The 5 Best Garden Water Hoses – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

Because of its variety of uses, the best garden water hoses is an essential implement in the home, since it allows both watering and washing, among other uses. Although it seems an easy tool to choose and buy, we recommend you to consider some aspects before deciding on a particular one, such as the length of it, which will depend on the distances in which you need to use them; there are hoses ranging from 3 to 30 meters.

There are also plastic tubes or woven mesh and even with holes, ideal for watering. Among the favorite hoses by users on the network, we can recommend the Hozelock 2415R0000, considered one of the best in the current market, for its resistance and length of 25 meters. In addition, it has a device that allows keeping it tidy and free of folds, protected from weather conditions. Another notable hose is the Kärcher CR 3.110 , which has a rotating nozzle with various types of jets, 12 meters in length and includes a reel that allows it to be stored and handled easily.

Comparison Chart Of The Best Garden Water Hoses

Hozelock - Compact Reel compact reel with 25 m hose and all accessories - ready for use

This is the best on the list for its size and diameter of water outlet, in addition to bringing a hose reel that facilitates its use.

Some users consider that if the hose is not fixed it is not very useful since it falls easily when pulling the reel, but its adaptation to the wall is very simple.

With 25 meters long and high strength materials, this hose is perfect to reach almost anywhere you want to use. It has 2 1 ”/ ¾” and ½ ”tap connectors to fit the size of the home.

Kärcher Compact hose holder CR 3.110Balcony (2.645-210.0)

• The diameter of the hose is one of the unfavorable characteristics that buyers see for offering a reduced water outlet, but it is ideal for household chores.

• Due to its length of 12 meters, this hose is ideal for home use. It is made with high quality materials that makes it flexible, in addition to bringing a crank for collection. It offers a variety of color, choosing between yellow and black.

• Due to its flexible length and easy storage, the Kärcher CR 3.110 is considered an excellent option when buying a hose for household chores.

Sanifri 470010050 - Hose (20 m, cold and heat resistant, 1/2 ") [Imported from Germany]

• Because of its value for money, this hose is one of the best options that we present in our list of products, since it guarantees quality and economy.

• The diameter of the water outlet is considered by many as a disadvantage, but the same, due to its pressure of 30 bar, allows a constant flow that facilitates the work to be done.

• Made with a soft and flexible material, with a non-twist system and knitted insulating fabric, it offers quality and duration over time. It measures 20 meters, which makes it useful for almost all types of cleaning or irrigation tasks.

The 5 Best garden water  hoses – 2020 Reviews

A hose is an essential tool for your garden if you have plants or flowers to water frequently, or in your garage, if you usually wash your car. These can be of different sizes or styles, but the important thing is that you choose the one that best suits the characteristics of what you need.

Among the characteristics that you must take into account to determine which is the best water hose for you, you must keep in mind the length, because the greater the distance it loses pressure; as well as its diameter, which determines its ability to spray water; and other features and accessories such as a collector or its flexibility. To help you choose, here is a summary of the best garden water hoses of 2020 according to users and sales volume.

  1. Hozelock Reel Compact Reel with 25 m

Main Advantage:

This hose model stands out for its great comfort and ergonomics. It comes integrated into a practical hose carrier car with a winding lever, which allows it to be protected and well wound, avoiding tangles and bends that damage the hose and reduce its useful life.

Thus, you can install the car on a wall or take it wherever you need and simply deploy the hose, 25 meters in length, and when finished using it simply rewind it easily with the built-in lever. This is an excellent advantage to facilitate your washing or irrigation, and keep the product in good condition for longer.

Main Disadvantage:

After having made a careful review of the comments and reviews on this model through the web, we could not find any negative reviews or significant disadvantages, so we can determine that it is a product of excellent quality and performance, which We highly recommend.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

Thanks to its practicality, comfort, and ease of use, this hose model is one of the best in the current market, with an excellent valuation by buyers, and a remarkable value for money.

