Best Pressure Sprayers Reviews Of 2019

We invite you to read the ranking of best pressure sprayers. We are convinced that you will choose one of the models we present that will meet your expectations. Kwazar Neptun pressure sprayer came first. It has a large capacity, so you do not have to refill the tank every now and then. The product is made of durable materials. Both the tank as well as the hose and lance are resistant to strong chemicals. Kwazar Neptun is a backpack model.

The sprayer is considered comfortable – soft braces do not irritate the skin and, moreover, guarantee freedom of movement. The center of gravity is well balanced so that the tank does not tilt sideways when spraying. Hecht 4112 pressure sprayer came second in the ranking. The product is available at an attractive price, which is its undoubted advantage. The set includes replaceable tips that increase the functionality of the model. If you want to know the descriptions of other equipment, go to our ranking.

Comparison table of 3 Best Pressure sprayers

Quasar Neptune

  • It is a very well made pressure sprayer. According to user reviews, it is rarely damaged. It is a very efficient product when it comes to using it in very large areas. The equipment is affordable.
  • The model is not equipped with a handle lock. Some users have noticed that it is not convenient to hold the handle continuously. Therefore, if you intend to use the equipment for a long time, it is better to stock up on an eraser.
  • The capacity of the presented sprayer is 15 liters. Its pressure is 3.5 bar, which allows spraying even further corners of the garden. It is equipment made of polypropylene. Each of its parts is well finished.

 Hecht 4122

  • The adjustable nozzle allows us to adjust the equipment to the place we are going to spray. The product is equipped with braces, so that carrying it will not be bothersome. A pressure of 4 bar is enough to spray a fairly large area.
  • The capacity of the presented sprayer is 12 liters. If you have a large garden area, it may turn out that you will have to fill the tank with water along with the specifics relatively often, which will lead to intermittent work.
  • This is one of the most convenient sprayers available on the market. It has a well-shaped handle, thanks to which it is easier to operate the equipment. The device is suitable for both sprinkling and fertilizing plants.

Gardentech 11816M8

  • Carrying a sprayer on your back is very comfortable. Wide braces do not hurt the shoulders even at high loads, and the tank is designed so that it adapts to our backs. It is a 16-liter device, so one filling of the tank will be enough for fertilizing a large garden.
  • According to some users, the lance is relatively short. Therefore, it may happen that we will not be able to reach every place we choose.
  • It is an electric sprayer with a capacity of 16 liters. Due to the plastic version, it is light, so transport on the back is not difficult. The equipment is very efficient. One charge of the sprayer allows for 4 hours of work.

The best pressure sprayers in 2019

A pressure sprayer is an indispensable tool for fighting pests and weeds in the garden. The equipment is available with a tank of various capacities, so that every gardening enthusiast will find something for themselves. What’s more, such a tank can not only be filled with water, but above all with chemical agents that will effectively help eliminate insects. Currently, there are many variants of pressure sprayers on the market. To help you choose the perfect equipment, we have prepared for you a ranking of the best pressure sprayers that will certainly meet the expectations of every gardener.

Our recommendations

Quasar Neptune

The first place was the backpack pressure sprayer from Kwazar Neptun. This product was made of polypropylene. This model is great for spraying plants and spraying the garden with chemicals that protect against weeds and pests.

Although the tank capacity is 15 liters, the possibility of carrying it on the back makes working with it much more convenient. In addition, the weight of the equipment is not felt. In addition, this model has a telescopic lance, the length of which is adjustable from 60 cm to 120 cm.

Thanks to this, the Kwazar Neptun sprayer can be used in all types of terrain. To ensure user safety, this model is equipped with thermal insulation on the back, which is also to prevent any leakage of chemicals.

According to consumer reviews, this is an ideal proposition for owners of large areas, and thanks to special seals and safety valves, working with it is safe. It is the best pressure sprayer available on the market.

Kwazar Neptun is a pressure sprayer with a capacity of 15 liters. Product dimensions are: width – 23 cm, height – 58 cm and depth – 39 cm. The weight of the model is 4.3 kg.


Chemical resistance: The sprayer is made of materials that show resistance to even very strong chemicals. So we can be sure that the product will serve us for a long time.

Lance: The telescopic lance can be adjusted from 60 cm to 120 cm. As a result, we can set the equipment so that it can be conveniently used.

Purpose: Due to the fact that additional specialized equipment can be attached to the product, the model will be used in many works. Certainly, the sprayer will meet the expectations of many farmers.

Ease of use: Kwazar Neptun is a backpack model. The shoulder straps are soft and the waist belt guarantees stability. A well-developed support system means that we can use the lance freely.

Fill hole: The large fill hole makes it easy to pour solution into the tank.


No button lock: The device has no button lock. Therefore, during use, we must not only control the lance but also hold the button, which according to some consumers is uncomfortable.

Hecht 4112

Many people appreciated the Hecht 4112 pressure sprayer. What encourages you to buy a product is undoubtedly its attractive price. Nevertheless, the model also has many other advantages. One of them is that the set includes 4 interchangeable tips. As a result, the equipment turns out to be useful when caring for various plant species.

