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10 Best Professional Brush Cutter – Reviews 2019

As demonstrated by the analysis of buyer comments, the Matika 4-Stroke Brush Cutter – 25.4 cc. brush cutter is one of the most popular and best professional brush cutter equipment today. It was equipped with an engine with 2.7 HP. It is not a heavy device (it weighs less than 8 kg), it can be easily maneuvered. The set includes braces that increase comfort. It should be mentioned that storing the scythe is not a problem either. It has a folding drive shaft. The Blue Max 52623 Extreme Duty Brush Cutter is equipment that facilitates mowing grass, especially in hard-to-reach places. The powerful engine guarantees efficient work. Because the device has a special anti-vibration system, we do not feel strong vibrations when mowing, and this prevents fast hand fatigue.


The best professional brush cutter in 2019

Below is the ranking of best professional brush cutter. We present remarkable equipment in it. For the combination, we selected models suitable for work in a small or very large garden.

Rank#1: Matika 4-Stroke Brush Cutter

The 4-Stroke Brush Cutter – 25.4 cc. is very popular. It is equipped with an efficient 2.7 HP engine, its displacement is 51.2 cm3. The power unit is powered by a mixture of gasoline and diesel. The device weighs 12.1 lbs and it’s working volume is 114 dB.

The equipment is easy to use, so it is suitable for people who have not used the best professional brush cutter before. The mowing width is 42 cm and the blade 22 cm. The set includes braces that will make it much easier to hold the device in your hands. The presented model has an adjustable V-type handle, its inclination can be easily adjusted to your height.

According to gardeners, this 4-Stroke Brush Cutter – 25.4 cc. is light and solid. It enables precise trimming of grass around trees, between flower beds, and at the fence. A distinctive feature of the equipment is the foldable drive shaft. Thanks to it, moving and storing the device is very easy.

Rank#2: Blue Max 52623 Extreme Duty Brush Cutter

People who dream of a good and cheap brush cutter should be interested in Blue Max 52623 Extreme Duty Brush Cutter model. Due to the 5.2 HP engine, we can easily mow very long blades and weeds. This model is well suited to work on wide terrain, its maximum speed is 8000 rpm. It has a 150 cm boom and 25.5 cm x 0.16 cm x 2.5 cm disc.

The described Blue Max brush cutter has an anti-vibration system that significantly reduces vibration during operation. This ensures more comfortable mowing, which means that you don’t need to take frequent rest breaks. The equipment weighs about 8.5 kg, the cutting range is 42 cm.

The owners of the device appreciate them for their durability and the large number of accessories included in the set. These are two heads, a container for the preparation of the fuel mixture, a trimmer with a fishing line, a protective mask, a shield, and braces. Starting the scythe is easy due to the innovative starter design.

Rank#3: Remington RM2700 Ranchero 27cc 18-Inch

Remington RM2700 Ranchero 27cc 18-Inch is a 0.75 kW device. It’s cutting width is 42 cm and the working noise is 109 dB. It is the best professional brush cutter available in Remington stores, which allows you to mow the grass using a cutting disc, or head with a fishing line. It weighs less than 8 kg.

Starting the equipment is not a problem as the resistance in the starter cord has been reduced. This also has a positive effect on work comfort. With the help of a scythe, we will reach all hard to reach places and cut the blades precisely so that the lawn looks nice. It is important that you can adjust the height of the handle yourself.

According to buyers, the device has several important advantages, and the most frequently mentioned are: durable construction, powerful engine, and uncomplicated service. Many people think that this is the best professional brush cutter that can replace a regular mower. It is suitable for owners of small as well as medium-sized gardens.

Rank#4: Makita EM400MP Brush Cutter with Couple Shaft Attachment

The Makita EM400MP model has a power of 1.45 hp, engine capacity is 33.5 cm3. The equipment weighs 7.1 kg, so you can easily hold it in your hands. It is also solid, the housing shows resistance to mechanical damage. The semi-automatic line extension makes mowing with the device more enjoyable.