Main Features Explained


The most outstanding feature of this hose model is that it is integrated into a practical solid plastic hose carrier car, which keeps it stored and rolled correctly, it is not necessary to take it out for use since unwinding and winding are very simple. The car can be installed comfortably on the wall thanks to its integrated threads, or simply take it where you need it since it has a top handle.

The hose has a total length of 25 meters, which is sufficient for your household chores, such as car cleaning, yards, garages, garden irrigation, among other uses. The winding is very simple, it is done simply by turning the handle incorporated into the car.


This model integrates a series of accessories, whose purpose is to facilitate its use and installation, in the various tasks you can perform. In addition to the hose of 25 meters in length and 12.5 mm in diameter, it incorporates a practical nozzle to achieve a more powerful and precise jet, which will also allow you to perform car wash, patios, walls among other uses, in addition, to achieve even greater reach in the tasks of watering gardens and orchards.

It also integrates several connectors for various types of faucets, and connectors for installation on the wall. All this is to make its use and installation easy and appropriate to your requirements.


Many buyers have highlighted in the specialized websites, the excellent quality of the hose, made of flexible but very resistant plastic, which reduces the risk of bending and entanglements that reduce its usefulness and durability.

Also, the hose carrier carriage is made of solid plastic, which allows it to be stored safely, without fear that it may break and be damaged during everyday use. Thus, you will always have your equipment safe and organized, avoiding having it scattered among the bushes of your garden or patio, as is usually the case with conventional hoses.

  1. Kärcher CR 3.110 Compact Hose Holder

 This reel hose model that comes in black and yellow, has a length of 10 m of a hose and 2 m from the tap to the reel.

It is much shorter than other similar products, however, you should take into account that the water pressure decreases as the length increases, so the idea is to buy a hose that is long enough to reach the necessary places, you do not need plus. If you have a patio or a small garden this model is ideal for you.

In addition to that, its nozzle is variable jet and offers 3 modes: closed, sprayer and jet with pressure that changes between them as you turn it and has a very practical crank collection system that allows you to save time when you finish using it and you have to keep it to protect it from the sun. It also includes a faucet adapter and has a safety system to prevent the loss of water in case the nozzle is broken.

For those who plan to make a purchase according to a maximum amount, and look for the best garden water hoses for 50 euros or even less, here are the pros and cons of the Kärcher CR 3.110.


Nozzle: The main nozzle is rotatable, so you can turn it to obtain various types of jets, and use the one you consider most appropriate.

Size: It is the right size for a small or medium area, about 12 meters long.

Storage: You can store it in a comfortable way and without taking up much space because it includes an ideal reel for this task. It is saved manually, but it is not too difficult to do so.

Accessories: It incorporates various accessories that help to improve the experience when using it, such as an adapter for taps, and the support to place the storage reel.

Lightweight: Because it weighs only 2.7 kg, it is very easy to handle hose, so it will not be a problem to use it in a long day of irrigation or washing.

  1. Sanifri 470010050 Hose 20 m

 Among all the features that place this model among users as the best option for a drip irrigation hose, the main one could be that compared to the others, it is made with materials of much more quality and technology.

This hose comes with a length of 20 m, in yellow and with a patented NTS system (No Torsion System) that basically guarantees you that it will not twist, or make those knots so annoying, nor will it narrow, causing you to have than replace it shortly after buying it.

Although it does not include as many accessories as other models shown here, without a doubt that its 1/2 ”diameter PVC pipe offers a good power of 30 bar of pressure, so you can reach those places a little higher or further away from your position, through its soft and flexible hose.

In addition, its 30-year warranty is not a small thing, they give a lot of reliability regarding its quality and useful life.

The Sanifri 470010050 has a good reputation among users, as it has been considered the best brand of hoses, so we present its advantages and disadvantages.


Resistance: It is a robust hose made of PVC, which gives it a long service life and at the same time makes it very resistant to various environments.

Length: It offers a length of 20 meters, so it is ideal for large areas such as gardens and sheds, where a high level of reach is required.

Pressure: It has 30 bars of pressure, which allow the water flow to be quite high and therefore, provides a good experience when using it.

Multipurpose: Due to its resistance level in spaces with high and low temperatures, it has different uses in different environments, which is very useful.


