The Best Hanging Hammocks- Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2021

The arrival of good weather makes us want to make the most of our garden, our terrace or even the days we go on excursions. This is something in which a hanging hammock has a lot of weight because it allows us to relax comfortably lying under the shade of our favorite trees while we watch time go by. Although, to reach this relaxation it is necessary to look for products with the appropriate resistance to our measurements, as well as an efficient fixing system that avoids accidents.

A model with advanced technology capable of supporting 300 kilos of weight in its fabric inspired by the construction of parachutes, in a product that you can take wherever you want. Also resistant is the SONGMICS GDC45L model, which supports up to 200 kilos of weight and changes the traditional sunbed format for an upholstered hanging chair to give you greater comfort.

Comparison chart of the best hanging hammocks

Hanging Hammock 270

  • This amazing product has been manufactured with high strength nylon, capable of supporting up to 300 kilos on its surface, with a hammock weight of just 600 grams, including straps and fastening carabiners.
  • To cite a “but”, it is necessary to take precautions during assembly so that the hammock is properly fixed to the trees or where we hang it. Especially if you plan to use it in a company.
  • A high-tech folding hammock with which to have a portable and quality system to relax anywhere.

SONGMICS Hammock with crossbar

  • It is one of the most resistant models on the market, being able to withstand up to 200 kilos of weight on its surface. Although yes, it should also see the resistance of the place where we hang it.
  • The hammock does not have the traditional design of full-length models, but in this case, it is rather a comfortable chair. So you will not be able to completely lie down while using it.
  • A folding hammock with a design where high resistance is combined with a very pleasant appearance, which will help you enjoy your garden more.

Festnight Folding Hammock

  • With this hammock, you will not have to worry about looking for trees or resorting to complicated assemblies since it includes the necessary fabric and support to install it anywhere and autonomously.
  • Since the fabric is made of black Oxford fabric, it offers good resistance but has the disadvantage that when it is sunny it tends to get quite hot. So you better always have her in the shade.
  • A folding hammock self-supporting and with the support that makes it much easier to have a hammock anywhere with hardly any installation.

What is the best hanging hammock in the market?

When it comes to enjoying a little moment of calm in our garden or almost anywhere, the hanging hammock is a great company. Especially since, thanks to the evolution that these products have had, today we can find news of all kinds with which to reduce the risks of accidents and increase the durability of the product.

Products of the modern line that you will find in a simple way with our guide to buy the best hanging hammock, which we present below.

What is the best hanging hammock of 2020?

When the weather is good there is nothing like relaxing in a hanging hammock. A product that always maintains the traditional design, but has also evolved in materials and presentations, which makes it more difficult to know which is the best hanging hammock we can find. Anyway, you only go looking for where you want to install it, since we have already done the hard work for you looking for the most outstanding products of the moment in this category.

Recommended Products

Hauea Verde


Main Advantage:

This model has been made with very resistant materials and large size, for this reason, it can provide comfort for two people to rest. While on the other hand, it is a fairly portable hammock because it is light and easy to assemble.

Main Disadvantage:

The ropes provided in the kit could be longer to have more versatility to mount it tied to a trunk that has a very large diameter.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

It could be the best option to rest on a picnic, since it is very light and takes up little space. Not forgetting to mention that its fabric and clothing are very resistant.


Main Features Explained


Most likely, when deciding to buy a hammock, think of it as a product that provides you with convenient use for a long time. This is partly what this model can provide you since this hammock is made of nylon fibers, which have a composition similar to that used for the manufacture of parachutes. For this reason, it is a material that supports the tension properly, being possible to load up to 300 kg.

In addition, triple seams have been used for their preparation, which prevents the pieces that make up the hammock from being separated by use. With these characteristics, virtually anyone can rest on it safely. In addition, this type of fabric is also resistant to the sun and weather.

On the other hand, accessories such as hooks that help to assemble it, are made of steel, which is a metal that can give the resistance you need when placing it.



If you want to enjoy a moment of relaxation in company, you will be interested to know that this hammock measures 270 x 140 cm, which allows up to 2 people to feel comfortable, or that you lie down to take a nap while you cover yourself with the fabric, so that undesirable insects do not enter.

In addition, because its fibers are very soft and allow the passage of air, it is a hammock that stays cool. Therefore, it could also be a good option to enjoy on the beach or in places with hot weather.


Another of the outstanding features of this model is its portability. Its weight is just 0.6 kg, so you won’t have to think twice to add it among your camping accessories.

Likewise, the possibility of folding in a small package of only 23 x 14 cm, allows you to take the hammock where you decide, without taking up too much space or else, managing to store it anywhere in your home without getting in the way.

