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The 9 Best Indoor Garden Kits Of 2019

An urban garden is a good way to be able to bring the countryside closer to the city and even encourage children to love nature. Below is a careful selection made by the best professionals in the field with the best indoor garden kits of 2019.


If you want the little ones in the house to learn while they play to grow their own garden in the city, this lot is perfect to get it. Inside you will find all the necessary utensils to make a small garden:  four different varieties of seeds, a bag of powerful substrate and a total of thirty biodegradable pots. In addition, this lot also includes ten labels, a practical tray and a book with illustrations and simple tips to prepare and care for a garden in a special way. Among the seeds included are lettuce, cherry and spinach.


The kit presented below is perfect for making an urban garden and has vintage finishes in high quality wood. Thanks to this pack you can create an orchard on a terrace or on a balcony,  since its size is small. In the box you will find all the necessary gadgets to grow a garden, as  well as seeds to grow strawberries, peppers, radishes and tomatoes. The wooden box includes a cover of maya, different seeds and efficient tips to learn how to make a garden easily.


This urban garden pack is a special edition for greenhouses that will be ideal to give on a special occasion. If you buy this pack you will be buying a high quality wooden box, made by hand, where to locate the garden,  three types of crops: basil, cherry tomatoes and strawberries and all with unique and quality finishes,  perfect to be able to Locate this garden in a greenhouse if it is considered necessary in the months of heat or excessive cold.


And if you want to opt for an ecological urban garden kit this is a great option since you will be able to grow basil, parsley, coriander and oregano in a simple way. It is a 100% organic pack, perfect for growing different aromatic plants that will be ideal for infusions, sauces or cocktails. The buds of these plants can be seen in just ten days and includes some practical polypropylene pots, crop seeds, pots and enough substrate to grow the plants.


For people who want to start in the world of urban gardens or in the cultivation of aromatic herbs at home this is a great option since it includes all the objects necessary to achieve it. First of all, with this kit, three sachets of aromatic seeds, lavender, cat mint, giant parsley from Italy and three totally flexible pots will be acquired, in  addition to the necessary substrate to grow them efficiently.


The culture kit presented below is ideal for growing different aromatic herbs. Among them are peppermint, spearmint, purple basil and lemon basil. It is the perfect lot for individuals and families who want to enjoy growing their own plants for use in different elaborations.  This pack includes different varieties in seed, a sack of substrate, several biodegradable pots, different labels, an explanatory manual and ten labels to be able to sow with great success.


The batch of cultivation kit presented below is perfect to create an urban garden with cherry tomatoes and is certainly a 100% organic farming option. It is a perfect pack to grow your own tomatoes that you can use with fresh pasta, with vegetables, with salads and even with rice. This pack has a capacity of 6 L and the plants will be placed on a waterproof cell polypropylene table attached to a box that will also have different drainage slots with which the irrigation water will be reused.


This home grow kit is the ideal gift to give as a Christmas detail or on other special occasions. It is a gift box where you will find everything you need to grow the money plant or any other plant you want to grow.  It includes the substrate, seeds and different practical utensils to become an experienced person in the world of vegetables or aromatics in urban gardens.


And this last option is really special because it will allow who chooses to grow their own special urban garden to make delicious mojitos as it  includes three very different crops of aromatic plants: mint, peppermint and basil. It has a specially prepared design so that plants can grow indoors or in urban environments and their finishes are of the highest quality, really modern and well cared for. You just have to open the box, prepare the garden, water it and enjoy watching as soon as the plants grow and you can prepare delicious mojitos dressed with them.


If you want to start growing vegetables or aromatic plants at home, then you will find a large number of interesting tips to achieve this. Although creating an urban garden from scratch may seem difficult at first, it can certainly be achieved if some practical advice is followed.

When choosing to grow an urban garden at home, a wise decision is being made since it will certainly be possible to eat better and in a much more ecological way, since having only one square meter cultivated can produce 20 kilos of food per year. . In addition to an entertaining and perfect hobby to introduce children to the world of agriculture,  urban gardening is also a great option to stop buying fruits and vegetables, since you will have your own organic foods, much tastier , to be able to prepare all your recipes.

The first thing to keep in mind when creating a zero garden at home is that it will not matter if you have experience or not, or if you lack space, because with very little you will get to have your garden. First you must check which is the container in which you are going to plant your vegetables or aromatic. There are many cheap indoor garden kits that come with your own, but otherwise you have many options. You will be able to use everything from planters to cultivation tables, through pots, pallets or vertical gardens.  When choosing the ideal container, consider the space you have, the use you want to give to the garden, what you are going to plant and how much money you want to spend.

Cultivation tables are an interesting option because they are used to create orchards on terraces or patios without disturbing too many and it will be easier to work with them, making them suitable for people with low mobility. You can find tables for growing metal, plastic and even wood. Vertical gardens on the other hand are ideal for very small areas, such as balconies, in which other types of urban gardens could not be located. Pots are also a very good flexible option in terms of space and require a fairly small investment. You can also choose planters, somewhat longer and practical to locate different crops in one place. When choosing where to locate the garden, it should be assessed that it is an area where the light reaches many hours, and directly.

As for plants and seeds, it should first be noted that any type of plant is going to be cultivated, but the choice of one or the other will depend largely on both the tastes and requirements of each person and their level of experience . Thus, you can make orchards of different vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce even cabbages and cucumbers, and even aromatic plants.  You should also take into account the time of the year when you are going to start cultivating.

With regard to the substrate, it should be noted that it is the soil or rather the environment in which the roots of the different plants that are going to be grown are going to develop. This is where they have to absorb nutrients and that is why it is essential to make a good choice if you want to ensure the cultivation of a healthy garden.

To choose the substrate you should opt for universal substrate, ideal for pots and planters and  it should be assessed that not all substrates are worth, so it will be worth spending some more money on acquiring a good quality to not have to be fertilizing Every two for three.  If you start with a good substrate, you will not need fertilizers or fertilizers for the garden, at least at the beginning.

As for water, of course it must be said that it is a basic substance for life since it is responsible for collecting any substance, as well as nutrients from the soil, and then transporting them through the roots to each plant. That is why it is essential for a plant to develop healthy. From here, other types of products such as pest treatments or different tools should be used to cultivate,  but these will depend on both the type of crop and the situation and are certainly not key products for the initial phases.

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