Weight: As it is a fairly robust hose, it can be very heavy in some cases and therefore more difficult to handle.

  1. Todeco 23 m Extensible Water Hose

 The best extendable hose found in the market, according to users and sales. The practicality of this irrigation hose lies in its ability to extend and collect according to the user’s needs.

It should be noted that it is much lighter than traditional hoses and will save you a good time with its quick pick-up, in addition, that the space to store it will also not be a matter that brings you many headaches.

As it works by spreading the pressure of the water that comes out of the tap, you should take into consideration how the conditions of the pump in your home since are if it is very loose, this is definitely not the option for you. In addition, its appearance is quite fragile, several users claim that holes are opened or easily damaged when exposed to very intensive use or in rough conditions.

Considering that it can cover from 7.5 m to 23 m it offers you a range of variability adjustable to your needs and will allow you to successfully face any task of long, medium or short range.

If you have questions about which hose to buy, you may find an alternative in this model, whose pros and cons you can read below.


Multipurpose: You can use it in various tasks and activities, either in the garden or wash the car, without having to buy several hoses for each job.

Resistant: It is made of nylon, but at the same time it is elastic, so you will not have to replace it in an acceptable period of time.

Expandable: You can triple its initial length that is 7 meters until it reaches almost 23 meters once it has been connected to the water source, and this is very useful because it allows you to save space when saving it.

Lightweight: It is a fairly light hose that can be easily stored and easily moved from one place to another, ideal for long hours of washing or irrigation.


Pressure: Some users explain that if there is not a good level of water pressure, the operation of the hose is not very adequate.

  1. Hasendad Hose XXL Hose with Irrigation Gun

 Because of its reduced price, this product can be considered as one of the best cheap hoses available in the market.

Like the previous model, this hose is characterized by being extensible. With an extension from 5 m to 15 m it has a slightly more limited range than the previous model, but at a more accessible price.

However, some users report that the materials are of poor quality, so it is not recommended for intensive use and in case you are considering buying it, make sure you give it the best possible treatment to prolong its useful life.

As an extra, it also includes a nozzle with 7 different types of irrigation so you can choose more or less power, or perhaps a mode of irrigation, depending on what you need for each situation, a quite useful accessory.

The Hasendad Hose XXL stands out among the cheapest hoses, and as it is quite promoted by users, here are its points for and against.


Elastic: It is an elastic hose that doubles its initial length of 5 meters, once it receives the pressure of the water inside and then recovers its length when the tap has been closed.

Gun: Includes a gun with a special nozzle, which allows you to select up to seven different types of jets, depending on your needs.

Transportation: You can take it from one place to another because it is quite light and you will not get tired of holding it.

Expandable: In case you need to reach a distance greater than the one provided by the hose, you can expand it with another one, since it is designed for it.


Pressure: If the gun is closed and the water has a lot of pressure, the hose can break, according to some users, so be careful when using it.

Hozelock Reel Compact Reel with 25 m

 This product is very complete, as it brings several accessories that add a plus to the value of your purchase and that facilitate other activities related to its use within the home.

Mainly, its hose of 25 m in length and 11 mm in diameter serves to perform its function effectively, it has an extensive length although it does not have a powerful jet, perhaps due to its extension or its diameter smaller than other similar products.

It also includes a hose holder device that is the best accessory of this model. You can install it on the wall or put it on the floor, thanks to its retractable handle that will allow you to move it to the place you want without any setback, and you can also keep your equipment inside a compact housing to protect it from environmental conditions, with a function of winding by layers with which you can wind your hose in an orderly way and will save you the job of picking it up and ordering it.

Inside the package, there is also an irrigation nozzle, two connectors per hose, and a 3/4 ″ and 1/2 ″ connector for tap.

The Hozelock 2415R0000 is for many users the best garden water hoses of the moment, so we show you its characteristics so that you consider if it corresponds to what you are looking for.


Length: It is a long hose of 25 meters, which is ideal for open spaces where it is required to be at a distance from the water source.