On the other hand, it is very easy to assemble, since it also includes 2m straps, which you can tie to various objects, such as a column or a sturdy trunk.

It should also be noted that because its fabric is not absorbent material if it gets wet, it will dry quickly so you can use it again.




The SONGMICS GDC45L model is another interesting novelty in the products we have analyzed. In this case, we talk about a hanging hammock chair, made of high-quality materials that can support 200 kilos of weight on its surface.

A resistance that is distributed in a wide space supporting on a wooden crossbar of 90 centimeters, from which come the different strips that hold the chair and those that serve to hang it. Something that makes the installation process even easier, where surely the most difficult thing is to choose the place where you want to hang it.

All this in an upholstered and very comfortable model, where you will surely see the hours go by almost without realizing it. And if we add an adjusted price to all these characteristics, we would almost be facing the best hanging hammock in the market price.

SONGMICS could be the best brand of hanging hammocks available in the market, thanks to the level of comfort and resistance that it offers you with each model and this product is a good representative of it.



A hanging hammock made of really resistant and durable materials capable of supporting up to 200 kilos of weight on its surface.


The crossbar is made of wood and has a length of 90 centimeters. It should be noted that different strips come from it that hold the chair properly.


With this hammock at your disposal, you will have the opportunity to choose among so many places the most appropriate for assembly, this being an easy and simple task to carry out.



Unlike other models available in the market, this hanging hammock only offers space for one person, its use being very limited.


Independent Festnight


The Festnight folding hammock is another interesting model that we wanted to highlight. The main cause is that we speak of an independent and supported model, which does not need trees or other elements for assembly.

For this, it is enough to deploy the structure that is part of the hammock, extend and secure it in a level area and almost immediately you will have it ready to rest.

A safe and comfortable individual folding hammock, thanks to the Oxford fabric with which it has been manufactured, which you can take almost anywhere since its weight barely exceeds 4.5 kilos.

This does not prevent it from supporting up to 120 kilos on its surface, offering a total area of 2.45 meters long by 80 meters high and a height of 70 centimeters. Very suitable, therefore, so that you have the comfort you deserve.

If your goal is to acquire the best hanging hammock of the moment, then you must take into account some characteristics of its design to determine the functionality it could offer you.



This model differs from the rest by being totally independent and with its own support. This being the case, you will not need a tree to carry out its assembly.


The assembly is a simple task to carry out where you just have to deploy the structure properly and extend it until you get a level shape for its use.


As for its manufacture, this hanging hammock has a special Oxford fabric that barely confers a weight of only 4.5 kilos. So your transportation would be easy and convenient.


The dimensions of this hammock are 2.45 meters long, 80 centimeters wide and 70 centimeters high. It is also capable of supporting a total of 120 kilos of weight.



For some users, the fabric available in this hanging hammock is a bit hot. Therefore, it is not recommended for use during the summer season.




If you do not want to feel alone in your folding hammock, it is necessary to have a product with the dimensions and the load capacity necessary to be accompanied. And the SONGMICS GDC22L model includes all this and more.

A product that has manufacturing that mixes cotton and polyester with a weight of 320 grams per square meter, with which to obtain a total load capacity of up to 300 kilos.

A reinforced resistance thanks to the manual manufacture of the ropes of its ends and the quality of its crossbars, which better distribute the weight during use.

Something that does not affect its portability since the product is still light and easy to fold. And so you do not worry about comfort, the hammock includes four small pads with which to be even more comfortable.

Knowing which hanging hammock to buy will depend largely on the design it has in its structure or even the manufacturing material included during its elaboration.



The manufacture of this hanging hammock has a cotton and polyester blend with 320 grams of weight per square meter. On the other hand, it offers you a capacity of 300 kilograms of weight.


This model is very light, as well as easy and comfortable to fold, so its portability will be simpler than it seems.


The hammock is supplied with four special small pads so you can rest comfortably.



Some users comment that this hanging hammock does not include the necessary tools to carry out its assembly, so you must purchase them separately.


Ampel 50057


In our selection of the best folding hammocks of 2020, we could not miss the traditional cut model represented, in this case, by the folding hammock Ampel 50057. A product with the usual design, with measures of 2 meters long by 120 of width and a total load capacity of 120 kilos.

The product has been manufactured with high quality and resistant textiles, finished in two Chinese cherry crossbars from which the fasteners that end in two steel carabiners emerge, which give extra security to the assembly.

A product that comes in three different sizes, depending on what you need, as well as in four colors to choose between white, gray, blue or a beautiful multicolored model. Everything to adjust the product to what you like to dress your garden.

If you are one of those people who enjoy relaxing comfortably in the garden under the shade of a tree, then you must acquire a hanging hammock where you can carry out such an action.



