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The 7 Best Garden Tables Of 2019

If you are here, you are most likely looking for the right directions to buy the best garden tables with good judgment .

You have arrived at the right place, along the following lines I will try to give you the right tools so that you can choose with criteria which of them is the one that best suits your needs and those of your urban garden.

To this end, I have listed the best tables for an urban garden market in an exhaustive comparison where you can find, in comparative perspective, what are its defects and which its virtues.

Just at the end of the comparison, you can find at your disposal a buying guide in which I highlight some of the keys to discern with criteria what are the keys that allow you to buy the product that suits you best.

The best garden tables for urban gardens of 2018


This can be an interesting option for your urban garden, it is made of galvanized steel and is one meter and twenty centimeters high, quite portentous dimensions especially if we consider what it costs.

It emulates the shape of a shelf with 2 levels , the first where the crops will go and the second as a satin shelf where you can deposit different materials that you will use in your future urban garden.

Although in reality, the real function of the tray that you will find at the bottom, is to store all the water that is dripping every time you water the plants located at the top through the drainage holes that it has.

The assembly does not harbor any difficulty, in part thanks to the clarifying explanation that we can find in the instruction manual included in the package that comes home to you, something very much appreciated.

It is quite robust and guarantees a long service life, more than any wooden table.

Aesthetically it is not especially obtuse in sight, much less, although it is true that it is not the model with better design or with better finishes.

The most cumbersome side of this product is born from the weight of the product , its, around, 20 kilos make it difficult to move and turn its maintenance tasks into something a little more cumbersome than normal.


  • Made of an excellent galvanized steel that guarantees a longer life than most products of this type.
  • It includes two shelves, one for cultivation and one lower to accumulate the water that can drip after watering the plants.


  • Its weight limits the actions that can be performed with it, since it will not be as easy to move as the lighter ones are.


Particular product that will allow you to grow up to 18 small plants at the same time, without a doubt an economical option to carry out powerful plantations at a more than reasonable price.

In addition, it has the advantage of being light and manageable, it is less than 40 centimeters wide and one meter and 20 centimeters high, which allows you to move and interact with it to satiety without getting tired in a few minutes.

One of its strengths is its attractive design, it seems to transport us to the Babylonian gardens thanks to the visual effect that produces seeing plants coming out of a vertical trunk.

The negative part is its difficulty in illuminating the total of the plants, something more complex than it might seem at first glance, mainly because they end up darkening each other.

On the other hand, it is advisable to pay some attention to stability, since it is not entirely guaranteed between platform and platform and you may end up giving some headache.

In short, it is a very practical product to grow a wide variety of plants in a small space, highly recommended for users who have just started with urban gardens and want to achieve visible results in the short-medium term.


  • It weighs quite little and does not have exaggerated dimensions.
  • You can grow up to 18 plants at once.
  • It is ideal for all those users who have just entered the world of urban botany.


  • It may end up being somewhat complex to illuminate all the plants on the table at the same time.


This is, in my opinion, the best childrens table in the market, it is small, aesthetically graceful and very safe, perfect to start the smallest of the house in the world of agriculture.

It is made of wood, and includes a sign in which you can include the name of the boy or girl who will use the table in question.

It is not a product of great benefits, surely because the purpose of the same does not require them. Thanks to this, you can allow that price so tight that it has, in case of including great benefits it could be worth even double.

In conclusion, it is a product of limited benefits, but with an attractive and striking design that will delight children.

If you are looking for a table for your children to entertain themselves while discovering the secrets of urban gardens, this is surely the best, or one of the best, market options.


  • Made of treated wood to achieve a very attractive and striking design for the little ones.
  • It is a product designed to please the smallest of the house.


  • It does not have great advantages nor is it a portentous table.


The main characteristic of this product, and the one that makes it possible to differentiate it from the rest is the fact that it has no legs, that is, you will grow your plants at ground level.

This, which a priori might seem a negative element, will result in a much more spacious urban garden since you can quietly place a table next to the other and get to build a large garden in a somewhat smaller space.

Made of treated and high quality wood , it is able to withstand firmly both the humidity of the rain and the heat streaks that invade us in the warmest of summers.

The only thing missing is a cloth that separates the wood from the roots and filters out all the extra water that accumulates after the constant watering that you will be applying on the table.

It is convenient to transport from one place to another and can be used without problems of any kind both outdoors and indoors.