The presented Makita brush cutter does not emit a lot of exhaust gas into the environment. Together with the equipment, we find a 3-tooth cutting disc, a 2-strand head, a cover, a set of keys and comfortable braces. The position of the handle can be adjusted and thus well adapted to your height.

The device offered by the Makita brand is eagerly bought by people who want to facilitate their work in the garden and on the plot. Thanks to the scythe, trimming grass in nooks and crannies is less tiring, and you can also maintain precision. Buyers often emphasize in their reviews that the equipment does not generate much noise, despite the fact that it is equipped with a combustion engine.

Rank#5: Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brushcutter

After analyzing the opinions about the best professional brush cutter, we came to the conclusion that the statement could not include a Troy-Bilt device. We selected the TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle model with a 2-stroke 1.7 HP engine. The fuel tank has a capacity of 1 l, which is why it often does not have to be topped up during operation. The centrifugal clutch is responsible for the easy start-up of the device.

The Troy-Bilt brush cutter allows you to mow grass with a cutting disc or cutting head, depending on your needs (both elements are included in the set). The equipment weighs 9 kg and if we think that holding it in our hands will not be completely comfortable, we can put on braces. The presented model has a V-type handle, reminiscent of a bicycle handlebar.

The equipment works well during work in the garden, as well as on an unused large plot. Although it is a brush cutter, it does not generate very much noise or a significant amount of exhaust gas. According to consumers, the operation of the device is simple, and it is affected by the appropriate arrangement of controls.

Rank#6: Husqvarna 128LD Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer

The Husqvarna 128LD Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer is lightweight and therefore easy to maneuver. For this reason, we can easily trim the grass near the fence or sidewalk, which is often impossible with a regular lawnmower. The award-winning Husqvarna brush cutter has 1.2 hp. The fuel tank capacity is 0.75 l. The device weighs 6.2 kg, so even after longer mowing, you should not feel unpleasant shoulder pain. The kit comes with a single belt with a snap hook, to which you can attach a scythe to make your work more enjoyable. The equipment is durable because it was made of solid materials.

Gardeners eagerly use the Oleo-Mac scythe because it gives the option of using a cutting head with a cutting line and a cutting disc. In addition, it has a large fuel tank and at the same time is light. Other advantages of the device are a reduced amount of vibration (due to self-lubricating bearings) and a very comfortable V-shaped handle.

Rank#7: WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer7

The WORX WG154 Edger device is well adapted for mowing grass, weeds and tall bushes. The 3 HP engine is resistant to breakdowns, does not generate much noise, and is also distinguished by reduced fuel consumption. The scythe can be easily fired, there is no need to tug at the rope many times.

Because the equipment gives the opportunity to replace the head with a cutting line for a cutting disc, it works well in a small garden, as well as in a larger area. It can be used e.g. for mowing wasteland. In addition, the Kawasaki brush cutter does not require frequent breaks to add fuel. The tank capacity is 1.1 l.

The fact that the device is comfortable and safe to use is confirmed by the opinions published on it. As the brush cutter test showed, the model described above is one of the most durable. Equipment owners emphasize that it is lightweight, and it does not take much time to replace the cutting mechanism.

Rank#8: Husqvarna 967055801 25cc/324 L Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 967055801 is a scythe recommended for mowing small and medium-sized lawns. It has a 2-stroke engine with a maximum power of 2.6 HP. The cutting width depends on the selected attachment. It is 42 cm for the string head and 25.5 cm for the blade. For this reason, we can quickly mow a large lawn, as well as maintain precision when trimming blades growing in harder accessible places.

Why is the Husqvarna brush cutter noteworthy? It is equipment with an anti-vibration system that minimizes vibrations that occur during engine operation. In addition, the set includes comfortable support straps that allow you to relieve your hands. The V-type handle is well profiled, it has all the necessary controls.