The measures available in this hanging hammock are 2 meters long and 120 centimeters wide. Likewise, its capacity is 120 kilograms.


The hammock is equipped with two Chinese cherry crossbars that give it unconditional security at the time of assembly.


This model is available in three different sizes for you to choose one of your choices.


It has a design like no other available in our list of recommendations, with a traditional and attractive cut in view of anyone.



To mention a fault about this hanging hammock, it is important to note that it has a considerable price, which is a significant expense for your pocket.


Hauea Verde


Although it may seem strange, the Hauea model is not only one of the cheapest options we have found in the market but also has features to be the best folding hammock of the moment.

Among them, we find high-quality nylon similar to that used to make the parachutes, with which to achieve a high resistance of up to 300 kilos of weight on its surface, which is 270 centimeters long and 140 centimeters wide, in which Two people can rest comfortably.

A product that also has a simple assembly, as it is accompanied by straps and carabiners with which to hang it on any tree.

And so that you always carry it with you, the hammock barely weighs 600 grams and folds in a size of just 23 centimeters wide by 14 high, being very portable.

Hauea has the best hanging hammock available for 30 euros. What a considerable saving for your pocket. Well, this is one of the cheapest models on the market.



This hanging hammock is made of high-quality nylon. Thus, you can enjoy a model capable of supporting 300 kilos of weight on its surface.


It has dimensions of 270 centimeters long and 140 centimeters wide. Therefore, two people could rest at the same time.


The assembly of this hanging hammock is completely simple since it is accompanied by carabiners and straps suitable for hanging in the place you prefer.


At the time of storing the hanging hammock, you can fold it, reducing its size to about 23 centimeters wide by 14 centimeters high.



Some users miss the presence of this hanging hammock available in different shades of colors to choose the one that attracts their attention.


How to use a hanging hammock

If you have a hanging hammock at home you should know that it is an ideal accessory to enjoy the fresh air in any space or place, whether in the garden or on the terrace, even on a picnic or on the beach. It is easy to assemble, once you learn how to do it, but you must make the right knots and choose the right height to avoid any fall. Next, we will explain some simple steps on how you can use a hammock and hang it safely.

Choose the right place

If you are outdoors, look for two hardwood trees that are close to each other, such as oaks, poplars, and maples, with at least 30.5 cm in diameter, the recommended distance between the two ends of the hammock being up to a maximum of 4 meters. Another alternative if you are inside the house, is to locate two nearby columns or some structure that allows you to tie the ends for installation.

Remember that the hammock is an accessory that you can carry everywhere, you can place it in the garden, on the porch, inside the house, you can take it with you on vacation, either to the beach or to your hiking trails or to the mountain, and they are light and take up little space.

Types of fasteners

You can use a pair of removable straps designed for trees, which have a fabric loop on one side and a metal ring on the other side. You can also use steel, aluminum or wooden supports, with which you do not need to make holes in the wall, they are adjustable, they can be easily folded and have great resistance.

It is not advisable to hang the hammock from the hook directly, because the friction causes it to wear and also does not allow to regulate the height, being preferable to place a rope between them.

Hang your hammock chair

If you have the chair type hammock model, do not stop to think about how to install it because its assembly is very simple. You have to look for a place where you want to hang it; get a good point of attachment, which can be on the roof, in a tree or on a beam, it is also an accessory that does not need much space and can be quickly picked up in case you do not need it anymore.

To hang this type of hammocks you need ceiling support with pins and screws that can hold a maximum weight of at least 120 kg. The pegs and screws will allow you to securely fix the support to the ceiling and if you add a chain, the pendant can be extended to approximately 2.90 m, provided you have a higher ceiling, but to hook the chair you must use some carabiners.

Maintenance and care

If you protect your hammock in an appropriate way you can enjoy pleasant breaks for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended that it be washed at a maximum temperature of 30 ° C and you can place it in an automatic washing machine or if you prefer, you can wash it by hand, especially those that have wooden separators incorporated into the hammock structure and for to dry, try to leave it stretched.

Among other methods for its care, it is appropriate to note that the idea is to preserve them from moisture, especially those hammocks made of cotton, so it is recommended that you pick up your hammock at night to protect it from night dew, and if it is wet, place it stretched To dry.

When it is wintertime, do not leave your hammock hanging outdoors, we recommend picking it up, shaking it to remove dust and store it in a clean and dry place for protection.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a hanging hammock?

A hammock is an ideal furniture to have on a terrace, the patio and even take it to the beach to hang on palm trees and rest listening to the waves. However, there are some circumstances in which it is necessary to improvise because you do not have a hammock within reach to rest. Here we teach you how to make this model that is light and portable, so it will be suitable for using an unexpected camping night in the forest.

