The Best Leaf Blowers Of 2020

When cleaning our garden and the spaces of our house, the best leaf blower becomes a very useful instrument. Hence, if you want to buy one, it is advisable to choose it by looking at the power of the device, if it has a function of blowing or vacuuming, a two or four stroke engine, if it works with electricity or gasoline and if it is light. The GOXAWEE G5006-EU model is a tool that works for blowing and vacuuming, since it has an outlet and an air inlet connector, likewise, it includes different accessories to adapt it to your cleaning needs. For its part, you can also find a product of good performance in the Einhell GE-CL 18 Li KIT, which has received good reviews from the customer community, for being ergonomically designed and easy to handle, accompanied by a good level of power to perform correctly.                                                                                                                   

Comparison table of the best leaf blowers of 2020

BLACK+DECKER 4Cordless Sweeper

  • The best thing about this team is its design, very ergonomic and manageable. It has a soft rubber handle for a comfortable and firm grip. It is also very light, it has only 1.7 kg of weight. All this combined with its excellent power.
  • Like the previous model, the negative aspect of this model is the battery life, which in this case is only 15 minutes, recommended for small gardens.
  • Due to its excellent power and performance and its affordable cost, it is the best model on our list in terms of value for money.

WORX WG509 TRIVAC Electric Blower

  • It has a compact design with removable nozzle for easy storage. In addition, it does not cause depletion of any kind, since it weighs only 1.71 kg and has silent technology, indicated to reduce noise, so you can use it without disturbing your neighbors.
  • It offers little autonomy, since after 1 hour of charging it offers only 12 min of use. However, this is due to its wireless design, especially indicated to allow greater freedom of movement.
  • It offers efficiency to remove small amounts of leaves of different sizes, since it has a speed of 12,000 rpm, enough to quickly clean your garden.

WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower

  • This blower includes an additional nozzle indicated to remove or blow dirt from smaller areas inside the house. It also includes a brush to remove dust and 2 carbon brushes, which could later serve as spare parts for the engine.
  • Compared to other models, it may seem less resistant, since it is made of plastic. However, its structure is light, so it can be a good option for domestic use.
  • It offers 6 different speeds that allow it to perform between 6,000 and 16,000 rpm, with an air flow of 2.8 m3 / min, suitable for use in various cleaning tasks.

What is the best leaf blower of 2019?

No matter what season of the year you are in, dirt will always find a way to reach your porch and garden and what better way to get rid of it than with a leaf blower. These excellent machines use the blowing and suction powers to help you clean surfaces quickly and easily.

Within this list you will find the best leaf blower options so you can choose the model that best suits your requirements:

Our Best Recommended Products

WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower

Main Advantage:

This blower has a power of 600 W, so it produces between 6,000 rpm and 16,000 rpm, in addition, the air flow is 2.8 m3 / min. Therefore, it is a multifunction model that you can use to blow dust, leaves or dry the car.

Main Disadvantage:

Its structure is made of plastic, which can make its durability doubt, however, the robust material, so it offers great resistance to constant use.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

It is an affordable price leaf blower; in addition, it includes multiple accessories to help you keep the house and garden in good condition.



It is a leaf blower indicated for domestic use in small gardens, however, it provides up to 600 W of power and 2.8 m3 / min of air flow for this task, which offers high performance and effectiveness.

However, its engine offers 6 different levels of speed through a multipurpose switch, very convenient to adapt it according to your needs and projects anywhere. Therefore, it can perform between 6,000 rpm and 16,000 rpm, which can meet your needs in different blowing tasks.

On the other hand, it uses a voltage of 220-240 V, which you should take into consideration when connecting it to the power. Similarly, its frequency is 50 and 60 Hz, which is a standard measure in devices of this type.


You should take into account that its weight is 1.6 kg, so it is possible to use it for a long time without causing exhaustion. Likewise, it offers an ergonomic handle, suitable for holding the device more firmly, and also incorporates a trigger to operate it and the switch to select the speeds.

On the other hand, its measures are 40 cm long, 18 cm high and 18 cm wide, for this reason, it can be stored comfortably in any space of the house, whether you place it in a corner or inside of a closet.

Its cable measures 2.5 m in length, so it is not too long or too short, suitable for working comfortably in spaces of approximately 5 square meters. However, it can be stored comfortably avoiding tangles.


Depending on the assembly of the device, it is important to take into account that in addition to blowing it serves to vacuum. Therefore, placing the nozzle on one of the tips blows air, while if you place it on the other end, it can then aspirate. However, the aspiration is only for dirt and dust, as the leaves could clog the duct.

