Faced with a heat wave, garden nebulizers are a good buy. Thanks to this variety of nebulizer, you can be in the garden much more at ease. And it is that during the hottest days, it is often very difficult to be comfortable even in the home garden.

Thanks to them, you can increase the humidity of your garden environment and therefore you can enjoy a more pleasant climate.

The installation of this nebulizer system is very simple, although thanks to its instructions, you will not have any problem when installing them. The pack is perfect to install on umbrellas, terraces, balconies, porches.

The nozzle of each nebulizer has an anti-drip system , with the aim of preventing puddles from forming on the ground and especially with the aim of getting 100% of the water to be used through this system.

The pack includes among other things a 15 meter pipe, 8 nebulizer nozzles and all the necessary parts to make installation simple.

It really is a very interesting alternative when it comes to fighting heat. Thanks to the humidity of the nebulizers, you can enjoy your garden much more.


 If you want to enjoy the advantages of having a nebulizer in your garden, but you are looking for something very easy to install and use , do not hesitate. With this portable water nebulizer you will have what you are looking for in a simple way.

The main advantage of this model is that it does not really need installation. You will only have to mount it, which will take you a few minutes, connect it to the water outlet and you can already enjoy its benefits.

It is a really very practical article. It has the advantage that it is not fixed, which means that if you have a medium or large garden, you can always put it where you are going to sit. In addition, its price is very economical, which makes it a very interesting alternative. The negative point is that everything is visible, but when you are not using it, you can easily remove it and save it so that it does not spoil.

If you do not want to complicate your life, but you want to enjoy the advantages of having a good nebulizer in your garden to better withstand high temperatures, this portable model will not disappoint you.



On this occasion I will recommend this shower-type garden nebulizer , through which you can get a moisture curtain. Thanks to this curtain you can significantly reduce the temperature of your garden, while you can enjoy a much more pleasant environment. Keep in mind that this model can lower the ambient temperature of your garden up to 10º and increase the humidity to enjoy a much more comfortable summer afternoon.

The kit has a tripod and a bar that allows you to set the tripod at the right height. This bar allows you to set it at a minimum height of 1.5 meters and a maximum height of 2.3 meters. This already depends on your needs.

As for the installation, I can assure you that it is an easy model to install and operate. You just have to connect it to your garden’s water hose and turn it on. In this case you can choose between only using the main tap or the main tap and the 2 secondary ones to create a larger curtain. It is a very interesting option to create a much more pleasant atmosphere and achieve the freshness that is sought in these dates.



If you are looking for comfort and do not want to perform any type of plumbing installation, surely you are looking for a water tank nebulizer to avoid having to connect it to the water outlet.

In this case the nebulizer has the function of fan, so that the water vapor will reach more distance.

The advantage of this model is that it has a 41-liter water tank, which once filled will allow you to get the current of moisture that is sought during the hottest days. Thanks to the fact that it has a water tank, it is not necessary to connect it to the pipes. This is perfect for gardens or balconies that do not have a nearby water outlet. Of course, the problem is that you have to have the tank with water to work properly. Otherwise only the fan option will work.

If you want to enjoy a slightly cooler breeze, it is best to add cold water. But if it takes a while and has warmed up, it may be a good idea to add ice cubes, which will lower the water temperature and help you enjoy a much cooler breeze.



If you found the previous option interesting because it has a deposit, this option will surely interest you. This fan nebulizer has a 3 liter water tank . The positive point is that it fills up very fast and the negative is that it ends long before the previous model.

In this case I love the design, it is very modern. This not only looks good in the garden, but you can use it in your living room without problems.

As this nebulizer has a fan option , not only can you get some air, but this air will be fresh. Perfect to get through the summer heat better. When using it, you should keep in mind that you can choose between the breeze, night or normal option, depending on your needs. In turn, it has a 12-hour timer system, which is very interesting especially at night. So after a certain time, it will turn off automatically. In addition, it has an ice department, to make the steam cooler.


To finalize the list, I end up talking about a nebulizer that you can easily install in the garden and allow you to enjoy the humidity you are looking for during the hottest months.

To perform the installation, you just have to place the nebulizer peak in a part of the garden and then connect it with the hose. So you can get a really very refreshing fog.

If you bet on creating a fog of maximum level to refresh the environment as much as possible, you should keep in mind that this involves an expense of 25 liters per hour . But if you want to spend less, then you just have to put less pressure and that’s it. To do this you just have to move the valve and so you can perfectly control the flow.

As for the height of the nebulizer, this will depend on your needs. But you can put it at the height you want, because it has a stick that is large or small according to the needs of each moment. As for the height of the jet, it can reach a height of up to 10 meters, perfect if you want to create a moisture curtain to cool your home and be able to sleep better at night.


