Best Rotary Tiller Reviews Of 2019

Are you thinking of buying a tiller and want to find efficient equipment? Read our summary that will help you choose the best rotary tiller model possible. The first place is occupied by the Hecht 7100 SET tractor cultivator equipped with a powerful engine that guarantees efficient work. The user can choose 1 of 4 gears and also adjust the working width. This allows the device to be perfectly adapted to the current activity. Stiga SRC 36 G is a garden tiller that is equally well rated by users. Due to the lightness, efficient maneuvering of the equipment is possible without using a lot of force. Performing gardening using this machine is effective and convenient.

Comparison table of best Rotary tiller

Hecht 7100 SET

  • The tiller has an adjustable working width, so you can choose the ideal settings for the terrain that requires the use of the machine. The device has an efficient motor that does not heat up too quickly. The model is equipped with mudguards protecting the knives.
  • Few people emphasize that not all materials used for production are durable, and therefore there is a risk that the machine will fail. Installation and operating instructions are not legible.
  • The equipment is adapted to small and larger areas. The machine can be successfully used by companies providing garden services. The set includes a heavy duty trolley and fastening catch. The model has an OHV engine.


Stiga SRC 36 G

  • The equipment is relatively small and light, so its storage is easy, and moving does not prove tiring. The steering wheel has been well profiled, which makes maneuvering easier. Operation of the Stiga SRC 36 G is simple.
  • The handle is adjustable in height, but it happens that its setting is not easy. Sometimes you have to use a lot of strength for this. The equipment generates noise up to 93 dB, so prolonged use can be tiring.
  • The garden cultivator is intended for the care of a small garden. The device has a powerful engine. There is one wheel at the front. The capacity of the fuel tank is relatively large, so you don’t have to refill it every now and then.

MacAllister 1400 W

  • The device has a foldable handle, which is why its transport is easier. On the back there are two wheels to improve maneuverability. The aluminum alloy gear is durable, so it doesn’t deform.
  • The equipment is electrically powered. So there is a need to connect it to the power supply. The power cable usually turns out to be too short, so use an extension cord when gardening.
  • The housing is made of good quality aluminum. The rotary tiller is light and takes up little space. The equipment is adapted to work primarily in a small garden. The model has two handles, which affects the comfort of use and makes it easier to maneuver the machine.

The best rotary tiller in 2019

Do you want your garden to look beautiful? You need several tools to care for it. Check our ranking of rotary tillers to find the right soil loosening equipment that will successfully replace the spade and thus make your work easier.

Tractor tiller

Hecht 7100 SET

  • People who need a tractor tiller should be interested in the Hecht 7100 SET. It is equipped with a 7 HP engine and a capacity of 208 cm3. The machine works very well not only in a large garden, but also in an orchard or greenhouse. You can buy additional accessories for it, such as a plow, potato digger or mower.
  • The tiller is equipped with four gears (three forward and one reverse). The working width is adjustable and ranges from 81 to 104 cm, while the working depth is 20 cm. The maximum speed of this model is 10 km / h. The dimensions of the stroller are 134 cm x 92 cm x 34 cm, and its weight is equal to 46.3 kg.
  • Consumers believe that the presented tiller is manoeuvrable and thus easy to drive. The engine is not only powerful, but also durable, so you don’t have to worry about its breakdown. An additional advantage of the equipment is mudguards, which cover the knives and protect us from stones thrown up.


Garden tiller

Stiga SRC 36 G


Stiga SRC 36 G is a combustion engine with a 1800 W power engine (its capacity is 100 cm3). The equipment has compact dimensions, as a result of which it will not take up much space in the garage. The presented garden tiller is adapted for use in a small area.

The best rotary tiller model offered by the Stiga brand is light (weighs 27 kg) and can be easily maneuvered, it does not require a lot of force. The machine has one forward gear, so its operation is not complicated. The working width of the equipment is 36 cm, it is equipped with rotators with a diameter of 24.5 cm.