In this sense, it incorporates 4 different accessories that will complement its usefulness, such as a dust bag, which is indicated to be placed when you decide to use its vacuum mode. In addition, it has a smaller rubber nozzle to clean air conditioning condensers, mosquito nets, furniture, among others.

Also, it includes two carbon brushes that serve as spare parts to establish the connection between the motor and the rotary system. As if that were not enough, it comes with a soft and resistant bristle brush, indicated to remove dust and dirt from some surfaces. It is good to know that in case of assembly problems you can consult the instruction manual.

BLACK+DECKER 4Cordless Sweeper

When autumn arrives and the leaves fall, cleaning gardens, sidewalks and other spaces can be a real nuisance, especially if the tree species in the area are deciduous.

In order to improve the cleanliness without having to resort to the traditional broom, we can bet on products such as leaf blowers, which help to collect and accumulate these leaves using a strong air current. A system that helps us save time and inconvenience in the procedure.

Among the prominent models on the market is the Einhell GE-CL 18 Li KIT blower. This wireless model has a powerful 18-volt lithium-ion battery capable of producing a blowing force that reaches 210 kilometers per hour.

Thanks to its light weight and ergonomic handle this tool allows you to work comfortably and without discomfort, so that you can be more efficient in your task without your body suffering the consequences.

A task in which the product offers a adjusted noise and a compatible battery system so you can change it easily.


Charging time: the batteries only need 30 minutes to fully charge, also having LED indicators that report that level of charge.

Ergonomics: the product offers a handle of high quality and ergonomic design, which together with its barely 1.7 kilos of weight allow to work comfortably and pleasantly.

Output power: so that you can have a quality operation this model has an output flow that reaches 210 kilometers per hour of operation.

Battery indicator: so that you do not stay half the batteries include a charging information system so that you know how much time you can have, approximately.


Autonomy : the product has a range of just 10 minutes, although thanks to the high-speed charging system that we have already mentioned you will not have to worry too much about it.

WORX WG509 TRIVAC Electric Blower

It is a high-tech leaf blower, capable of providing freedom of movement and practicality since it works wirelessly through a 1.5 Ah battery, which only needs 1 hour of charging to use for 12 minutes.

However, its 20 V Lithium-ion battery allows up to 12,000 rpm. In this way, you can accumulate the leaves of your garden efficiently, as well as remove dust from the soil. In addition, it is a model of low noise and low vibration, therefore it is suitable for use in residential areas.

On the other hand, its design is compact and lightweight, since it measures approximately 1 m with the fan tube, but it is removable so you can store the device more comfortably. Similarly, its weight is only 1.71 kg to prevent fatigue and incorporates a rubber grip for comfort.

Removing the fallen leaves in your garden could be a complicated task if you do not have the appropriate tool, it is for this reason that you should consider some of the pros and cons of this leaf blower before deciding on a particular model:


Design: It has an ergonomic design, with a rubber grip and light structure, which provides greater practicality and prevents exhaustion.

Speed: It is capable of performing up to 12,000 rpm to blow sheets of different sizes and thicknesses.

Silent: Produces low-level vibrations and low noise, so you can use it without disturbing other people in your home or your neighbors.


Autonomy: Offers only 12 minutes of use after charging your battery for one hour, which may be little to complete some work. Therefore, it is important to define tasks before turning it on.

Avid Power Cordless Leaf Blower

If you are interested in the best cheap leaf blowers, you should know this excellent model offered by the renowned and respected manufacturer Bosch.

Its ALS 25 blower, has an incredible 2,500-watt motor so you will get excellent performance power and its variable airspeed, capable of reaching up to 300 km / h, they ensure you can sweep anything.

It has an ergonomic handle for better handling and a strap that will allow you to use it comfortably. Thanks to its 45-liter collection bag, you can not worry about emptying it every moment.

It has a shredded quality performance that amounts to 10: 1 so you will reduce trips to the copost pile and weighing just 3.2 kg when used as a leaf blower and 4.4 kg when used as a garden vacuum cleaner, ¡ You will practically not realize that you are wearing it!

In case you want to know more about this model, recommended as the best leaf blower, read its characteristics below.


Power: It has a high power level, to guarantee more optimal results, thanks to the 2,500 W it can reach.

Functions: It is a device with various functions since it not only serves as a leaf blower but also as a vacuum cleaner.

Lightweight: This is a lightweight device that can be handled without difficulty because its weight reaches 3, 6 kg in the blowing function and 4, 4 kg in the vacuuming function.

Collector bag: To develop suction properly, it includes a collection bag that has a capacity to store 45 liters, allowing efficient cleaning.

