The 7 Best Irrigation Sprinklers Of 2019

To always keep the plants and grass of your garden green, even on the driest days, it is always useful to have a sprinkler that greatly facilitates the continuous watering of the entire garden.

If you want to know which are the best irrigation sprinklers available in the market.


Gardena is a recognized brand of hoses and items for irrigation, which always guarantees the high quality of the materials of its products. On this occasion, it offers an irrigation sprinkler in a square shape that can cover a watering of between 90 and 220 square meters.

The device guarantees a homogeneous irrigation without puddles thanks to its multi-phase turboprop. The irrigation width is 13 meters, and the length can be easily adjusted between 7 and 17 meters.

It has an ultra-thin stainless steel filter that prevents the passage of small contaminants and guarantees the operation of the product without maintenance. Its connection to the hose is simple, especially if it is Gardena hoses.

In addition, for cleaning the irrigation nozzles brings improved ergonomics needles that greatly facilitate it.


  • Irrigation amplitude can be adjusted between 90 and 220 square meters.
  • Its phase turboprop system guarantees a homogeneous irrigation that does not leave puddles.
  • It has an ultra-thin stainless steel mesh to prevent the passage of dirt particles.
  • It is easy to clean with its improved ergonomics needles.


 Because it is a lightweight device, and does not have any method of fixing to the ground, it can be difficult to position it correctly with certain hoses.


In this case we talk about a sprinkler that irrigates in a circle with a water spray system for counterweights. The water spray range is approximately 5 meters, very useful for small and medium gardens.

The rotating sprinkler system helps save time and water at the time of watering.

The materials with which the sprinkler is made are of high quality, its ABS plastic gives it a robust appearance and guarantees that it can be used continuously for a long time.

Also, bring a standard nozzle for hoses.


  • It has a good watering range of 5 meters, in the area of ​​a circle.
  • It helps to save time and water in watering.
  • It is made with quality plastic, and has a robust appearance that provides durability.


  • Sometimes it may not cover the 360º and leave a space without watering.


Silverline, the company specialized in the distribution of articles and tools for the home, workshop and garden, offers us an irrigation sprinkler with 9 selectable patterns, which irrigates over a circular range of 360º.

The possibility of choosing the irrigation pattern with the selection dial allows more precise watering, to avoid wetting any area that is not landscaped.

One of the main features is its price. This is very small, and the company guarantees that its plastic manufacturing material is strong and durable, therefore, we are talking about a product that offers excellent value for money.

The hose connection is a standard half-inch connection.


  • You have the possibility to select different irrigation patterns for a more accurate result, without unnecessarily wetting areas.
  • Its irrigation in the form of a circle is quite practical.
  • It has a fairly reduced price.


  • It does not perform a homogeneous watering, normally more water arrives in the maximum range of the dispersion.


In this case we talk about a sprinkler that must be nailed to the ground, connected directly to the pipe by means of a half-inch female thread connection that has on the bottom.

The sprinkler has a set of 6 nozzles that allow regulating the diffusion of water. The nozzles reduce or widen the water flow in order to increase or reduce the pressure with which it comes out. It can work with pressures between 1.7 and 7 bars.

With the above, the range of the sprinkler range between 4 and 9.8 meters can be regulated, which avoids wetting roads, streets, furniture and whatever is not wanted or should be wet.

Likewise, the angle of irrigation between 40 and 360º is adjustable, which also guarantees greater precision at the time of watering.


  • The possibility of regulating the sprinkler allows a more precise watering.
  • It covers a good watering area, which can be adjusted to smaller spaces so as not to wet the unwanted.


  • Its connection to a pipe is less practical than a connection to the hose.


Ansunel is a brand specialized in high quality garden tools, comfortable and easy to use. Your garden sprinkler performs an efficient and fast 360 ° rotating watering, which helps save water and time in the process.

To save water, it has a patented design that adjusts the flow rate. With a standard connection mouth it reaches a range of 7.8 to 9.8 meters.

Its angle of action can also be configured for more compact areas, between 45º and 90º.