According to reviews issued by the owners of the machine, this is a good tiller, significantly facilitating the performance of maintenance work in the home garden. The equipment will be useful to anyone who does not want to loosen the soil using a regular spade. Thanks to the tiller, you can easily aerate the soil and remove weeds to plant flowers or vegetables.

Castorama tiller

MacAllister 1400 W

The MacAllister 1400 W electric tiller is equipped with a two-handed handle. This solution makes driving the machine very easy, it does not require the use of great force. This model has a power of 1,400 W and a working width of 40 cm. The working depth is 20 cm.

The material of the housing is aluminum, which shows resistance to mechanical damage. This tiller, sold in the Castorama store, allows quick loosening of the soil under a flowerbed, vegetable garden or lawn. Its users confirm this. According to them, the equipment has compact dimensions (63 cm x 31.5 cm), and the foldable handle significantly facilitates storage.

The electric motor equipped with the tiller does not generate too much noise during operation. This means that when working in the garden, we will not disturb the peace of our neighbors. The wheels of the machine are small, yet manoeuvrable, so we can turn freely. It is important that the equipment has a double safety switch.

Hand tiller

Wolf-Garten DA-S

Our list could not include the Wolf-Garten DA-S tool. It is a manual tiller with a working width of 15 cm. It is intended for owners of small gardens who do not want to invest in combustion or electric equipment. The presented model is universal and allows weeds to be removed as well as soil loosening and aeration.

The tool weighs just over 1 kg. They are made of metal, so there is no risk that it will quickly destroy as a result of intensive use. You must buy a handle for the tiller. Because it is narrow, it works very well when working between flower beds.

People who decided to buy the Wolf-Garten DA-S product are satisfied with their choice. They believe that the tiller is solid and allows you to quickly get rid of weeds. Special star-shaped wheels allow the soil to be loosened, thanks to which flowers or vegetables grow faster because they have access to more air and water. It is worth adding that it is a good and cheap tiller.


Texas tiller

Texas Lilli 534 TG

We would like to present the Texas Lilli 534 TG – a 5.5 HP petrol model. It is equipped with an engine with a capacity of 208 cm3, which is not prone to failure. This is a practical Texas cultivator, which is used in the home garden, orchard and forest nursery. It enables quick fragmentation of lumps of soil, mixing fertilizer with soil and mechanical weeding of the area.

The equipment weighs 48 kg, but driving it is not tiring. There are wheels of the right size in the base, and the machine is equipped with forward and reverse gears. A rotary tiller test was carried out, which showed that the described model is one of the most useful. All due to the fact that it has a special adapter that allows the use of additional accessories and use it as a snowblower or plow.

The tiller has a solid construction and is adapted to intensive work. We can use it often without worrying about a sudden failure. The equipment has a 3-level adjustment of the working width (35 cm, 55 cm and 86 cm), so we decide how it will work.

Viking tiller


People who dream of a Viking tiller should check the HB 685 model. It can be used to aerate the soil even on very narrow beds, because the working width is adjusted independently. The equipment has a four-stroke engine using modern OHV upper-valve technology. The drive unit is durable due to the use of a cast iron cylinder liner and forged crankshaft.

There are two transport wheels in the back of the device, so you can easily remove the equipment from the garage (before starting work, the wheels are raised). Opinions about the Viking cultivators are flattering, buyers are also positive about the presented equipment. Many people liked the steering handle with adjustable height and horizontal position.

This best rotary tiller weighs 46 kg and its dimensions are: 122 cm x 57 cm x 119 cm. The maximum working width is 85 cm, while the rated power is 3.9 hp. This is solid equipment that gardeners will like.

Honda tiller

Honda Fr 750 K1DE


For professionals, we recommend the Honda Fr 750 K1DE. It enjoys popularity among gardeners, nurserymen, fruit growers, as well as companies offering services in the field of garden care and arrangement. This is a model with a working width of 65 cm. Its distinguishing feature is the large fuel tank (with a capacity of 2.8 l), which provides up to 2 hours of operation without a break.

