Best garden light of 2019

We have prepared a ranking of best garden light, which starts with the presentation of Massive Lima 71421/01/30 , a high lamp with a lamp base that is mounted in the ground. The model is nice and introduces a hint of mystery to any garden. The installation of the lamp is not complicated, mainly because it is made of aluminum and thus is light. The equipment distributes the light evenly ad at the same time illuminates a large patch of garden.

Users like the lighthouse being well made. It is resistant to moisture, water and various types of dust. You do not have to worry that after the first rain the model will stop working. If you have a smaller garden and are looking for a lamp that can be mounted on the facade of the house, be sure to choose Philips Cottage 15481/30/16, a retro-style lantern made of metal and glass. It’s a light source is the included LED bulb, which emits a soft, pleasant to the eyes light. It is worth adding that the model is carefully made and is resistant to external factors.

Comparison table of Best garden light

Massive Lima 71421/01/30

  • The classic lantern looks beautiful both in a very elegantly furnished garden and in a minimalistic environment. The material from which the lantern was made is resistant to the harmful effects of external factors, including low temperatures, heavy rainfall, and wind. The model not only well illuminates the surroundings, but also is an interesting decoration.
  • The equipment does not have a motion sensor that would have a positive effect on energy saving.
  • The model has IP44 protection class. The height of the lighthouse is 81 cm, which means that it is visible and illuminates the surroundings in a fairly large radius. The equipment is mains powered. The power of the light source is 60W LED.

Philips Cottage 15481/30/16

  • The lantern provides warm, milky light. The durability of the built-in light source is about 15,000. hours. The model was made of aluminum and plastic, thanks to which it is durable and resistant even to precipitation, low temperatures, and strong wind. The lamp is also dust and dust resistant.
  • Fixing the lamp must be carried out using special tools, which can be quite time-consuming.
  • The product’s tightness is IP44. The lamp has a mains supply and can operate under a voltage of 220 V – 240 V. The minimalist design makes the accessory fits almost any home.

Philips Dunetop 16254/93/16

  • The lamp is distinguished by modern design. You can easily keep it clean because there are not many decorative elements. The model emits a strong, milky white light, the intensity of which can be easily adjusted. The lamp consumes slightly less energy than other models available on the market.
  • The lamp will not look good in every garden, it fits rather in a modern, minimalist style.
  • The height of the model is 80 cm. The product has an anthracite color. The garden lantern was made of aluminum, making it lightweight and its mounting does not cause major problems.

The Best garden light in 2019

A bright garden is a beautiful haven where you can spend all the evenings. However, to get an interesting effect, we need a good garden lamp. Of course, the choice should depend on the style of the garden, but it is important above all that the model is solid and made of materials resistant to all external factors. That is why we have chosen five, in our opinion, the best Best garden light and created this ranking of garden lanterns.

Our recommendations

Massive Lima 71421/01/30

Massive Lima 71421/01/30 is a beautiful garden lantern made of aluminum, glass, and metal of the highest quality. Has input for one light source. The maximum power of the light source is 60 W, the AC input voltage is 220-240 V. The dimensions of the product are: width – 15 cm, height – 81 cm, and its weight is 1.36 kg.

This is a very classic proposition ideal for the garden. In addition, it will work as a decoration of the entrance leading to the house or terrace or balcony. It is a beautiful and inexpensive lamp resistant to external factors – moisture, frost or sunlight.

The material from which it is made does not deteriorate even under heavy rainfall or low temperatures. The device’s leakage class is IP44.

This best garden lamp is an interesting proposition that will not only brighten your yard or garden but will also be an interesting decoration emphasizing the uniqueness of this space. The product is considered solid and very versatile.

Massive Lima 71421/01/30 is a lamp 81 cm high. Its width is 15 cm, just like the length. This good garden lantern up to 200 dollar has one light source.


Durability: The lamp is resistant to external factors. Its protection is IP44. That’s why you don’t have to worry that moisture or dust will damage your equipment.

Design: The lantern looks very nice and is especially suitable for large gardens. Certainly, each of them will add elegance and make the garden look presentable.

Light distribution: Equipment distributes light evenly over a fairly large area. Just buy one lamp to be able to illuminate a large part of the garden. The maximum light output of the lantern is 60 W.

Installation: Installation of the lamp does not take too much time and is not complicated. One person can install the lighthouse without the help of a specialist. The instructions are prepared in a very accurate and simple way.

Execution: The model is solid and aesthetically made. Its dome (space for bulb) is made of glass, and the entire shaft is made of aluminum.


No motion sensor: The lamp has no motion sensor, so it lights only when we turn it on. In addition, there is no light source included.

Philips Cottage 15481/30/16

Philips Cottage 15481/30/16 is the second product that is worth paying attention to. Philips LED technology is used here to provide warm white light. In addition, this solution is energy-saving, so you do not have to worry about large sums of bills. The light source is LED 5 W 430 lm.