For this, a large sheet or blanket and a pair of ropes will be useful. You should make sure that the blanket is large enough, leftover cloth over your head and under your feet. You can cut it, taking that aspect into account, but if you want to use it again as a cover, it won’t be necessary.

Join one end of the blanket and hold it with the sturdy rope making a lark-like knot, then surround the tree trunk where you will hang the hammock. This way it will hold tight. Then repeat this step on the opposite side, holding the other end of the blanket, tying its tip.

With this technique a rope will remain on the top, which will serve as a support for entering and leaving the hammock, placing a mosquito net or a raincoat.

In addition to this makeshift hammock, if you have more time or want something more elaborate you can make a conventional model, using sturdy fabric or canvas 2.3 meters by 150 cm wide and two wooden bars of 2.1 meters. You will also need a drill with an 8 mm drill and nylon ski rope.

Q2: How to install a hanging hammock?

It is important to consider where you will hang the hammock, whether it is on a brick wall or in the courtyard using trees next to each other. In either case, you should know that the hammock should be hung in its full length so that it is comfortable to lie on it, so the most appropriate high to long ratio is 1: 2. At the lowest point, the hammock should be at a height of 30 cm from the ground, while the distance between the ends to hang this should be 3 to 4 meters.

With regard to the height of the fixation, it is recommended that this be between 1.8 and 2.5 meters. You should remember that if the hammock is new, the fabric has not yet been fully stretched, so it should be installed higher so that the tension allows the fabric to expand better.

However, to securely attach to a wall, 4 screw hooks must be used for concrete or brick walls, as the load can be distributed evenly and use 8 mm pegs with more resistant screws, as well as long ones, as He wants these to penetrate almost the entire depth of the wall to give greater firmness.

Q3: How to make a hanging hammock for a baby?

Many times babies need a relaxing swaying motion to fall asleep or calm down in a time of stress and for this, you can improvise a hammock inside the crib to rock the baby.

You will only need a resistant sheet or canvas fabric, and taking it by the ends you must tie it to the crib bars, you can do it along or diagonally. The important thing is that it is well secured, therefore you should make a strong knot that supports the tension and weight of the baby. This model is very safe because if you get away from the baby for a moment and it falls, it will not hurt because it will have the crib mattress underneath.

Shopping guide

Folding hammock capacity

The first aspect that we should value when buying a folding hammock is precisely what space needs we have. And it is not the same to buy a conventional hanging hammock for a single person than to have one where we can be well accompanied without taking risks.

In general, the resistance of almost any hanging hammock that we can find in the market starts from about 100 or 120 kilos. This resistance level is suitable for individual use by people of normal size.

However, it is increasing, both in individual models and those designed for couples, which reach 300 kilos of resistance in higher quality products.

This also influences the measurements of the fabric and the rest area, which also vary depending on whether we have an individual product or not. In individual models, the width of the hammock tends to be about 80 centimeters, which increases to 150 or so in those designed for couples.

So, as a first step, decide what resistance and capacity you need and so you can create your comparison of hanging hammocks with the models that really suit.

Mounting system

Another aspect to consider before telling you about one or another folding hammock is its mounting system. A system where the most traditional formats are combined with more modern options so that you bet on the one that suits you best. A fundamental aspect that does not influence too much how much the hammock costs.

Among the conventional elements, we still have the straps and rings systems typical of the most classic hammocks. A reinforced system in order to give you greater security when assembling them.

Something that has been improved with the increasingly frequent use of carabiners, similar to those used in mountaineering. Some elements that add extra security to the assembly and better weather resistance.

But perhaps the greatest novelty we have are self-supporting models. In this case, it is not necessary to look for a tree or an area from which to hang the hammock, since it has the ability to hold itself.

For this, it has a structure where both the upper fabric and the support are included, being as easy to assemble as it can be deployed wherever you want. Ideal, therefore, to gain security and keep the hammock when you are not using it.


Manufacturing materials

We close our advice with which to find a good and economical folding hammock talking about the product manufacturing materials. Something that varies between cheaper and higher cost models, affecting both the resistance of the product and, above all, its durability over time.

Among these materials we still have the classics, such as wool or high strength cotton. Natural products that require effective treatment both to maintain their resistance and to adequately withstand the effect of being outdoors.

The good news is that these natural materials already generally include different reinforcements with which to improve the comfort and durability of the hammock.

On the side of synthetic materials, the kings are nylon and polyester. Starting with nylon, some models even use textile materials derived from the aviation industry to reduce weight and increase resistance.

Materials that also have efficient treatments to avoid losing properties over time, which reduces the need to disassemble the hammock when you do not plan to use it in a few days.

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