The equipment has dimensions: 114 cm x 57 cm x 150 cm and weighs approx. 90 kg. The height of the handle can be adjusted, so we can easily adjust its position to your height. We do not have to worry that when aerating the soil we will have to lean heavily over the machine.

According to buyers’ comments, this is a good Honda tiller that provides a high level of safety during gardening. The high rotation speed of the knives (230 rpm) means that soil loosening does not take too much time. It is also worth paying attention to the high engine power of 5.5 hp.

Tiller with drive

Hecht 750


Preparing the soil for planting flowers or planting vegetables does not have to be tiring. This is evidenced by a powered tiller, Hecht 750. It is a manoeuvrable and small device that streamlines gardening and makes them more enjoyable. The equipment power is 6.5 HP and the working width is 50 cm.

The Hecht model is suitable for owners of smaller as well as larger gardens. Efficient and powerful engine allows for long-term operation, without the risk of overheating and the appearance of breakdowns. The tiller has two large transport wheels and a comfortable handle.

It is a combustion machine, which means that the power cable will not restrict our freedom of movement. The steel knives have covers that provide protection against stones thrown up and mud. The tiller is praised by consumers for its reliability and several gears to choose from (including reverse).

What tiller to buy?

Shopping guide

Before planting a flower bed, sowing grass or vegetables, we should properly prepare the soil. Above all, we need to get rid of the weeds and loosen the soil. It is true that we can do it with the help of a shovel, but it is tiring and takes a long time. A better solution is to use a tiller. Which best rotary tiller equipment is worth choosing? We focus on this in the guide below.


There are three types of rotary tillers: manual, electric and combustion. We need to think carefully about what we need this type of machine for and how big our garden is. This will let you get rid of doubts about the best tiller. To prepare a small rebate, a manual model, powered by our muscles, will be sufficient. Using such an instrument should not be too tiring, because it usually weighs only a few kilograms and is small. For a large garden or orchard, an electric tiller or a tiller must be used. The first one can be powered by mains or battery, and the choice depends on your preferences. One of the biggest advantages of electric rotary tillers is quiet operation.

 These equipment are readily used on ecological crops because they do not emit exhaust gases. The same cannot be said for combustion models. They are noisier (their operating volume often exceeds 90 dB), so you should wear headphones or earplugs during use. At the same time, diesel rotary tillers are comfortable to use, including due to the fact that the power cable does not restrict freedom of movement. In addition, they are equipped with powerful engines and thus well suited to work on large terrain

Working width

Based on the working width, we can deduce how much surface the tiller can loosen at one time. For smaller models it is about 20, a maximum of 30 cm, and larger even over 80 cm. However, we must bear in mind that equipment with a larger working width is not always better suited. The best tiller is adapted to the surface of the garden in which it is used, and therefore the size of the flower beds or flower beds. If we do not know exactly which machine to choose, we can look for one with adjustable working width, preferably to a large extent.

Working depth

When checking the working width, you cannot forget about the depth. Usually it is 13 or 15 cm, which is enough to set up a lawn and flower beds. Sometimes it is necessary to loosen the soil to a greater depth, up to 20 cm or even 30 cm. This applies in particular to crops with a more extensive root system.

Weight and dimensions

If we buy very large equipment, gardening may not be as pleasant as we initially expected. Although there are wheels in the base of the rotary tiller, pushing it (also when we have several gears) can be tiring. In addition, a large machine may not fit in the garage together with other equipment. If the storage space is small, let’s look for a tiller with a folding handle.

The dimensions of the machine are as important as its weight. The lightest are manual models that weigh no more than approx. 8 kg. Rotary tillers equipped with an engine are heavier, which results from a slightly different construction. Most often their weight ranges from 30 kg to 60 kg, although sometimes it is much more, even over 90 kg.