Accessories: Includes various accessories especially nozzles to achieve various types of jet depending on what we need.

Transport: The hose box is ideal for transporting it, as it has an ergonomic handle and also serves as a support for storage at home.

Protection: It has a sturdy housing that helps to protect the hose once it has been stored.

Storage: Although the winding is not automatic, but manual, it can be done easily and without major complications thanks to the material and structure of the storage box.

How to use a hose

Hoses are very useful items in the home. With them, some activities become much simpler, faster and with less effort. They also have different functions, as they serve to clean, water, wash among many that we can find once we have them at home. Hoses can have various accessories that make them even more practical and versatile. Here we show you how to use them.

Take advantage of the meters of your hose

If the hose has several meters, it is an ideal hose to use in any place, be it the house, the garden, the garage, since you can get with it to any part or place where you need it. If on the contrary, it does not have many meters, perhaps it is ideal to have several hoses of a few meters in the places where you usually use this tool; this way you won’t have to load the hose from one place to another.

Use the accessories

In some cases, the hoses bring quite practical accessories, such as nozzles, connectors for various types of tap, connectors to fix it on the wall. If this is the case with your hose, do not leave the accessories stored in the closet or in a drawer, always keep them handy, use them and you will see how they can contribute to making the job easier and with less effort.

Take care of her

Many times we think that the hose does not need care; let me tell you yes. It will depend on it that it can last a long or short time. Of course, there are hoses made of very resistant materials; however, it is advisable to pick it up after each use, avoid being bent or stepped on for a long time, as well as avoid being exposed to the sun for long periods.

Take advantage of the hose diameter

The hoses come in different diameters; not all activities require a large diameter in your hose, so take advantage of the water flow, using it further or closer, as required and you will see that the diameter of your hose will not be a problem.

Don’t be afraid to get out of the traditional

Hoses currently usually come in colors other than conventional ones; Do not be afraid to give a different touch to your garden or garage and do not hide your hose if it comes in a color that seems somewhat different from what you are used to. On the contrary, look and give a different touch to your spaces.

Use the nozzles properly

The nozzles usually have different water flows, which can be more or less useful in a given activity; Make sure you use the right one. In some cases, there is a watering-type jet that is usually very convenient for the garden or a precise and strong jet that is very useful when washing the car, walls, patios, ceilings. Anyway, you just have to choose the right one. 

Use it in the most practical way possible

To avoid excessive and unnecessary effort, try to use your hose as intelligently as possible. If your hose has a storage reel, try to fix it to an accessible wall and at a convenient height for those who frequently use the hose. This will prevent the user from having to bend down to remove and store the hose every time he needs it.

The most popular brands

When it comes to moving water to water your garden, wash your car, your pool or whatever you need, a good hose is the best help you can have. To avoid problems such as leaks or deterioration, it is essential that you bet on high-quality products, such as those of the brands that we present below.

If there is a company that has irrigation and water movement as the key is Gardena. We speak of a company specialized in the manufacture and development of garden products that have been launching novelties that have revolutionized the market since the 1960s. Among these developments, and in relation to hoses, the so-called Click system stands out.

This system created in 1968 was a revolution on how to use and connect the different irrigation elements such as hoses, faucets, programmers and much more. The click system, present today in almost any product of this type, is a fundamental invention of this company, but it would not be the only one.

The company has continued working on the creation of all kinds of novelties, with special importance in products such as irrigation programmers of all kinds. This is a product all of them that, like their hose, are recognized for their excellent quality and resistance, which will accompany you for a long time without a single loss or leakage.

When Alfred Karcher created his company back in 1925, its beginnings were somewhat separate from what the company is today. At that time this young industrial engineer was engaged in the manufacture of all kinds of products related to industrial heating, such as furnaces for the manufacture of steel and other similar products. After the war intensifies its efforts in the manufacture of ovens and stoves as well as trucks and trailers for tractor, among others. All this to cover the needs of a destroyed country and in full reconstruction.