The tank has a capacity of 12 liters. A large filler opening makes pouring easier. The product weighs 2.8 kg. The model is equipped with a 58 cm lance. It was made of fiberglass, i.e. damage-resistant material. The sprayer has an adjustable nozzle, with which you can change the spray intensity and thus adapt it to the needs of the sprayed plants.

Consumers are positive about the Hecht 4112 product. Internet users appreciate the fact that it has comfortable braces. They are soft and do not stick to the skin. As a result, even after a long work, no painful abrasions appear on the arms.

Hecht 4112 is a very good pressure sprayer up to PLN 100. The tank capacity is 12 liters. The model weighs 2.8 kg.


Adjustable nozzle: The equipment is equipped with an adjustable nozzle. It allows you to set the sprayer in such a way as to obtain a fine spray or thin stream.

Replaceable tips: When you buy a product, you get tips with various nozzles, including 4-hole, tapered or double-tapered. Thanks to additional accessories, we can be sure that the equipment will prove useful during the care of various plants.

Execution: The tank is made of good quality plastic. The material is resistant to chemical agents. There is no fear that the container will quickly deteriorate and leak, which could be dangerous to the user (harmful substances).

Seals: Consumers appreciate the interchangeable seals included in the kit. If you need to replace them, you won’t have to spend money and spend time shopping.


Tank color: Due to the white color of the tank, all dirt is visible on its surface. This makes keeping the model clean difficult.

Gardentech 11816M8

A good and cheap cordless pressure sprayer Gardentech 11816M8 is the third proposition worth attention. It is a portable model that can be successfully used in the garden, park, plantation, arable field or greenhouse.

Thanks to the four nozzles, he is able to spray even several different plants that require different care at the same time. The device capacity is up to 16 l, and the battery capacity is 8 Ah, which allows for 3 – 4 hours of operation. The battery charging time is about 7 hours.

The lance can be extended from 50 cm to a length of 100 cm, which will facilitate work in any terrain. After attaching special braces, the Gardentech 1181M8 sprayer becomes an extremely handy work tool, ideal for people working in large areas.

Consumer reviews of this model are very flattering. Due to the comfortable use and modern design, and additional nozzles ensure proper care for all plants.

GardeTech 11816M8 is a cordless pressure sprayer. The tank capacity is 16 liters.


Purpose: Additional accessories are included in the package. Among them, 4 different spray nozzles are the most useful. They allow the use of a sprayer to care for many plants – both large and smaller.

Lance: The lance made of steel has a high resistance to damage. The advantage is that you can adjust its length in the range from 50 cm to 100 cm. If we want to use the device on a larger area, we can easily lengthen the lance.

Battery: The built-in battery is roomy. As the manufacturer indicates, after a full charge we can use the equipment for up to 4 hours.


Hose: Some comments indicate that the hose is stiff and slightly short, which makes using the equipment difficult.

Flo T89509


The next pressure sprayer in our ranking is Flo T89509. It is a manual model with a capacity of 2 liters, so it will be suitable in small gardens, greenhouses or even on terraces. This product is equipped with a brass nozzle that can be adjusted with a knob.

This regulation means that we have the freedom to change the intensity of the water stream – from continuous to a light mist.

In addition, this equipment has a built-in decompressor that switches on automatically whenever the value of 0.2 MPa is exceeded. Its tank is plastic, so it is mainly suitable for irrigating plants.

According to consumer reviews, the Flo T89509 hand sprayer is an ideal proposition for those who are just starting their adventure with gardening and will successfully replace traditional watering cans.

The Flo 89509 hand pressure sprayer has a capacity of 2 liters. The product has a brass nozzle and decompressor.



Handle: The tank has a solid handle. It is properly profiled, which means that the sprayer fits well in the hand and does not slip from it. As a result, using Flo 89509 is convenient.

Nozzle: The product is equipped with a brass nozzle. It allows you to change the intensity of the water stream – from continuous to mist.

Permanent job function: It is convenient that you can use the permanent job function without interruptions. This makes spraying more convenient and nothing limits us.



Application: Due to the low capacity of the sprayer, it will only be used for the care of potted plants at home or on the terrace.

Fill hole: Some Internet users think that the fill hole should be slightly larger. Then filling the tank would be easier.


Marolex Titan


The Marolex Titan backpack pressure sprayer is our last proposal. It is a modern model with a low weight and a capacity of 12 liters. It has been designed in such a way that it is ideally suited to any terrain, and the additional APS SYSTEM gaskets protect the equipment against sand and dust.

This model is equipped with a long, telescopic lance, the length of which can be extended from 80 cm to 135 cm.

In addition, it has two nozzles with adjustable jet angle type MR1.5 and MR1.0, thanks to which it perfectly adapts to our expectations. The equipment itself is in the form of a backpack, and special braces ensure comfort.

Opinions about Marolex Titan pressure sprayers are very flattering. According to consumers, it works great in orchards, crops or greenhouses.

Marolex Titan is a 12 l pressure sprayer. The product weighs 3.9 kg. This is a backpack model – the set includes suspenders.