Convenience of driving

If we ask a gardener or a person working in a forest nursery what tiller to choose, we will probably hear that you need to find equipment that guarantees comfortable work. The handle is primarily responsible for comfortable machine operation. It must be well profiled and be at the right height. It is good if we can adjust the position of the handle ourselves, because then the risk of excessive leaning over the tiller during work is significantly reduced. Let’s also look at the wheels themselves. They may not be too small and narrow, because it makes it difficult to precisely maneuver the equipment.

Engine power

When buying a petrol or electric tiller, we must not forget to check the engine power. 300 W, a maximum of 500 watts (or up to 4 HP) is suitable for work in a small garden, and over 600 W (over 5 HP) in a larger one. The engine must be solid enough not to overheat as a result of prolonged operation, it should have a thermal protection. The high power tiller can easily break down hard clods of soil.


Increasingly, rotary tillers are used not only for scarifying and aerating the soil, but also for clearing snow, digging up vegetables (e.g. potatoes), plowing or spreading compost. This is possible if the design of the machine allows the installation of additional elements, which usually need to be purchased separately.

Rotary tillers at good prices

Given the price, handheld tillers are the cheapest. These instruments cost on average from 50 to 200 dollars. The purchase of a combustion or electric model is a much larger expense, in particular, the equipment offered by renowned brands. For a tiller with a powerful engine, adjustable working width and similar facilities, we will pay a few or several thousand zlotys.



Q1: What is a rotary tiller?

Soil cultivator is an agricultural machine that is used to loosen and level large areas of soil, especially difficult to grow, compact and loamy soil. The device works perfectly during the preparation of soil for cultivation of plants, seasonal work, and also makes it easier to set up a lawn. The machine consists of a rotary shaft on which arched or hooked knives are mounted, rotating concurrently or counter-rotating. There are gardening, field and special models. The first of them are used for shallow inter-row cultivation. The second type is intended for tillage on arable land. The last type is used for peat bogs exploitation. Thanks to the additional equipment, the tiller can also be used for weeding, trimming lawn edges or mixing fertilizer with soil.

Q2: How does the tiller work?

The rotary tiller effectively replaces the forks and shovels that once served to accurately leveled the ground. The device has built-in rotary teeth that aerate the soil and at the same time loosen it. After puncturing the ground, the air goes deep into the ground, which greatly facilitates further work. Thanks to the tiller, you can also easily spread fertilizer or peat. The rotary tiller can be manual, driven by a human or equipped with an electric or combustion engine. The machine can also have different working width and engine power.

Q3: How to work with a petrol rotary cultivator?

The diesel rotary cultivator is a machine powered by a high power engine, adapted to work in harsh conditions. This type of device has a drive unit with reduction gear and clutch, making it suitable for use in hard soil that cannot be handled by hand tools. Some models are equipped with reverse gear, which significantly speeds up and facilitates work. The diesel rotary cultivator performs well on dense ground, clay and on large surfaces. Before starting work, it is worth choosing larger stones and branches from the soil so that they do not damage the machine’s knives. Also make sure that there is no fuel leaking, and check that the levers are running smoothly and that all cables are not cracked

Q4: How to use the tiller?

The basic principle of using the rotary cultivator is not to work with it on a wet surface. The soil should be moist, but not too wet so that moisture does not block access to air. Before starting work, clean the area of branches, stones and other objects that could disturb our work. The machine should be placed on a level surface and kept level. We also remember not to use the tiller on slopes that have more than 10 degrees of slope. If you hear any suspicious sounds after starting the engine, have the device serviced. Always follow the instructions in the user manual. Operation of the tiller requires special care, so we should not go to work when we are tired, at night and in bad weather.

Q5: Where to buy a tiller?

Currently, the tiller can be bought in almost every gardening store, as well as in construction and decoration chains of large-format stores. Of course, it is also possible to buy the machine online. There are a number of brands to choose from, which affects the wide range of choice, although it doesn’t always make your decision easier. The prices of the device start from 250 dollars and they are mainly electric models. More advanced combustion tiller can cost up to 3,000 dollars. When choosing online shopping, choose only proven and known stores that have positive user reviews.

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