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The 5 best garden hammocks of 2019

Hammocks represent a very comfortable place where you can relax, take a breath, read a book, enjoy the outdoors, rest, among many other things. If you are looking for best garden hammocks to place in your garden, and you don’t know which one to choose from all the available ones, continue reading this article, and find out which are the best garden hammocks.

The best garden hammocks of 2018


This is a beautiful rainbow-colored hammock, which is made with a polycotton fabric made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester.

Its colors are bright and colorful, and the previous materials of the polycotton fabric make it fresh, breathable and easy to wash.

At the ends it has a pair of fish tail-shaped knots that gives it an aesthetic touch of quite elegance. In addition, these knots give it the necessary strength to support up to 300 kg of weight.

The hammock is 210 cm long and 150 cm wide, and comes with 2 pads, so its design is prepared so that 2 people can comfortably relax and rest.

To install it outdoors, the ideal thing would be to have a couple of trees to grow it from, however, it can also be tied to a pair of columns, a pair of walls, or a combination of the above. It is necessary to mention that it does not bring the straps for the mooring to the support.

In addition, if there is no opportunity to sour it, or if you want, you can place it as a blanket on the lawn, and enjoy lying down on the softness that it and the hammock can provide.

Also, bring a cotton bag to be transported comfortably, given its weight of approximately 4 kg.


  • It is a very striking hammock given its crossbar design and its vivid rainbow colors.
  • It supports up to 300 kg and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor.
  • It measures about 150 cm wide, which can comfortably fit 2 people.
  • It weighs almost 4 kg and brings a bag for easy transport.
  • Its materials make it perfectly washable.


  • Being a hammock of crossbars, it is more unstable than the traditional ones, if you do not lie down centered you can end up overturned.
  • Do not bring the straps to tie it to the support, you have to buy them separately.

2. PATIO WATCHER 14 FT Quick Dry Hammock

The logei brand presents a pretty colorful and beautiful hammock, made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

It comes with its icing system: a pair of straps and safety hooks that prevent the hammock from coming loose. The whole system is quite resistant, it can support up to 150 kg, the hammock weighing just 1.3 kg.

It is designed for outdoor use and withstands the sun well, however, it is not resistant against rain, so it should be stored when it is raining.

The hammock area is 2 meters long and 1 meter wide. Given its size and resistance, we talk about a hammock suitable for supporting one person, or two tight and not very heavy people.

Due to the material of its fabric, this best garden hammock can bring a particular smell from the factory. For this reason, the brand recommends that you wash before using it for the first time. This can easily be done in a washing machine; however, it is recommended that you do not dry them, because they can be damaged.

Also, bring a bag for storage and transportation.


  • It has a good resistance capable of supporting 150 kg.
  • It has a moderate price, quite competitive.
  • It weighs just 1.3 kg, so its transport is facilitated.
  • It can be washed in a washing machine comfortably.


  • From the factory it brings a peculiar smell that forces the user to wash it for the first use.

3. Ohuhu Double Hammock with Detachable Pillow

In Ohuhu , we have in this case a colorful and elegant hammock, with rainbow colors very beautiful and more subtle than others. It is very useful for resting on idle days, relaxing an afternoon in the garden, or reading a good novel comfortably outdoors.

It is made with a resistant cotton and polyester fabric, which are combined in a proportion of 70% and 30%. It has the necessary robustness to support 300 kg, that is, about 2 people comfortably.

The above is also guaranteed by the spicy 210 cm long resting surface by 150 cm wide.

This hammock is easy to clean, store and transport when foldable (naturally) and bring a bag to take it from one place to another. It is necessary to mention that standard does not bring straps or straps for the hammock sour.

It is recommended that this best garden hammock can be stored while not in use, if it remains outside all the time it can suffer accelerated wear.

An important point to highlight too, is its price. This is very competitive and gives the product excellent value for money.


  • It has excellent resistance, can support up to two people or 300 kg.
  • It has a wide use area of 210 cm long by 150 wide.
  • It has an excellent value for money.
  • It weighs 1.6 kg and brings a bag for comfortable transportation.


•           It does not bring straps or straps to stick to the support


In this case we talk about a hammock built in cotton, it has beautiful colors in blue scale, and the fabric is special for cool climates, obstructs the circulation of air and maintains body heat.

The high density cotton of its construction gives it a high resistance, with which it can support the weight of 2 people, or about 200 kg. Also, the fabric has great softness, while offering superior durability outdoors.

The hammock has a size of 200 cm long and 150 cm wide, this guarantees the comfort of the 2 people who can lie on it. It weighs only 1.68 kg and brings a bag for transport, so the mobility of the hammock is very easy.

To install, it comes from the factory together with a pair of straps and carabiners, with which to tie it to any support you have is a simple task. In addition, everything comes for a fairly reduced price.


  • It measures 200 cm long and 150 cm wide, so it comfortably fits up to 2 people.
  • It is made of dense cotton, especially for cool climates, and highly resistant.
  • It has the capacity to support up to 200 kg of weight.
  • It weighs little, and comes with a case for convenient transportation.
  • It has a fairly reduced price, and its value for money is high.