In addition, the durability of the built-in light source is up to 15,000 hours – with an average consumption of 3h / day and 13,000 on and offs, it gives up to 15 years of work without having to change the bulb. The materials the lamp is made of are aluminum and plastic. Thanks to this, the whole is highly resistant to damage, and above all protected against external factors.

The lamp’s sealing class is IP44. Product dimensions are: width – 25 cm and height – 28.3 cm. This product is an ideal proposal for illuminating the entrance to the garage, home or terrace space.

Philips Cottage 15481/30/16 is a lamp with an LED light source. The lighthouse is mounted on the wall, it has no base. The product is black and its interior is glazed.


Light shade: The set includes an LED bulb. It generates a pleasant, warm light that does not tire and does not hurt the eyes. It is worth adding that it is strong enough to illuminate a given part of the garden well.

Durability: IP44 protection means that the product is resistant to moisture. In addition, the lamp is resistant to dust and other dust.

Energy-saving: A test of garden lanterns showed that the accessory does not consume too much energy. You don’t have to worry that the lamp will consume a lot of power.

Design: The model looks very nice and resembles retro lanterns, popular on the streets many years ago, which adds to its charm.


Scratches: The product is susceptible to scratches. That is why it is best to place it in a place where no one has access so as not to expose the equipment to unsightly scratches.

Philips Dunetop 16254/93/16

Philips myGarden Outdoor Dunetop 16254/93/16 is a beautiful LED bar in anthracite. It looks beautiful both day and night. The device is distinguished by modern design. The lamp emits a strong, warm, white LED light – it has one light source 6.5 W. The lamplight can be dimmed.

The durability of the light source included in the set is min. 20,000 hours, so you don’t have to worry about changing the bulb regularly (though a lot depends on the consumption). The lamp consumes less energy than traditional light sources, so it means savings for your wallet and a good choice for the environment.

The product is fully waterproof, so it can stand outside for many years. The weight of this model is 2.2 kg, and its dimensions: height – 80 cm, length – 6 cm and width – 16.3 cm. The lamp’s sealing class is IP44. The product is covered by a 5-year warranty. In their assessments, consumers will emphasize that it is a solid proposition for the garden.

In addition, the very design of the product enjoys great recognition – it is simple, very modern and at the same time an interesting decoration of the garden, especially the paths or pavement leading to the door of the house.

Philips Dunetop 16254/93/16 is a garden lantern measuring 80 cm x 6 cm x 16 cm. It is made of anthracite-colored aluminum.


Design: The lantern looks very interesting, it has the shape of a curved rod. At first, you may not notice that it is a lamp because it looks quite unusual.

Execution: The model is well made. IP44 protection makes the lamp water-resistant.

Light: The lamps are illuminated at very low voltage and are therefore safe. The lantern emits a soft light that does not offend the eyes.


Light direction: The light is distributed in spots, the lamp does not illuminate a large area of the garden, so it may not meet the expectations of all consumers.

Markslojd Vera 100296

VERA – 3 100296 MARKSLOJD garden mast lamp is our fourth number. It has three light sources with an E27 thread and a power of 75 W. The dimensions of this model are: height – 2.35 m and width 60 cm. It is made of metal and glass. This product is a very classic solution for the garden.

Perfectly illuminates the space in the garden or in the yard, and at the same time is a unique decoration. We have here classic lampshades supported on a beautiful, slightly decorated base. The lamp’s sealing class is IP23 . The product is made of glass and metal. These materials are highly resistant to damage, but above all to external factors.

Thanks to this, the lamp can stand outside without fear and will not lose its attractiveness for many years. Opinions about garden lamps of this brand are very flattering. This and other Markslojd products are considered very solid. In addition, their attractive appearance is highly rated.

Markslojd Vera 100296 is equipped with three light sources. It is made of metal and glass. The dimensions of the model are 235 cm x 60 cm.


Execution: The lamp base is made of metal, which is a very durable material. The head is made of a combination of metal and thick glass that is difficult to destroy.

Light sources: The lamp has three light sources. That is why a lantern can illuminate a very large part of the garden, especially when it is not very large. The bulbs are included.

Design: The model looks very elegant. Certainly, it will suit any garden.


Aesthetics: After some time, due to rainfall and UV rays, the gray color of the lamp begins to fade.

Installation: Installation of equipment is quite complicated. A specialist may be needed to properly install the lantern in the garden.

Technolux / Nowodvorski Amur 4692

Our next proposal, Technolux / Nowodvorski Amur 4692 is a modern and original proposal. A universal combination of colors has been used here, so the lamp fits into any garden. The product is made of good quality materials that are highly resistant to external factors and damage.