Easy handling: It can be handled with comfort and safety because it has an ergonomic design with a better distribution of the weight of the device.

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Vacuum Leaf Blower

If you are looking for a multifunction leaf blower, it is good that you consider this Greencut model, since it is also a vacuum cleaner. As if that were not enough, it uses gasoline and oil as fuel, so it provides greater autonomy and power than electric or wireless models.

In this sense, you should know that its engine provides a power of 8,500 kW that is 1.2 hp, so it is a tool indicated for professional use, in demanding and forced labor areas. Similarly, the speed of the blow it produces is 350 km / h, suitable for blowing large amounts of leaves and branches.

On the other hand, it incorporates a collection bag of 60 liters for its vacuum mode, likewise, the gas tank has 50 liters, which avoids interruptions during its operation. As if that were not enough, it includes several nozzles to adapt them according to the work.

This model is one of the most powerful on the list, so it is worth reviewing some of its most important positive and negative characteristics before making the purchase:


Fuel: It works with the use of gasoline and two-stroke oil, in this way it is able to provide good performance and autonomy.

Power: Offers a power of 1.2 hp, enough for use in industrial and professional areas.

Multifunction: Includes different types of blower tubes and has two modes of operation, such as a blower or vacuum cleaner, which provides greater versatility.


Weight: It has a weight of 5 kg, so it could cause exhaustion, in this sense, it is recommended to use for short periods of time.

Silent: Its operation is not silent, so it may be at a disadvantage compared to other models on the list.

How to use a leaf blower

Cleaning your patio or garden sometimes requires the use of a very suitable tool such as a leaf blower. In the autumn season, it is very necessary to use an apparatus like this, because this is the time when the leaves fall most. If you have just purchased a leaf blower and do not dare to use it because you are inexperienced, do not worry and read on.

Check the user manual of your leaf blower

Before using your leaf blower, it is very important that you read the instruction manual so that you identify each of its parts, familiarize yourself with its operation and be aware of its way of feeding because some models work with gasoline and others with electric power.

Use the necessary protective equipment

When using any gardening work tool, it is necessary to have basic protective equipment. This is made up of safety glasses to protect your eyes from possible leaps of particles or stones while cleaning. Also, you must have earmuffs so you can reduce the noise produced by the use of a leaf blower. Of course, you should not miss the use of gloves, bibs, preferably jeans, cotton flannels for your comfort and the use of dust masks.

Check the power supply

Make sure your leaf blower has enough gasoline for operation or if it is an electric leaf blower, the power cable is long enough for the place you are going to clean.

Verify that the area to be cleaned is free of people around

Be aware that a leaf blower raises a lot of dust and generates some noise that can be annoying for your neighbors. Therefore, it is recommended that you use your leaf blower when you are sure there are no people around you, to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Make sure the area to be cleaned is free of moisture

It is recommended that the patio or garden to be cleaned is very dry since if the leaves are wet, it will be difficult to lift and your cleaning would be a failure. Therefore, it is better to perform this type of cleaning when the weather and environmental conditions are favorable.

Start at one end of your yard or garden

Turn on your leaf blower and start from one end of the yard, accumulating the leaves toward the center of the area preferably. Then, go walking around the patio, gathering the leaves little by little. If you notice that the leaves get stuck a little and do not lift, do not hesitate to use a rake to lift them.

Proceed to collect the leaves in a garbage bag

Once all the leaves of your yard are lifted and when they are accumulated in the center, with the help of a rake, start placing the leaves in a large garbage bag, until they are all collected. Then, turn off the leaf blower and pick up the power cord. Store your blower in a safe place in your home or tool store.