  • The carabiners you bring from the factory can be small, and make installation difficult.

5. Vivere Double Hammock

Highlighting among the other garden hammocks, Vivere presents a package that includes both a beautiful cotton hammock, and a sturdy steel support to slush it.

This support base is very useful if you don’t have a couple of trees large enough in your garden, or a pair of sturdy poles.

The hammock has incredible colorful colors that will attract attention in the garden. Its size is approximately 200 cm long by 109 cm wide, and it has the necessary strength to support up to 2 people, if they are not very heavy.

In addition, it has a double dense cotton fabric, high quality, very resistant and durable.

At the base, the height of the hammock can be easily adjusted thanks to the hooks it brings.

Likewise, this support is highly resistant and stable as it is made of steel, and at the ends of the tubes have plastic caps, which also give a more smooth and protective finish.

In a few minutes the base and the hammock can be assembled, without tools. Also, bring a travel bag to store and transport both the support and the hammock.


  • The package comes with a stand to use the hammock wherever you want.
  • It has an average size of 2 m by 1 m approximately.
  • It has enough resistance for 2 people, but not much space.
  • It has very beautiful and striking colors.


  • Its price is quite high, but it is justified a bit by including support.


Having a hammock in the garden is an addition to comfort, and even aesthetics, highly considerable. To name a few of the things that can be done with it: you can relax at any time outdoors, take a nap in the afternoon or read a book in your garden environment.

In the market there are an infinity of hammocks, of very varied colors, and that can vary in size in addition. If you have read this it is because you plan to buy one, but before doing so, so that you can make the best decision, consider the following approaches:

For many consumers, hammocks are synonymous with the concept of relaxation in nature, especially in the summer months. Hammocks come from Central and South America. There are different types of hammocks. There are also a few consumer considerations that we should consider before choosing the type of hammock.

Things to consider when buying a hammock

Before choosing a type of hammock, there are a few things that consumers should consider. These considerations range from the versatility of the hammock, where it is to hang.

1. Tree and stand

Consumers can tie a hammock between two trees or buy a stand. The stand is portable, which allows the consumer to set the hammock in virtually any place.

2. A rod without a rod

Consumers should consider whether lying in a hammock they want the cocooning effect. The bar will stretch the hammock, while a hammock without a bar will have a cocooning effect, which closes the hammock.

3. Location of the hammock The

buyer should also consider the place where the hammock will be hung.  The sun and all-year moisture can affect some fabrics and materials negatively. General weather conditions that have to endure hammocks help consumers choose the right type of hammock for their needs.

4. Take appropriate measurements

The buyer should be sure of the distance between the walls or other things, because he must choose the right length of the hammock. Consumers who plan to use two trees should measure the distance between the trees as well as the height at which they want to hang their hammock.

Types of hammocks

Ropes and fabric of hammocks are the basic category most hammocks are covered by. However, there are also several sub-categories of hammocks that consumers should consider.

1. Rope hammocks Rope

hammocks are made entirely of rope or nylon fabric. They are often less comfortable than fabric hammocks. There are several different materials used to create hammocks from a rope that affect both their comfort and durability.

2. Hammock made of fabric

As the name implies, fabric hammocks consist entirely of material and is larger than their rope hammock counterparts. As with rope hammocks, consumers should consider both comfort and durability of materials.

3. Quilted hammocks quilted

hammocks are usually made of cotton, polyester or material hammocks in combination with a bar.

4. Brazilian hammocks The Brazilian

hammocks are of the South American type, which consists of tightly woven cotton threads. In addition, Brazilian hammocks are usually in light colors and are often more sensitive to weather conditions than other fabric hammocks.  



This sounds like something quite trivial, since it may be that if you are thinking about buying a hammock, it is because you have already thought about where you are going to place it.

However, if you only thought about buying a hammock because you would like to enjoy its comfort, the recommendation is that you always take into account, in advance, where you are going to place it.

What is necessary to sour a hammock are two separate supports at a considerable distance, which is larger than the size of the hammock so that it can be hung separately from the ground.

This consideration is also here because, in case you don’t have a couple of trees, columns, walls, posts, or a combination of the above, there are hammocks on the market that bring their own support base; with which there are possibilities for all types of users.


Most of the best garden hammocks on the market are made with a combination of cotton and polyester, however, from one to another they vary in the proportion they have of each material. The best garden hammocks with more cotton are softer, let the air breathe better, and are quite resistant to the outside.

On the other hand, the polyester section gives the hammock a little more resistance when supporting the weight; but with more polyester it becomes more uncomfortable to the touch. Also, this material causes production costs to be reduced, and some hammocks to be cheaper.

You should think about which combination of these materials best meets your needs with the hammock. Normally companies say what materials their hammocks are made of, and what resistance benefits they can offer.

It is also important to mention that, in general, although they are designed to support the outside, they are not hammocks specifically for camping, so it is always advisable that, if they are outdoors, they are stored whenever they are not being used.


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