Telescopic lance: The sprayer has a telescopic lance with adjustable range from 80 cm to 135 cm. This allows you to easily adapt the product to the size of the area you are spraying.

Hose: Due to the fact that the hose is made of durable materials, we can be sure that it will not be damaged easily. Thus, we will ensure safety and avoid waste of fertilizer.



Execution: In individual reviews you can read that the implementation of the threaded tip securing the pump arm is not the best quality. So there is a fear that this element will fail quickly.

Adjusting the harness: Some say that adjusting the harness takes a long time.


Flo 89600


The Flo 89600 petrol sprayer is our next proposal. This is the only model of this kind in our combination. This device has an extremely efficient engine with a power of 2.13 kW, and the manufacturer ensures that it will do great in all conditions.

In addition, its maximum spraying range is up to 11 m. This makes it extremely effective equipment, ideal for arable fields or large orchards. What’s more, the device has the ability to replace the tip of the lance.

Thanks to this, it can act as a blower, which will work in the autumn when cleaning the garden. The capacity of the presented sprayer is 16 l.

According to consumer reviews, this is a good combustion model, which thanks to its efficiency allows achieving satisfactory work results. The ability to replace the tip makes this equipment extremely functional.

Which best pressure sprayer should you buy?


Shopping guide

The pressure sprayer is a useful tool for working in orchards and gardens, its purpose is to spray plant protection products and fertilizers. Smaller models are great for sprinkling small plants. For large plots of land, large sprayers connected to the tractor will work. Such an instrument facilitates work and, above all, dispenses the right dose of fertilizer in the form of a light mist.

Thanks to this you will avoid the situation when you burn the plant with fertilizers. A sprayer filled with insecticides will work to eliminate pests such as aphids or Colorado beetle. Therefore, for gardening lovers who want to improve their work we have prepared a guide that will tell you what pressure sprayer to choose .


Types of pressure sprayers

Consumers can choose the right sprayer from among those classic, backpack or even battery-powered. Only after choosing the type of equipment should you focus on its capacity and the material from which it was made. Here are three types of sprinklers and their characteristics:

Classic – this model has a special handle for easier carrying. It is also the most popular type of sprayer available on the market. Perfect for small gardens. It can be filled with both water and chemicals.

In the form of a backpack – this type of solution will work in large areas. It is portable and easy to use. Its weight, even with a full tank, is not felt, because when put on the back it seems to be much lighter than the equipment we hold in our hands.

Battery powered – these sprayers operate automatically and do not require manual pumping of water. They are started by pressing the START button. Unfortunately, the operating time is determined by the battery life. Therefore, they will be suitable for spraying small areas.

Manual home – the most compact, they will be useful in every home for fertilizing pot flowers.


Properties of pressure sprayers

When choosing a pressure sprayer, certain properties should be taken into account, such as: tank capacity, material from which it is made, and its operating range.


Tank capacity

An important issue when choosing a pressure sprayer is its capacity. Depending on whether you own a large orchard or a small garden, you should choose this type of device according to your preferences. The stores have a huge selection, ranging from the smallest sprayers with a capacity of 1 l, to such 11.5 l.

What’s more, there are also models put on the back, which capacity can reach over 15 liters. For people who spray large surfaces it is the perfect choice, because it will save time for refilling the washer. These sprinklers are equipped with special scales to make dosing chemicals and water easier.


Weight is also an important criterion when buying a pressure washer. The multi-liter ones with a full tank can weigh up to 10 kg. However, the backpack version, which itself weighs a few kilograms, with a full tank with a capacity of 16 liters can turn out to be very heavy.


The material the sprayer is made of is very important. It is not recommended to use harsh chemicals in plastic equipment. In this case, it is better to opt for models made of galvanized or polyethylene steel.

Operating range

Depending on the size of the area we want to spray, we select a suitably large product. Usually its capacity is related to the range of liquid dispersion. The larger the area to be sprayed, the greater the range we will need. At a smaller range, our work will last longer.


Using a special knob, users can adjust the amount of water, which will give them control and savings. We will also avoid situations where too much insecticide will fall on quite delicate plants, which may damage the leaves. On the other hand, if we need to spray large areas, too small a range will force us to spray the plants several times.

Which pressure sprayer is the best?

A good pressure sprayer is one that works perfectly in our garden. That is why choosing good equipment is so important. It is also an individual matter, because it is the consumer who knows best how much area is to be sprayed and what will be sprayed. For owners of small gardens, we recommend several-liter models.

If you only care about watering plants, a plastic sprayer will be great. However, if you have a problem with pests, we recommend buying a model made of more durable material. However, if a larger area is to be sprayed, we recommend pressure backpack sprayers, which not only have a huge capacity, but also are much more convenient to use than other models. In addition, they allow the use of both water and chemicals.

Pressure sprayers at good prices

The price of pressure sprayers depends on their capacity and the material they were made of. If we are interested in hand-held models with a liter capacity, it will cost about PLN 50. As for galvanized steel equipment, which we can put in the form of a backpack, they are more expensive. They cost from PLN 200 to even several thousand PLN. If you have a small garden, it is not worth investing in the most expensive equipment.



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