The most popular brands

If what you want is to facilitate the work involved in maintaining a clean garden, what you need is a portable leaf blower. Currently in the market there is a wide variety of leaf blowers, however, we have analyzed different models and consulted the comments of Internet users, and we consider that among the main brands are: Black and Decker, Bosch and Skil.
Black & Decker is a company located in Towson, Maryland, USA. UU. It is the largest producer of power tools in the world. Its home appliance products are the best sellers in the United States, and one of the most recognized brands in the global small appliance industry.
It is a multinational highlighted by the manufacture of high-quality products for both domestic and industrialized use with businesses in approximately 100 countries, being a market leader with its different product ranges. It is one of the most acclaimed and distinguished brands in the United States, collaborating with space programs for the development of technologies for NASA astronauts in the 60s and 70s.
Its catalog has a great diversity of products, including leaf blowers and air compressors. The GW3030 Blower Vacuum model has a metal fan that provides a blowing speed of 418 Km / h, and has a lightweight design of 1.6 Kg for better maneuverability and control.
Robert Bosch is a German company, founded in the year 1886 by Robert Bosch (1861 – 1942) . It currently has 264 production centers, 250 commercial offices and 261,300 employees around the world. Its products are marketed in the area of automotive technology, consumer goods, construction technology, packaging technology, and safety engineering.
In 2010, Bosch reached sales that surpassed the 47.5 billion euros being the best year of work in its 125 histories. Their innovative strength and the pace of innovation have allowed them to position themselves among the world’s leading brands in the manufacture of industrial tools.
It should be noted that Bosch electrical equipment has established new limits in the market for tool holders such as leaf blowers, this lithium battery-based equipment with an approximate duration of 30 in continuous operation allows the litter to be eliminated anywhere in your home.
His career began in 1921 under the name Michel Electric Handsaw Company, when its inventor Edmond Michel developed the world’s first electric saw. In the mid-50s the company changed its name, becoming Skil Corporation.
Its lucrative international sales began in Canada (1994), placing in Toronto the distribution and service center, the brand arrives in Europe with an expansion of its activities with numerous sales offices throughout the continent. In 1996, Skil’s rights were acquired by the company Robert Bosch GmbH, and since then it has been part of the famous German multinational.
Using more than 130 million tools sold worldwide, they are considered the most intelligent, affordable and easy-to-use electrical appliances. Skil has a catalog of power tools that vary from sanders, saws, drills, pruners, compressors, among others.
Among its most requested products is the Skil Leaf Blower, its different models mostly have a triple function; The first is the blower, this function allows the litter and other garden waste to be eliminated by its variable airflow between 150-270 km / h, the second is the suction function to collect the waste with a measure of 13 cubic meters per minute and third is the Skil’s built-in shredder that reduces the volume of waste to one-tenth to facilitate its disposal.

What is the best leaf blower on the market?

When autumn comes, the leaves end inexorably on the ground. It is a rain of leaves that should be eliminated, among other things, because they can become a danger if they get wet and fall on roads or sidewalks. To clean the sheets with the best efficiency, you just have to follow the advice of our guide to buy the best leaf blower on the market, in which we give you some clues to know what to look for.

Shopping guide

Operating power

When we decided to buy a leaf blower, as with any product of this type, we find different models in which the power makes the difference. It is a difference that affects how much the product costs, but also aspects such as the comfort of work that it will offer us or the type of work area that we can cover.
In terms of power, it is convenient to distinguish between electric, gasoline and battery models. In the former, the power is measured in a conventional way, in watts, while in the battery the reference to consider is the system volts. Regarding petrol, it is the horses of the engine that mark the power. In any case, the higher the power, the more force the air will have.
And this surely leads us to this aspect which is the power and output pressure. This is the element that will move the air at the time of expelling or aspirating, depending on the type of product, so verifying the speed of exit of that air is a good reference. In any case, most of the products on the market indicate the applications they are used for, even the economically priced models so that finding the most suitable product is easier.

Single blower or vacuum cleaner

When it comes to seeing the characteristics of a leaf blower, it is common to find models that, in addition to blowing, can also aspirate. This last aspect can be interesting because by means of the blowing function we accumulate the leaves and by means of the aspiration we collect them.
Actually, the function itself is simple, since it is based on an inverter system that causes the system to rotate in reverse, sucking air instead of blowing outside. However, in these models, in addition to increasing the power compared to the conventional model, it is also necessary to verify the other functions included in the product, such as the option of crushing said sheets, to accumulate them and reduce their volume to take them to the trash can.
In any case, as you will see in any comparison of leaf blowers, models with vacuum cleaners are recognized for including an additional bag, in which we will store the sheets. A bag whose volume we must adjust to our needs and the size of the garden so that we do not have to empty it too often in case of finally betting on a blower model.

Blower comfort and mobility

As with all hand tools, the blower must offer us good mobility and ease of use that is worth the investment in the equipment. An efficient investment that begins by choosing a light model, so that the less you weigh, the easier it will be to take it where necessary and carry it for long periods.
This comfort and mobility are also related to the shape and size of the fasteners of the product. The handles should be large, ergonomically formatted and help us move the blower comfortably. This is especially so much in the petrol models as in the models with blown and aspirated, precisely because they are the ones that have the greatest weight and, therefore, require better mobility. Some blowers even incorporate accessories to hang them around the neck or waist and work more comfortably.
Finally, we cannot forget the shape of the air outlet. This output should be done with a tube of sufficient size so that we can direct it as it suits us. Some models include a more closed nozzle, such as vacuum cleaners, which allows air to be concentrated to work in difficult or complex areas, which can be a good option if you need it.

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