In short, it is a somewhat more groundbreaking bet, especially from the aesthetic point of view, for all those who are tired of traditional tables and orchards and want to bet clearly on something more original.


  • It has a particular design without legs that makes it stand out from the rest and impact visually.
  • It is quite comfortable to transport and move from one place to another.
  • It has been manufactured with a treated wood of optimum quality.


  • The fabric that goes between the wood and the roots is missing.


This best garden table stands out for its spectacular finishes that give it a touch of distinction over the rest of the products in the catalog.

It is made of high quality solid wood, which never ceases to amaze me because at that price I did not expect quality materials.

However, I must warn you that if you are not a user who can do DIY work with ease, this tool may not be for you.

The assembly process is quite complex, for it some certain notions of DIY are required that allow you to drill it properly to assemble the wood in the best possible way.

The instructions are also not that they help too much, although you can always turn to the hands of someone you know who can do these DIY tasks.

In it, you can plant without any problems up to 2 large plants, it is not much, but for that price you could not ask for much more.

It seems to me that it is one of the options that shines the most because of its robustness and solidity, despite being made of wood, it is in a position to guarantee a life almost as long as steel tables.


  • Made with solid wood.
  • It stands out for having a very attractive and attractive design that will delight visitors to your urban garden.
  • It seems to enjoy a long service life, probably due to its quality materials.


  • It is quite complicated to assemble if you are not an advanced user in DIY.


This particular cultivation table has taken the form of a ladder, something extremely practical to plant a variety of crops.

Aesthetically it is groundbreaking, it has been manufactured with high quality pine wood and measures one meter high.

Another point in favor is that the fabric that goes between the wood and the roots will come home, so you won’t have to buy it yourself, there is enough to fill the three steps of the table.

It is very simple to assemble, perfect for those who are starting in the world of urban horticulture.

The only thing I find against this product is that, although the wood is of enough quality, it is more than advisable to give it a layer of varnish to make it perfect.


  • It has been manufactured with top quality pine wood.
  • Bring the fabric that separates the table from the roots in the package.
  • It is perfect for newcomers in this world.


  • It is more than advisable to give a layer of varnish if you do not want the wood to wear.


This product manufactured by the German brand Herstera Garden, stands out mainly for its magnificent finishes that give it a distinguished touch and a huge degree of visual adaptation to the environment.

It is quite low, only 80 centimeters high, and also quite light , it can be moved without great difficulty from one place to another by a single person, ideal for outdoor gardens where you have a lot of instruments.

Made of solid wood with a powerful layer of white paint and varnish that gives that stately touch that many other tables lack.

The worst part is the assembly, since it is done through screws something really complex, especially if you have no notions of DIY.


  • It measures little and weighs less, it can be handled without problems by a single person.
  • Made of high quality solid wood.


  • The mounting system is based on screws, and it can be highly complex if you are not too handyman.

How To Buy The Best Garden Tables

If you have reached this point, it means that you are determined to buy an urban cultivation table, but you still do not control all the elements that differentiate one from the other.

Do not worry, for this purpose I have made this small guide that helps you discern with discretion which table suits you best depending on your circumstances and those of your garden or garden.

The peculiarities of an urban garden are so many that it is impossible to synthesize them in a few lines, therefore, I recommend you to dive between the different aspects and their possibilities so that you can choose for yourself the one that best suit you.

The first thing that you should be clear about before starting a selection process is knowing where you are going to locate the urban garden, since, depending on this variable, the type of table you should acquire will change completely.

The most important data referring to the location lies in knowing if you want to plant your garden inside a house, or, now, in a garden or garden located outside.

It is easy to find orchards intended for this purpose, whether they are indoors or outdoors, you will most likely find it explicitly in the description.

Second, look at what materials the best garden table was built with, you can find all kinds, from those made of wood to those made of steel.

Each of them has different advantages, for example, those of wood are aesthetically more striking, it is also a more ecological material than steel.

If instead you intend to opt for steel, I recommend that it be galvanized steel, as this will prevent corrosion. If it is made of steel, it should have a longer lifespan, at least in theory.

Third, I recommend you look at the finishes and accessories of the table in question. This, in addition to design or aesthetics, may have purely practical implications.

Choose one with which you identify and feel comfortable, it is quite tedious to maintain an urban garden in itself so that it does not attract you visually, it may be something that you end up regretting.


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