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Best Garden Spade Reviews Of 2019

The best garden spade reviews open the Fiskars SmartFit 1001567 model. How do we know that this product should be in the first place? We have reviewed reviews published on the Internet – many reviews show that the presented tool is solidly made and convenient. The biggest advantage is the ability to adjust the length of the shovel – this allows you to adapt the product to the individual needs of the person who is currently using it. The model is made of good quality steel.

The handle is bent at an angle of 13 degrees for precision and comfort during work. The user can, therefore, take a comfortable position, which reduces the risk of back pain. You are surely curious about what other models are on our list. Therefore, we encourage you to read our best garden spade reviews, in which the second place was taken by spade Fiskars Solid 131413. The product has a pointed head, which makes it easier to dig the ground (even if it is not moist enough). Many people emphasize that the shovel guarantees the comfort when digging, and its handle has the right shape.

Comparison table of best garden spade reviews

  • The model is functional. This telescopic spade has an adjustable shaft length, which ensures comfortable work for people regardless of their height. The head of the model, which was made of boron steel, is very durable and resistant to damage. The comfortable D-shaped handle allows long spadework.
  • People who are not used to working with such a tool may have difficulty initially hammering the spade into the ground with a specific handle. Not everyone likes to use a telescopic handle.
  • The spade is durable and can be hammered into the hardest, compacted soil. Buyers claim that the tool also performs well in demanding conditions. The shovel will work well when working in the garden and plot, as well as for slightly larger excavations.
  • It’s a spade with a fairly innovative look and construction. Sharpened and hardened edge makes working with the tool very effective, even when the soil is quite dense. You can replace the shovels in the shovel and match it perfectly to your height. The spade is constructed so that it does not burden the spine.
  • People who are not used to the semi-circular shape of the head may at first find it difficult to use this accessory for its intended purpose. The spade is not suitable for excavating large areas.
  • The model is designed for cutting off and leveling lawn edges. The head was covered with duroplast, which protects it against corrosion. A large screw connects the spade to the handle, which ensures a solid construction.
  • This product works well both in the home garden and on the plot. The device’s head, made of hardened steel, will cope without problems, e.g. with roots. Thanks to the sharpened spade edge, we can easily get rid of unwanted roots.
  • Some say that this model is not suitable for heavier work, e.g. digging in clay. The head is quite narrow, which means that large excavations would certainly take quite a long time to use.
  • It is an ideal product for women and beginners in the field of gardening. It is light, easy to maintain and does not take up much space in the shed. Gentlemen who need a tool for lighter work will also be pleased with this shovel.

The best spades best garden spade reviews  in 2019

Spade is a reliable gardening tool. It must be solid and functional. That is why we decided to make a list containing the most interesting spade models available on the Polish market. They differ in their purpose, construction, size, and price, so you will definitely find equipment that suits your needs.

Our recommendations for a best garden spade

The Fiskars FS131300 model came first in our ranking. It is a functional gardening tool characterized by ergonomics, as well as high quality and functionality.

It is a telescopic shovel with an adjustable handle length, which ensures ergonomics and comfort during work. Such a tool can be used by different people regardless of height. The product head is made of hardened boron steel.

Such material is irreplaceable when digging in heavy soil – even when it comes to stones, very hard surfaces or roots, it will not get dull. The shaft length is adjustable from 1050 mm to 1250 mm. Its angle of inclination is 130 degrees. The width of the head is 190 mm.

The full product weight is only 2 kg. This product has a comfortable plastic handle in the shape of the letter D. This best spade is valued by consumers for the quality of workmanship, functionality, and above all a sharp and efficient head.

The Fiskars SmartFit 1001567 spade weighs 1.9 kg. The product length can be adjusted from 105.4 cm to 125 cm. The head is made of boron steel.


  1. Free length adjustment: Users can easily adapt the tool to their height. The adjustable spade (105.4 cm to 125 cm) means that every family member can use the model.
  2. Execution: The product was made, among others made of durable boron steel. Thanks to this, the model shows high resistance to damage, which guarantees a long life of the tool.
  3. Convenience: Comfort when using the spade is affected by the right shape of the product. A well-shaped handle, as well as a well-balanced center of gravity, make working with this tool pleasant.
  4. Head shape: Due to the fact that the head is pointed, the shovel easily sticks into the ground. This facilitates e.g. digging deep pits.
  5. Weight: The product weighs 1.9 kg. Due to the fact that it is light, it does not put a heavy load on your hand. As a result, the user does not have to take too frequent breaks due to fatigue.


  1. Shaft: Some people noticed that the surface of the shank shows scratches. However, this does not affect the comfort of use.

Fiskars Szpadel Solid 131413 is a high-quality, durable model that works well on any plot. This is the second product on our list from a well-known manufacturer of tools for home and gardening. The tool head is made of hardened steel, making it highly resistant to damage.

It even copes with very hard, resistant soil. This model has a comfortable D-shaped handle made of plastic, which provides us with comfort and ergonomics.