Its manufacturing material is ABS plastic, and the manufacturer guarantees that it is shock resistant. It also ensures that the sprinkler can be used as a summer game by children.


  • It has a good range of 7.8 to 9.8 meters, in a circular area.
  • Its patented irrigation system helps save water.
  • The brand expresses that it can be used as a water game for children.


  • Lack of weight can lead to instability in some cases.


In this case, Gardena presents a sprinkler that performs a fine spray of water, for an effective but careful watering with the most delicate plants.

This presentation allows you to dig into the floor with a metal skewer that comes standard, which gives you a firm and stable position. In addition, it is connected to the hose by a simple connection of standard hoses.

It can cover a irrigated area of ​​a circle of 11 meters in diameter, which represents approximately 100 square meters. The range can be adjusted by regulating the water pressure.

Its delicate spraying system makes it useful for watering freshly sown plants, provided that not much water pressure is applied.

Its small size allows it to be easily mobilized to irrigate different areas of the garden, allowing it a practical and flexible use.


  • Thanks to the skewer it brings to get stuck in the ground, it has good stability and firmness for watering.
  • Watering is done by a fine spray, especially for delicate plants.
  • The irrigation range is moderate and offers the possibility of adjusting by means of water pressure.
  • It is a fairly simple and economical device.


  • The skewer may lack robustness, and hinder the hammering on the harder ground.


The models of the Gardena Polo 280 Classic line have a similar operation between them, all are irrigation sprinklers for square surfaces, that is, the shape of their watering is a square.

Of the models in this range, 2084-20 is the one that is capable of watering a larger area, from 120 to 280 square meters. It is capable of reaching up to 18 meters, and can be regulated to reach only 8 meters. In addition, it is capable of spraying water up to a surprising 16 meters.

As is common in Gardena products, this sprinkler has a high German quality, its irrigation system has high precision nozzles, which result in a homogeneous watering and without puddles, and is made of a practically reinforced aluminum nozzle tube unbreakable.

In addition to this, it does not require maintenance because it has a fine steel filter that prevents the passage of water impurities. Similarly, it brings an ergonomic needle to clean the outlet nozzles easily.


  • It has an extensive irrigated area that can reach 280 square meters.
  • It is made with high quality materials and the irrigation tube is very robust.
  • High precision nozzles guarantee a watered without puddles.
  • It has a fine steel filter for water impurities.


  • It is a high price product, the largest in its range.


Irrigation sprinklers are very useful to keep your garden always green and beautiful, depending on the model they can do a certain type of watering or cover a certain amount of space. In addition to this, there are many different products of this type in the market.

Therefore, to know which garden sprinkler is best in relation to your specific needs, keep these tips in mind:

Consider the size and shape of your garden

As stated, sprinklers can have different forms of watering. Commonly, they water by spraying the water with a jet at a certain angle, or they turn around completely, some water directly in a circle, and others do it in a rectangular way.

In addition to this, each can offer a different range of water, of course, always taking into account the available water pressure.

So you should take into account the size of your garden to know which sprinkler can cover all or most of the surface, or how many sprinklers you can buy to cover it if none can do it on its own or if you see it better.

The thing to take into account the shape of your garden is because if it is square, for example, the square or rectangular watering sprinklers of the Gardena Polo 280 Classic line will help you to cover most of the surface.

On the other hand, if your garden has a more irregular shape, it is good to have in mind a sprinkler whose irrigation range can be adjustable, to delimit it to a certain area and not water unwanted surfaces or objects.

How much money to spend

We know that the rule is not always met that the more expensive the product, the better its quality. However, in some exceptions the sprinklers are more expensive and their materials are of better quality, such as the Polo 280 Classic 2084-20, which is expensive, but very resistant.

Thus, there are also cases in which the sprinklers do not offer a perfect and completely homogeneous watering, nor the most resistant materials, but they offer benefits when used and an acceptable quality for the price at which they are sold.

Even if they cannot water in the most uniform way or do not have enough watering range, they can achieve the desired result with a couple or more of them, as the case may be.

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