The lamp presented by us has space for one light source. It is made of metal and glass. In addition, it was finished in antique gold. Product dimensions are: total height – 40 cm and depth – 28 cm. The luminaire of this model is adapted to light sources with energy classes from A ++ to E, as well as LED bulbs of any power.

The lamp’s sealing class is IP23. Consumers agree that it is a solidly made, very attractive lamp emphasizing the creation of each garden.

Technolux / Nowodvorski Amur 4692 is a model to hang on the wall. It is made of metal and glass. The degree of tightness of the equipment is IP23. The height of the lighthouse is 40 cm, and the depth is 28 cm.


Compatibility: The model has one light source. Inside the lamp, you can insert various types of bulbs, for example, LED, but the power can not exceed 60 W.

Appearance: The lantern looks very nice and stylish. Due to the retro style, it will definitely match classic-looking gardens.


Glass: Due to the use of a special type of glass in the production, the light generated by the bulb looks hazy and not strong. Not every person likes this effect, so you have to take this into account.

Finishing: Finishing with antique gold is not permanent, the paint quickly peels off.

Which Best garden light should I buy?

Shopping guide

Garden lighting is to be not only practical but also decorative. Such lamps look stylish and work well during evening garden meetings. In addition, they are also a great decoration of the whole environment, due to their interesting design. However, the choice of such equipment is not so simple, because in the stores there are many models that differ from each other in terms of power supply, size or power. Therefore, in order to make your decision easier, we have prepared this guide that will answer the question: which garden lantern should you choose?


An important issue that should be considered before buying such a garden lantern is its construction. The whole structure of such equipment consists primarily of a pole and a lampshade. The first element is the lamp skeleton, i.e. the base on which the rest is mounted. It is important that it is stable and does not waver sideways during gusts of wind. The shade, on the other hand, is designed to protect the light bulb and diffuse the light in different directions so that it does not dazzle people in the garden.


If you plan to buy such a garden lantern, first of all, you need to decide on the size. How many lamps you can install in your garden or on the terrace depends primarily on the surface of your plot. Substantial equipment can overwhelm the surrounding plants. The stores will find many variants that differ in height. Lamps from 0.3 m to even 4 m are available.


When buying such a garden lantern, be sure to pay attention to the quality of workmanship of the model. The devices available in stores differ from each other in the material they were made of. It is best to choose one that will not corrode. That is why cast iron lamps are no longer as popular as they once were because rust quickly entered them. Aluminum, which is resistant to weather conditions, is a cheap and durable material. What’s more, the installation of such equipment is equally simple.

Probably the cheapest solution is the lamps made of plastic. Such a device is ready for use immediately after purchase. However, it should be remembered that the strength of this material is very poor.


We like to surround ourselves with nice things, which is why product design is very important. Consumers are more likely to pay attention to the shape, color and other aesthetic values of a given product than to its functionality. It is worth remembering to combine business with pleasure and choose a model that will provide us with adequate lighting in our garden or on the terrace, and in addition, will become a beautiful decoration of the environment.

There are many variants available in stores, differing not only in shape but also in the method of performance and decoration. Poles can be carved in detail, while lampshades can be selected in terms of geometric shape: spheres or cuboids.


An important issue when choosing a lighthouse for our garden is its power supply. Depending on the model, we distinguish lamps:

Electric – mains powered models. This means that they require a special electrical installation. The voltage in such a device is usually 230 V. However, it is worth remembering that in this case, we have the ability to choose the power of the equipment to meet our needs.

Solar – i.e. powered by solar energy. It is a very ecological and energy-saving solution that will allow us to obtain energy from sunlight. Thanks to this, garden lighting will not affect the number of electricity bills. Moreover, it is worth remembering that such lamps do not require any electrical installation. Just take them out of the packaging and stick them into the ground, or attach them to the wall. Such lanterns also have a motion sensor, which is responsible for the automatic activation of the device in case someone enters its detection area.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, solar power also has its drawbacks. Such lamps do not produce as intense light as it is with mains powered models. Most importantly, the performance of such equipment depends on weather conditions – the solar battery will not charge on a cloudy day.

Battery operated – the least popular option due to the high energy consumption.

Single or set?

Even before buying it is worth deciding how many such lamps we need to illuminate our garden. It is best to measure the garden or terrace taking into account unlit places. In this way, we will not only find out how many products we will have to buy but also plan the exact location of each lighthouse. In stores, often such equipment is available individually, but also in sets. This will definitely save you money.

Garden lanterns at good prices

Garden lanterns are available in stores in many variants. They differ primarily in price, which depends not only on the manufacturer and the quality of the product but also the capabilities of the model. The cheapest lamp is the one for which we will pay around 50 dollars. Definitely the more expensive variant will be solar powered with an interesting design. The cost of purchasing such equipment ranges from 5 dollars to even several hundred dollars.

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