If you are clear that you want to lower the temperature of your garden through a nebulizer, I recommend you read the following tips. Through these tips you can buy the model that best suits your needs. So you can rest assured that you are making the best possible purchase.


What is a fogging system and what is it for?

As we have said in our introduction, these systems are made up of pipes that have small nozzles that get water spray so that the ambient temperature can  drop even 10 degrees , something that in very hot places comes very Well improving moisture and making us feel much fresher. Therefore, with the installation of a fogging system we achieve that in addition to cooling the environment, improving the air quality, since all possible particles of dust or dirt that are suspended in the air, remain attached to the water droplets and fall to the ground, making us breathe cleaner air. It will also help you keep mosquitoes at bay, who will not dare to fly under this mist.

How to install a fogging system easily

We recommend from  Fontaneros Barcelona B2B  that we will prepare all the tools very well, as well as make sure we have the whole system with us so that there are no failures. We will need a complete fogging kit, along with many flanges or staples, plugs and cutting wrenches. On the other hand, we will also have to have a meter, Teflon, a wrench and a pipe cutter tool.

The first thing we will do will be to mark all the pipes, presenting them in the structure on which they will rest, it is recommended that they be  3 meters from the ground level . We will cut the pipes according to the measurements we have made, coupling all the parts with Teflon and elbows. Once this is done, we will grab the pipes to the structure with flanges, staples and other mechanisms.

Finally we will place the cut-off key to the domestic water network. Once this is done, check that everything is well assembled and that it  works properly , so that there are no water leaks, it is recommended to do without customers or people, since a fault would put them soaked. If everything is correct, you will enjoy a fogging system that spends very little energy and much less water than you think, gaining freshness and well-being.

Types of nebulizers

If you buy a fixed nebulizer you can enjoy the advantage of knowing that just by opening the tap or pressing a button, it will start working. The only problem is that it needs a precise installation, so it will take time. The installation is really not very complicated, but since it takes time, this makes many people finally bet on the following options.

The portable nebulizer stands out for being very simple to use and for being able to carry it wherever you want at any time. To begin, the installation is not complicated at all. You just have to put the nebulizer where you want and then connect it to the hose. Once you have made the connection, you just have to turn on the tap and open the nebulizer valve. Depending on the model, this valve will regulate the flow of water with more or less power. So you can get the moisture curtain you need at all times. The only negative point of this system is that you have to have the pipe on the lawn, which will detract from your garden. For the rest, I can assure you that it is a very interesting option, without forgetting that it has a very economical price.

Another option is to bet on the alternative of the fan with nebulizer. This option stands out because it can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you bet on this option, you should always buy a powerful fan and a model that has a large tank to avoid having to continually fill your tank. To see which model suits your needs, it is important that you look at the tank and look at the consumption of liters of water that it has at the time. Moreover, it may be a good option that includes a special ice deposit. This way you will get the humidity that comes out of the fan to be cooler or what is the same, you will be able to lower the ambient temperature to quite a few degrees. Keep in mind that a good nebulizer can lower the temperature by up to 10º. This way you will be cooler during the hottest months.

When choosing a nebulizer or another, you must take into account its design and especially its water consumption . Not all models have the same flow. If you just want to have a soft curtain, either buy a model with a small flow or buy a nebulizer that allows you to regulate the power. Personally I recommend this last option.

If you buy the portable nebulizer make sure that it can be connected to the irrigation hose without problems and does not need a special pipe, in which case it would force you to make a higher expense in case it is not incorporated in the pack. Within this type of nebulizer you should see how it is placed on the garden and especially if it can create a curtain of humidity or high or low fog. The goal is to get you to sit in your garden and be really at ease. Once you try it, you will realize that you have made a good purchase. It is really very comfortable to see how the temperature drops to many degrees and in turn the humidity increases creating a much cooler space than the rest. If you want to enjoy the summer more, this little article will come in handy.

Once you are sure which model you want to buy, the next thing you should look at is where to buy Personally I recommend you buy the nebulizer online to enjoy the cheapest possible price. Through the internet you will not only have at your disposal the widest range of models to choose from, but you can also enjoy the best prices. If you do not want to pay more money due for the same, make your purchase online and start saving.

Finally, I want to remind you that it is important to correctly position the nebulizer in order to enjoy all its benefits. If you put it in a place too far away, the humidity may not reach you correctly and therefore you cannot enjoy its freshness. Moreover, the foggers used to be sold mostly in the south of the country, but as summers are getting hotter all over the country, they are beginning to be sold throughout Spain. If you are thinking of buying it, do not hesitate and start enjoying its benefits as soon as possible.

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