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The Best Small Ax- Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

If you are one of the people who enjoy outdoor activities, such as camping or excursions, a small ax cannot be missing in your survival equipment. This useful tool is essential when cutting logs to light a fire and offer heat on cold nights outdoors. The small axes can be easily carried in a backpack, given its small size and lightweight, they are the most suitable to accompany you on your adventures.


However, when looking for a model of the best small ax you should see that it is easy to use, with a comfortable grip and with a sharp blade; to make cutting work more efficient. As a first option, we present the Fiskars X7 XSan ax model with an ultralight handle, sharp blade and compact size. Another ax that has gained the confidence of hikers is the Silverline HA36 , a product with a steel blade, fiberglass handle, and a protective plastic sheath.



Comparison chart of Best Small Ax


Eisenfischer Fiskars X7 XS – Universal Small Ax, 700 g


  • This ax is the ideal tool for every hiker or camper. You can easily take it with you, it has a security system that completely covers the edge, which facilitates its transport and its steel blade offers you clean and safe cuts.
  • Its blade made of carbon steel reaches you sharp, so you should use it with great care and caution since its sharp edge could cause an accidental injury to your hands.
  • It is a practical and high-quality product, made of resistant and durable materials, you can cut and cut wood, take it on an excursion or have it as a safety tool.


Silverline HA36 – Ax with fiberglass handle (680 g)


  • This ax model is ideal for housework and gardening. It has a hardened steel sheet and a shaft made of resistant fiberglass with a polyurethane coating, which absorbs impacts and favors handling.
  • Some users have left in their reviews that this tool reaches you without sharpening, so you will have to sharpen it to your liking or seek the services of a sharpener.
  • It is comfortable and easy to use the tool. It has a high score in the network and many users recommend it for its quality and its affordable price.


Rolson 12102 – Multifunction hand ax, for camping


  • This multifunction model offers you in one product, an ax, a bottle opener and a wrench with three different sizes. It is ideal to carry in your backpack for any excursion, hiking or camping, given the versatility and efficiency of the product.
  • One aspect that users have commented on the web, is the low quality of the material that surrounds the handle since according to the reviews, it deteriorates easily.
  • It is an ax that could be very useful when leaving home, users recommend it for its multifunctional quality and manufacturing materials.



What Are The Best Small Axes In The Market – Reviews In 2020


Many times when going out for a walk, we enter with a fallen tree in the middle of the road, in these cases having a sharp ax, it could help us to face this obstacle. In the same way to do small pruning work in our garden, or simply to cut firewood for our fireplace; the axes are the most suitable tools for these tasks.


The ax is categorized among the cutting tools, it is composed of a sharp steel blade that is securely attached to the handle. It is used for cutting by blows, mainly wood for logging and logging, although it can be used domestically for garden maintenance, it is also used by climbers, hikers, and any adventurous person camping outdoors. Similarly, it is a work tool for specialized personnel such as rangers, firefighters and infantry corps.

If you are looking for an ax, the market offers you a whole range of possibilities to choose from. However, for your purchase to be a success you must take into account some relevant aspects of these tools; It is also essential that you base your comparison on models that fit your needs and your budget.

As the first aspect to consider, you should look at the weight and size of the tool. The larger models are ideal for cutting and breaking large logs; While the small ones are ideal for jobs that require greater precision, they are also easier to transport.

It is very important that the ax has resistant materials and has a balanced body; that is, that the weight of the head is compensated with the handle, in order to avoid vibrations at the time of the blow. Also, ensure that the model you choose has a cover that provides protection to the edge of the blade.


What are the best small axes of 2020


Recommended Products


Fiskars X7 XS

When it comes to works in tender and resinous wood, or cuts in carob trees, pines or firs, this ax model could be the right tool. It is equipped with a sharp and thin blade, which gives you clean and easy cuts, is made of carbon steel, easy to sharpen and resistant. Experts advise, in order to maintain its useful life, clean it after each use.

This ax model also has an ultralight handle, which favors long working hours without causing fatigue or fatigue. On the other hand, its design offers an excellent balance between the head and the handle; which guarantees you at the same time, an effective and safe movement.

In addition, it has an ergonomic grip that offers comfort. It is a recommended product for hikers, campers; in the same way, for a country house, to take in the car, or to have on a boat as a safety tool.



Silverline HA36


 When it comes to housework, such as pruning and organizing the garden or cutting small logs for the firewood of our home, this ax model could get you out of trouble and be a great ally for all these situations.

It is an ax with a ground and polished blade, made of hardened steel, which provides you with clean and safe cuts. It also has a sturdy shaft, designed in fiberglass and with ergonomic grip, for this purpose it has at one end of the handle with a non-slip rubber coating; in order to facilitate its manipulation, while favoring the absorption of impacts.

It is a balanced tool that allows you to perform work with a minimum of effort. In addition, in order to facilitate its transport and storage, it includes a plastic sheath that covers the edge of the blade.


Rolson 12102


 If you are passionate about camping or mountaineering, your tool can not miss a tool like this multipurpose ax model that we present today. It is a versatile, practical and functional tool that could help you when you are away from home.

It is an easily portable ax, which you can comfortably carry in your backpack. It has a sharp blade made of carbon steel, which provides durability and resistance to the product. It also has a 12 cm handle covered with a nylon rope, easily replaceable, which favors grip.

The ax head has an original design, which includes the wrench function with three different slit sizes 10, 15 and 19 mm; It also has a very useful bottle opener. In addition, you will receive it with a practical canvas sheath that covers the entire head of the tool.


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