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The Best Hand AX – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

Having a hand ax is essential if you are one of the people who have a country house, or have trees on your property that need maintenance; Or, you enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or mountaineering. With this hand tool, we can solve obstacles and face various situations in different environments, given the versatility of their functions.


 In the market you can find different models, but when choosing a particular product you must look at the quality of the materials, its stability, resistance, and easy handling. An option highly valued by users is the Fiskars 122503 model, an ax with a powerful sharp blade and a large sturdy handle, capable of chopping large wooden logs. Another recommended alternative of the best hand AX is the Mannesmann M76530 , a practical and functional ax with steelhead and an ergonomic handle.



Comparison chart of The best hand ax



Fiskars 122503 – Slitting ax, 2.7 kg


  • This tool is recommended for intensive use and can be used domestically and professionally. Its large fiberglass handle and steelhead offers stability and provides precise and powerful cuts in one fell swoop.
  • Its price is not the lowest in our list, and for some users, this model has been a bit expensive. However, it is a high-end hand ax that you will have for many years.
  • We are facing a product that fulfills what it promises, cuts large logs with efficiency and speed; hence its score is one of the highest in the network.



Mannesmann – M76530 – Ax 600 g



  • It is a very useful product for both farm work, gardening or camping. Its head is made of polished steel and its high-quality wooden handle, which offers you cuts of firewood without much effort.
  • Some buyers recommend wearing protective gloves when working with this ax, in order to avoid any damage to the hands. However, this applies to cases when you work long hours.
  • It is a product with an affordable price and high quality. Users value it for its benefits and recommend it as a successful purchase.


Silverline HA36 – Ax with fiberglass handle (680 g)



  • This practical and functional hand ax has an economical cost, affordable to any budget. Its materials are durable and resistant, it is made of high strength steel and fiberglass, and its handle has a coating that favors grip.
  • In order to avoid any type of cut accident, the manufacturer sends this tool without sharpening. For this, you will have to spend an extra on its sharpening, or you can also do it yourself.
  • It is a resistant and functional tool, it could be your great ally for domestic work of cutting branches and small trunks. In addition, buyers appreciate its low cost.


What are the best hand axes in the market?


When we do not want to use the chainsaw and we need to perform pruning and clearing of the trees of our property, hand axes are the best alternative to quickly perform these tasks and given their great versatility, they are also very useful as safety tools and as part of a rescue team.


An ax is a hand tool that has evolved throughout our history. Its appearance dates from prehistory when the first men made it with wood and stone, in order to hunt or as an instrument of struggle. Later the bronze, iron and steel axes appeared. Today, the market has a great diversity of formats, sizes, and materials, so that you can find the product that best suits your needs and your budget.

Before buying an ax, it is important to consider some important parameters depending on the work you are going to do, the idea is that you find the most suitable tool for your work. In a comparison of hand axes, the length of the handle is a fundamental aspect to take into account; to make branches or make splinters, a 40 cm handle could be used. While to cut large logs in an intensive way, it is best to look for an ax with a handle of 80 to 90 cm, depending on the height of the person.

Although the vast majority of axes have a head made of steel, the handle can vary its materials, the most common being wood and fiberglass; Both offer strength and durability. Also verify that the ax has a solid and stable construction, that the head and the handle offer balance and stability, in order to provide safe and easy handling.


What are the best hand axes of 2020?


Recommended Products


Fiskars 122503


This hand ax is considered by many users as one of the best of the moment. It is a high-end product, to be used at an intensive and professional level, and you can take it without any risk anywhere since it includes a plastic protector for the sharp blade.

This model is equipped with a head made of carbon steel, at one end it has a blade with a large edge, capable of cutting wood logs with a diameter greater than 30 cm in one stroke. Its weight of 2.7 kg does not represent any problem and users confirm this in their reviews when they say it is a comfortable and easy to handle tool.

It has a large handle made of fiberglass, with a non-slip coating that favors the secure grip and its total length is 91.5 cm. This size combined with its sharp blade, favors the cutting of firewood in a quick and simple way, even if they are large wooden logs.


Mannesmann M76530


If you like to embark on the adventure and take your rescue team in case the night surprises you, this ax model could be your great ally when it comes to making your way or lighting a fire. It is a versatile tool since at the same time it can help you with pruning work in your gardens and clarifying branches.

It is a reliable and robust ax, its handle is made of soft and resistant wood, with an ergonomic design that facilitates a comfortable grip. In addition, its head is secured with a wedge that gives the tool safety and stability.

It is an ax designed to cut in an efficient and comfortable way. For this it has a sharp blade designed in high-quality steel, which penetrates the wood easily, to offer you cuts of firewood and branches without making much effort.



Silverline HA36

If you are looking for an efficient and safe tool to perform your work of cutting branches, shrubs or garden pruning, this ax model could be what you are looking for. It is a product made of materials resistant to wear and tear, for this it has a head designed in hardened steel, which provides durability and efficient cuts.

With regard to the handle, this is made of fiberglass and lined with polypropylene, which favors a comfortable and safe grip. For its part, the structure has a perfect balance between the handle and the head, in order to avoid the annoying vibrations after each blow.

It is a recommended tool for domestic work, such as cutting small logs for firewood; It could also be very useful when you go camping or hiking.


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