or even in the land itself.


There are many tips that I can give you when buying your growing table for the garden or terrace and I want to describe them little by little, so that when it is time to place your order, you have total assurance that what you are going to Receive in a few days will be exactly what you were looking for, or even better.

When you are going to buy one of these products you have to ask yourself several important questions before continuing with the process. First of all it is the place it will occupy in your garden, that is, if you have a large garden and want to dedicate a space to create your garden, it is possible that the measures do not matter to you in excess, since you will have enough space to place one or several tables and start with your activity, however, if you have a smaller garden or your idea is to place this table on a terrace, then you have to always keep in mind the dimensions, since being very large or can not Enter or the space you have left for you is very small. Similarly, the measures are also important depending on the hobby you want to follow, that is, if you want to plant small legumes, spices, some plants or flowers,

Regarding the material, it will comply with an aesthetic and structural and conservation aspect. As we have indicated above, those that are made with metal or plastic may lessen the recommended recommendations, especially because the conservation of the roots is not going to be of such quality as could occur with the wooden ones, always having to count the latter with a textile fabric to prevent them from attaching them. Porotrolado, the stability that is going to have the fundamental tables, having you to fix the thickness of the legs, since they are less quantum, their stability is less, being able to hit and dump and destroy the garden.


How to make cultivation table?

Some people think of making an urban cultivation table at home with different structures or materials. Doing this type of work at home can have benefits, such as the fact that you save on materials, or that, if you have free time, you can entertain yourself while you see how you create it. However, when you decide to make a home-grown table, you have to know that you have to have a lot of experience and have everything well programmed so that there is no escape or leakage, since this could mean that the plants do not receive enough water , or simply that you are going to have to constantly pick up substrate as it falls.

Really for the cheap price of buying a table to grow, it is not worth spending time to build your own, since you have to invest in looking for materials in a carpentry or large area, look for material trails or landfills recycled and then look for the way that everything marries perfectly. While when you receive it already manufactured, you will know that you just have to follow the assembly instructions and sometimes you should not do this, because it already comes fully assembled and you will only have to install it in the place you prefer to start cultivating what you want Although there are many guides on the Internet about how to set up your cultivation table, from the practical and professional point of view, it will cost you more effort to prepare it, than to acquire one.


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