The tool is intended for digging as well as removing roots, which is possible thanks to the sharpened edge. The tabletop of this equipment has the support that ensures more efficient work. It is functional and durable equipment, whose reliability is confirmed by users. Like other Fiskars tools, it is considered to be high-quality equipment.

The angle of inclination of the handle is 26 degrees, the dimensions of the spade are: length – 1170 mm, width – 180 mm, and its weight is 1820 g. Users of this product agree that it is a solid, functional model with a great price/quality ratio.

The Fiskars Solid 131413 spade has the dimensions: length – 117 cm and width – 18 cm. The product weight is equal to 1.82 kg. The model was made, among others of steel.


  1. Shape: The spade has the right shape – both the handle and the handle are well-shaped. This ensures precision during use.
  2. Head: The shovel has a sharp end, which makes working with the presented tool easier. It should also be emphasized that the sharp head was made of good quality steel.
  3. Convenience: In the opinions of many people there is information that the product is convenient to use. All thanks to the well-profiled handle that allows you to take a comfortable position during work.
  4. Shaft and head connection : The strong weld connecting the shank to the head is a guarantee that the mentioned elements are well attached to each other. As a result, there is no fear that the product will be damaged, which would prevent its use.


  1. Material covering the handle: Some Internet users point out that the material from which the handle is made is not pleasant to the skin.

Rank #3 : Truper 31178 Tru Built Drain Spade

Topex 15A020 spade is another product worth attention. It is intended mainly for garden and construction works. Its head is made of high quality hardened steel, so it won’t be damaged even during intensive work.

In addition, it has a sharp tip, so it is also ideal for hard ground. In contrast, the spade shaft is made of profiled steel pipe and covered with solid plastic.

This best garden spade has a plastic Y-shaped handle. The whole ensures a firm grip. The product is stable in the hand, which increases the comfort of work. Opinions about spades are very flattering.

The products of this brand are valued for the quality of workmanship, ergonomic construction and sharp finish ensuring high performance. Product dimensions are: overall length – 120 cm and width – 19 cm. Consumers appreciate the quality of workmanship and sharp ending, which copes even with hard soil.

Topex 15A020 is a product with the following dimensions: length – 120 cm and width – 19 cm. The model is made of hardened steel.


  1. Purpose: The shovel will be suitable for various garden and construction works. This ensures that the product will be used in many cases, and thus it will prove useful.
  2. Head: A pointed, solid head improves comfort as well as facilitates work.
  3. Shaft: Noteworthy is the metal shaft showing high resistance to distortion. This element is firmly attached to the head.


  1. Shank: Some people emphasize that the quality of the shaft is not the best. There is a risk that the handle will be damaged relatively quickly.
  2. Design: A certain group of consumers did not like the design of the tool – it is mainly about the yellow element, which according to some people does not fit the whole.

Rank #4: Spear & Jackson 4450DS Traditional

If you are interested in purchasing a shovel available at an attractive price, read the description of the model Yato Yt-86804. It is a product with a sharp end. This makes garden work such as digging the ground or digging pits easy (you do not need to use too much force, which reduces fatigue). The tool has black color and red elements.

The length of the presented shovel is 120 cm and its weight is 2.5 kg. The product has a steel handle. In order to ensure an adequate level of comfort, plastic was placed on the handle. The material is pleasant to the skin and additionally guarantees that the shovel will not slip out of our hands during work. Steel was used to make the blade.

Many people think that Yato Yt-86804 spade is a model that is worth buying. The product has the right shape – we do not have to bend too much back when performing garden or construction works.

Yato Yt-86804 is a good spade up to 50 dollars. The tool is made of stainless steel. The product has a black and red in color. The total length of the model is 120 cm.


  1. Handle: The rubber-covered handle provides a firm grip. This affects not only the comfort but also the precision of work. We don’t have to worry about the tool slipping out of our hands.
  2. Sharp ending: Yato Yt-86804 is a sharp spade. As a result, various types of gardening work using this shovel are easy. You don’t need to use a lot of force to drive the tool into the ground.


Weight: The product weighs 2.5 kg. Individual consumers say the weight of the model could be slightly lower.

Head: In some reviews, Internet users point out that the head does not show resistance to mechanical damage.   

Rank #5: Gardena 3149-20

Another suggestion is the GARDENA 3149-20 spade. It is a half-round model, designed for cutting off and leveling lawn edges. Due to the fact that it has a sharpened and hardened crescent-shaped edge, work becomes easier and more effective – even when the soil is quite compact.

The spade fits all GARDENA shafts, so you can easily adjust its length to your height, thus ensuring your work comfort. Each Gardena Combisystem shaft has been designed in such a way as not to burden the spine.

The spade is made of high-quality steel, which has been coated with corrosion-resistant duroplast. The product is covered by a manufacturer’s 25-year warranty, which confirms its reliability and high reliability.

As consumers note, this is a decent, ergonomic tool that you adjust the handle yourself. The set includes a large fastening screw that guarantees safe and stable connections between the spade and the handle. This product is considered reliable and efficient.

The Gardena 314920 semi-circular spade is made of steel and covered with duroplast. It is recommended to buy a 130 cm long handle for the product.