There are many flattering comments about the Husqvarna model. People who are their authors argue that using a scythe is not difficult and you can learn it quickly. In addition to braces and mowing attachments, the device also has a container for preparing the fuel mixture. This is a useful add-on.

Rank#9: Jonsered CC2128 28cc 2-Cycle Gas Brush Cutter

For those looking for a low-fueling scythe, the Jonsered CC2128 28cc 2-Cycle Gas Brush Cutter is recommended. Its power is 1.3 HP, and the cutting width is 40 cm. The device weighs 6.62 kg and has compact dimensions, which makes it easy to store and carry. The noise level generated by the engine is 111 dB.

The tank can be filled with a maximum of 0.63 liters of fuel, which should be enough to mow a small lawn. The Honda brush cutter has not only a semi-automatic trimmer head but also a 3-tooth cutting blade. Together with the equipment, we also receive braces, safety glasses, and an assembly key. Most people like the fact that they don’t have to buy these accessories separately.

With the help of a scythe, you can trim grass and weeds, including those with woody stems, without unnecessary effort. The 4-stroke engine works reliably for a long time and does not produce intense vibrations that would make it difficult to hold the equipment in your hands.

What best professional brush cutter should you buy?

 Shopping guide

Sometimes mowing the grass with a mower is not easy, e.g. between flowerbeds or a hedge. In hard-to-reach places, the scythe works better, especially the petrol brush. This equipment has no power cable, so you can maneuver it freely. Want to find a good and efficient brushcutter? The guide prepared by us will undoubtedly help you with this.


Petrol scythes are equipped with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. The difference between them is the type of fuel used, but also the size of the device. Models with a two-stroke power unit are often lighter and are driven by a mixture of gasoline and diesel. On the other hand, scythes with a four-stroke engine are larger and heavier and require one type of fuel for proper operation.

When deciding which best professional brush cutter to choose, not only the engine’s construction but also its power is important. Usually, it is 1 HP, a maximum 6 HP. The stronger the equipment we buy, the larger the area we will be able to mow, without having to take frequent breaks to cool the power unit. Some manufacturers give power in kilowatts, not horsepower. How to find strong equipment? Just remember that 1 kW is rounded 1.36 hp, then we will quickly convert the given values into appropriate units.

Cutting mechanism

The exhaust equipment differs not only in power but also in the type of cutting mechanism. The cheapest scythes are equipped with a nylon head that can be:

manual – when the line breaks, it must be pulled out manually, and this is often troublesome;

semi-automatic – after pressing the head against the ground, the fishing line automatically extends;

automatic – the line automatically extends to the correct length.

More expensive devices have ahead with cutting knives (plastic or metal), or a cutting disc. The second solution is used in professional scythes, which are used to mow very large and neglected areas.

How to start

Each brushcutter has a starter, but it is started in two ways. Sometimes you just need to press the button, and sometimes we have to jerk violently with a special cord. For many people, this has a significant impact on the comfort of use and work. The best professional brush cutter starts quickly and without much effort.


The scythes are built differently than ordinary mowers. They do not have a base with wheels and are not routed along the ground. This type of equipment is held in your hands, sometimes you can use braces. Before we buy a scythe, let’s check how much it weighs. If the equipment is very heavy, garden or plot care will not be very pleasant. The weight of some devices exceeds 9 kg, and not all of us are used to working with such heavy machines. Let’s try to find the lightest model that we can easily hold in our hands for a long time.


Fuel tank capacity

The larger the fuel tank, the less often it needs to be filled during prolonged operation. This is a great convenience, but at the same time, we have to reckon with the fact that the scythe will be heavier. There is no need to buy equipment with a very roomy tank, if you intend to use it to mow the grass on a small plot, 0.5 l is the optimal size.

Cutting diameter

The cutting diameter determines the speed of work. The maximum is about 45 cm, but it is not a good choice for all of us. A lot depends on the area on which the equipment will be used. With a model with a smaller cutting diameter, we need to spend a little more time mowing the grass, but we gain the opportunity to reach all corners.