A line on which they would continue to work for many years until in 1974 the company began working on what would be its main product line: high-pressure cleaning systems. In this range of products, the company wears its machines with its striking yellow color and with novelties such as rotary brush systems, introduced in 1986 or milling cleaning systems in 1995 that further improve the results.

In this line of work, it is not strange because consider Karcher as one of the main manufacturers in the sector, whose hoses offer a wide resistance to work with any pressure and that will be very useful for any use you may need.

The year 1959: Hozelock company is installed after its foundation in an old airfield of Haddenham, in the United Kingdom. The task of developing a company dedicated to manufacturing all kinds of products for irrigation and water management becomes a priority that step by step would bear fruit.

In fact, its first product was a successful hose connector that would facilitate the installation, installation, and use of all types of irrigation facilities in a simple way. Something that would help the company take the necessary weight to continue improving its product range with all kinds of elements such as sprinklers, irrigation programmers and everything needed to keep the water under control.

In the case of hoses, the company would also take an additional leap with the division of a division dedicated entirely to the manufacture of high-demand industrial hoses with which to offer better results. This is a division whose knowledge effectively affects their supply of domestic hoses so that the products of this brand have an optimal professional quality at more than affordable prices.

Buying Guide – What are the best garden water hoses in the market?

For the garden, when washing the car or simply using machines such as pressure washers or purifiers in all work in which water or other liquid is involved, it is normal that we end up needing a hose. The good news is that technology has advanced in such a way that using this product is no longer the martyrdom it used to be. Although to take advantage of this technology it is convenient to take a look at our guide to buy the best garden water hoses, and with it see what advantages the current hoses have compared to the conventional ones.

Hose type

When we decided to buy a hose, until a few years ago we only had to choose the type, size, and thickness because there was only one hose: the one that was sold raw. The good news is that, in addition to this usual hose, we now have some interesting alternatives that make our work easier.

One of these novelties is the extendable hoses. These hoses extend automatically as the water enters inside, thus reaching its maximum size. This saves space and time when working with them. They are manufactured with a very resistant external cover and are usually somewhat lighter than conventional ones.

On the other hand, we have the hoses rolled on a frame or similar. These models have also evolved, having today systems that make it easier to wind and adjust the product as necessary. All this is a system free of hooks and other problems that used to have the models of yesteryear. In any case, it is another alternative to the usual hose, which, although it makes a difference in how much it costs, is certainly worth it.

Dimensions and dimensions

If we are looking for a good and economical hose, once we have decided on the type of hose we want, it is time to consider the dimensions and dimensions of the hose. Some measures that influence both the size of our garden or the place where we want to take the water, as well as the corresponding thickness of the piece.

On the size side, the options are multiple for virtually all types of hose we have discussed, both for conventional and for extendable or rolled. In fact, in the extensible models, the standard measures start from 10 to 15 meters and can reach up to 20 or 25 meters, while in the roll-up models the measures start from those same measures and can reach 150 meters, for the zones bigger.

Regarding the diameter, this should always go hand in hand with the diameter of your connections. The good news is that if this measure does not fit we can always find elements that facilitate the connection. In general, the most common connection is that of 1.5 centimeters, although if you need a greater flow of water, you can opt for models of 2 centimeters in diameter.

Storage and transport improvements

Surely this section is one in which the hoses have evolved the most. We all know how annoying it is to fight with a hose that coils, gets stuck, is filled with knots and ends up breaking. Modern storage and transportation systems make these two tasks much simpler, saving you time and hassle.

On the storage side, today it is easy to find hoses of different sizes that are mounted on transport reels, which help to extend and collect them in a simple way. And we also have the novelty of the extendable hoses, which extend as the water flows through them, also simplifying this spreading process easily. Once the water stops flowing, the hose “dwarfs” and can move more easily.

Obviously, these functions, as we have just seen, influence the ease of transport. In the case of reel hoses, these usually include handles and other elements that make it easier to carry the hose where necessary.

Extensible models usually include a carrying bag where to put it when we have finished working, to keep them protected. And finally, in simple conventional hoses, it is true that both storage and transport have also been worked to make it easier, although not at the level of the alternatives discussed here.

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