  1. Easy joining: The presented spade is one of the combisystem tools. This means that the product can easily be connected to the shaft – all you need is to use a clamping screw. The elements tightened in this way are stable.
  2. Execution: The model is made of good quality materials. Steel in combination with duroplast guarantees that the spade will not be damaged too quickly.
  3. Warranty: The shovel is covered by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. We can be sure that the product will serve us for a long time. It is worth adding that the model has received many positive consumer reviews – users confirm the solid performance of the tool.


  1. No handle included: When buying a Garden spade 314920, we do not get the necessary handle. Hence, the need to buy this element, which is known to take time.

Rank #6: Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade

Romanik 46217 drainage spade without a handle is our last offer. It is a Polish product made of high-quality materials. Its dimensions are: blade width – 115 mm and height – 425 mm, and its weight is 2 kg. This product is sold complete with a solid wooden handle.

This good and cheap spade is perfect for various cleaning tasks around the house. Due to the wooden handle, however, you should avoid using a shovel to dig very hard soils.

This product is very solid and easy to use. It has a simple, classic structure, and therefore provides us with comfort. Consumers highly rated the attractive price of the product and its attitude to the quality of the tool.

In addition, in their assessments, they will say that this is extremely light equipment that holds well in their hands.

What best garden spade to buy?

Shopping guide

The most versatile tool in the garden is certainly a spade. With its help, you can easily dig up and replant the plant, cut the roots and dig a pit under the pond. However, to make such equipment easy and pleasant to use, you need to choose the right model to suit your needs and expectations. Therefore, we have prepared a guide that will certainly answer the question – what spade to choose.


There are many types of shovels available in stores. Each of them has different construction, engraving end, handle length or weight. Such tools also have various uses. For this reason, we divide the shovels into:

Spicy – they are primarily used to remove tufts of grass and cut roots. What’s more, the sharp end of the engraving makes digging the ground faster than before. The medium length of the handle ensures that the tool is well balanced so that your hands do not get tired during work. The handle is D-shaped, which makes it very comfortable. In addition, there is support on the very top of the spade for even easier digging.

Simple – these are tools that have a right-angled Seatpost. This shovel is therefore ideal for digging and planting. Perfect for grass removal. It is not suitable for removing roots. The tabletop has special support that makes work more efficient. The tool has a D-shaped handle, which ensures comfort during work.

Nursery – these are the most universal tools. The shape of the etch is something between a sharp and straight spade, so it is suitable for transplanting, as well as removing roots and digging. The shaft length is optimal, which is why it will work even during prolonged work.


This is the most important element in the construction of each spade. Its ending can be pointed, flat, or slightly pointed. It is worth choosing a tool suitable for the activity that we intend to perform. The pointed spade is the most convenient, it easily penetrates turf or compacted layers of soil. However, if you are digging a pit and want to load more material, choose a simple model.

Execution – which spade is the best?

When choosing a spade for our garden, it is necessary to pay attention to its implementation. We are talking here not only about the shaft but also about the engraving itself. Each element of building such a tool plays an important role in performing physical work and affects its efficiency. Therefore, for digging, the best profile is made of aluminum or carbon fiber.

Such materials are very light and give the opportunity to work in the garden for longer without straining your back. When it comes to more precise classes, i.e. replanting plants, it is better to opt for a tool with a wooden or metal, straight handle. With such a tool it will be easier for us to get into the hard, hard ground without much effort. When it comes to engraving, the best one is made of hardened steel. It is very resistant to mechanical damage, corrosion, and other external factors.


The best spade is one that will facilitate our work in the garden and make it even more pleasant for us. That is why so much depends on the handle itself. It is worth paying attention to models whose end cap resembles the letter D. Such a tool gives us the opportunity to perform more precise work. On the other hand, the T-shaped handle allows you to use a lot more force, so it’s great for digging.


The effectiveness of our work depends primarily on the tool we use. Not only the quality of its performance is important, but also its weight and balance. That is why a good spade is one that is light enough for any person to lift, regardless of their gender or strength. It is worth remembering that digging with such a tool consumes a lot of energy and time. What’s more, sand and roots cut with a spade increase the mass of our spade. In addition, it is also good to choose a balanced model.

The point is that holding such a tool in your hand does not give the impression of being overloaded on one side. This could put additional strain on our backs and cause back pains. The standard spade weighs approx. 0.5 kg. The stores will also find much heavier tools, whose total weight often exceeds even 2 kg.


An important issue in choosing the spade itself is its framing, which consists of all rivets and joints. It’s best to choose a model that has additional reinforcements, i.e. at least double framing. Such a tool is very stable and will do great in any garden. In addition, it is also worth paying attention to the attachment of the handle itself. It is important that it is stable and does not rotate on its axis.

Spades at good prices

The price of the spade depends primarily on the material from which the individual construction elements of the model were made. We will pay about 20 dollars .for the cheapest tool. It should be remembered that it will be a poor quality spade with a single riveting. This can lead to their rapid cracking, which will result in the inability to continue working. That is why we advise you to choose a slightly more expensive model for around 70 dollars. Such a tool will guarantee effective and pleasant work in all conditions.

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