Exhaust gas appliances are usually associated with very high noise levels. Scythes powered in this way do not work very quietly, it is often over 100 dB. During work, we should wear headphones or special protectors, because prolonged exposure to such high noise can damage hearing. It is also good to plan the time when we will mow the lawn so that our neighbors do not complain that we disturb their peace.


The handle is one of the most important parts of construction with the best professional brush cutter. It must be well profiled and placed at the right height. The rod should allow easy adjustment of its position so that it is well adapted to the user’s height in this respect. Then the mowing will be more comfortable. Let’s not forget about it, seeking the answer to the question: what is the best brush cutter?


Usually, manufacturers attach useful accessories to their equipment to make work easier and more convenient. These can be protective glasses and headphones, as well as a bow that reduces the risk of accidentally cutting not only grass but also flowers. Together with the scythe, we can also get an additional handle or cutting head equipped with wheels, increasing the precision of cutting.

Brush cutters at good prices

Brush cutters adapted for home use cost 300, a maximum of 800 dollars. For a model for professionals, you have to pay much more, a minimum of DOLLARS 1,000. However, the price of the equipment is influenced not only by its intended use but also by several additional factors. These are brand, engine power, and type of cutting mechanism.


Q1: How to mow with a brush cutter?

The cutting tool with which the brush cutter is fitted usually rotates counterclockwise. For this reason, you should move from right to left when mowing the grass. If the blades are short, you can easily cut them with one stroke of the scythe. A bigger problem arises when the area is heavily neglected. In such a situation, the upper part of the straw should be pruned first, and then the lower one, moving the equipment in the opposite direction. When mowing a plot with a very large area, it is recommended to divide it into small squares. Then, on each of them, the grass is cut from the outer edges to the center.

Q2: How do you start the brush cutter?

Before starting the brush cutter, we should check the oil level in the engine, especially when we intend to use it for the first time after purchase. If necessary, top up the tank to the recommended level, refer to the operating instructions for this. It is not difficult to start a scythe equipped with a combustion engine. The first thing to do is place the switch in the Start position. Then turn the air filter lever on the carburetor to the closed position. With one hand you need to lock the engine, and with the other grab the handle of the starter rope and jerk it vigorously (while first, you should lightly tension the cable). Usually, pull the handle several times. When you feel the engine start, move the choke lever to the open position.

Q3: How do I reach the brush cutter?

After buying a brush cutter we need to reach the engine. It is necessary for him to achieve maximum power. When in doubt about how to do this, you should look at the instructions included with the equipment. There, it is clearly explained there. The most common break-in of a brush cutter is not to let the engine run at maximum speed during the first 10 hours of operation. Thanks to this, all the components of the drive unit can adapt to each other. What’s more, after two hours of mowing, take a break and check that all the screws are tight. Loose ones must be tightened unless they are responsible for attaching the muffler and intake manifold. In this situation, the scythe should be serviced, self-tightening the screws can damage the engine.

Q4: How to wind the line on the brush cutter?

To wind the fishing line, first, we must disassemble the head and remove the spool from the inside. Be careful not to accidentally damage anything. Importantly, this usually doesn’t require a lot of force. After removing the spool, measure the appropriate length of the fishing line, usually, it is 5 or 6 m. Then you need to fold it in half, attach the center to the central partition of the spool and start winding. Finally, we should leave about 15 cm pieces of the line, and then put the spool in the housing and assemble the head properly. Before switching on the scythe, check that the line does not protrude too far beyond the edge of the cover.

 Q5: How do you store your brush cutter?

The brush cutter should be stored in an upright position. We can lean it against the wall to make sure that it does not fall over, or hang on a hanger. We should not store the equipment horizontally, because the fuel may spill out of the tank, there is also a risk of lubricant getting onto the clutch. Before winter, we need to secure the scythe to be able to start it easily next season. It is important to remove fuel from the tank and thoroughly clean the entire device. Then move them to a dry, clean and relatively warm room.

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