Best Garden Composters Of 2019

On our site you will find a ranking of best garden composters . The best models turned out to be the Prosperplast Module Compogreen IKSM-800C and Ekobat Maxisilo 1100. These products have gained a lot of positive consumer feedback, which suggests that they have been solidly made and fulfill their tasks well. The Prosperplast Module Compogreen IKSM-800C composter has a relatively large capacity. Plastic was used to make the container. The material used is of very good quality – the product is resistant to damage.


As a result, we can be sure that when buying a model we make investments for many seasons. The composter’s advantage is also ventilation holes as well as a stable construction. Noteworthy is the aesthetic performance and simple design.Ekobat Maxisilo 1100, i.e. the composter, which took second place in the ranking, is hardy. Therefore, we do not have to worry about its damage, even when the weather is bad outside. Polyethylene was used to produce the container. If you want to know the other suggestions, go to our list.

Comparison table of best garden composters

Prosperplast Compogreen PP-19542

  • This two-segment composter allows convenient waste sorting. Thanks to this we get two types of fertilizers. The model was made of high quality plastic, which is resistant to low and high temperatures and adverse weather conditions. Thanks to ventilation, proper waste distribution is possible.
  • Some users found the composter quite difficult to assemble. Some buyers claim that its capacity is too small. Not very convenient to move the product from place to place.
  • The composter blends well with the environment because of its color. It is easy to clean. The model is suitable both for plots and for elegantly furnished gardens. According to buyers, this product is recommendable.

Ekobat Maxsilo 1100

  • The composter looks very elegant and will suit any garden. Due to its large capacity (1050 l), it is also suitable for large farms. The model ensures good air circulation, which is important when creating fertilizer. The composter is easy to care for. It can also be conveniently moved.
  • Some complain about the color of the composter – black color usually stands out against the background of buildings and garden greenery. The product will be too big for small farms.
  • The product allows you to produce a fully ecological fertilizer for the plot or for a home garden. Its original shape makes it stand out from the rest of the garden equipment. The model is recommended for people who appreciate original shapes.

Prosperplast Compogreen IKSM1

This is a large, capacious composter that is recommended for people who need a large amount of fertilizer. The large capacity of the model (nearly 1200 l) is an opportunity to reduce the amount of bio-waste on our farm. A convenient cover at the side makes it easy to pick up fertilizer when there is not enough of it. Adequate ventilation is provided thanks to the special holes.

It happens that the plastic in the model badly tolerates large frosts. In addition, the composter is quite difficult to clean because of its dimensions.

The product is recommended especially for people who intend to fertilize a large area. In addition, it weighs quite a little, because only 12 kg, with such a large footprint. The model works well in rural farms as well as on plots.

Which best garden composters to buy?

Shopping guide

If you run a home garden or meet in an allotment garden, the thought of starting a composter came to your mind. Many people think that organizing a composter is very labor intensive and give up its establishment. However, these people are not aware that special containers are currently available on the market, in which we can throw biodegradable waste and thus create a composter. If you also want to set up a composter on your plot or in the garden, but you do not know how to go about it and what products to equip yourself, be sure to read our guide. We will try to describe the available models for sale in it and think about what the best composter is .

Do I need a composter?

If you run a home garden, you often plant beds and throw weeds away in the trash. If you have a lawn outside the house, after regular mowing, throw away the cut grass. If you have a garden plot with trees on it, then in autumn you must clean the leaves that fall from them. And when it is a fertile season, it may happen that you collect excess fruit from the ground and throw it in the trash.

All this waste is biodegradable. What does that mean? This means that they are biodegradable, i.e. decomposed, and their decomposition creates a natural fertilizer that we can use in growing our plants. The fertilizer thus obtained is not only of good quality, it is also for free because it is made of waste that we would otherwise throw away. In addition, using our own compost, we can be sure that there are no harmful substances in it.    

Backyard composter

Even if you are not an avid gardener and you live in a house where there is room to put a composter, we encourage you to set it up. A lot of household waste can be composted.  These and much other kitchen waste can be processed into valuable fertilizer. It doesn’t cost us more effort than throwing away rubbish that we take out of the house regularly.

Where to put the composter

Certainly, such a composter should stand on the sidelines. Commercially available composters are very well made, but they do not belong to the prettiest containers. It may be that the processed waste will produce an unpleasant odor. Therefore, the composter should not stand close to the place where we often stay, e.g. near the terrace or children’s playground.

Experts report that such a composter is best placed in a shaded place with high humidity. Such an environment will help the rapid decomposition of waste and the formation of fertilizer. 

Container size

The size of the container must be selected to suit our needs. If we have a small garden, or we occupy it sporadically, then the small composter should meet our requirements. However, if we are owners of large green areas, then we should invest in a large reservoir. On sale you will find models with a capacity of 200 – 300 liters, which is considered small. We will also find ones with a capacity of 1000 liters, and even 1600 liters and larger.

Material made

Composters sold in stores are most often made of plastic. This is not the most ecological material, but it insulates waste well and prevents the release of unpleasant odors. They are also quite durable. Wood is another popular material. They are ecological, but less durable than containers made of plastic. The last of the materials used to make composters is metal. Such containers may prove to be heavy and not very resistant to external factors.

Types of composters

As we mentioned earlier, we will sell a lot of different containers that can be used for composting waste. When browsing the sellers’ offer, many people wonder which composter to choose.

When you face the choice of the right composter, remember to choose the right size. Before you go to the store to buy the right container, choose a place where it will stand. Measure this place accurately and stick to the saved dimensions when buying.

As we have already mentioned, we will sell containers made of various materials, so we can buy a wooden or plastic composter. We will also find more or less built-up models. If you want to have easy access to the composter, because you will often use it, then the box-shaped container may be the most suitable. The disadvantage of such tanks is the lack of a cover that would protect unpleasant odors from escaping. In addition, if the inside of the container is not properly secured, the fertilizer may escape through the cracks. Open composters also have longer fermentation times.

We also find completely built-up models in stores. If we decide on such a composter, we must remember that it has a comfortable upper flap. Easy opening will allow you to quickly and easily discard waste. It is worth buying a container with an additional bottom opening. Such entry at the bottom of the composter will allow you to easily get to the finished fertilizer. We will not have to mix the contents regularly to be able to remove the fermented waste. And because in closed composters the fermentation process goes faster, so this model will be ideal for people who need a lot of fertilizer.     

What is the best composter?

When choosing a composter for yourself remembers to carefully analyze your needs. Only in this way will you be happy with your choice and buy the best composter. It is important that the tank you choose is not too large and its capacity matches the size of your garden.


The  best garden composters in 2019

Our households produce a huge amount of garbage, especially bio-waste. Throwing them into the ordinary garbage can is a waste. Therefore, it is worth thinking about an ecological solution, which is a composter. We can build it ourselves, but it’s worth buying a ready model that will speed up the decomposition process. Therefore, we have prepared a composters ranking containing the best models available on the market.


Our recommendations of best garden composters

Prosperplast Compogreen PP-19542

The Prosperplast Compogreen PP-19542 composter with a volume of 800 liters is our number one. The product consists of two segments, which allows segregation of waste to obtain various types of fertilizer. The dimensions of the composter are height – 82.6 cm, length – 135 cm, width – 71.9 cm.

This best garden composter model is made of durable plastic that is resistant to weather conditions and low temperatures. The container has special openings to ensure adequate ventilation, which is necessary for proper decomposition and at the same time prevents the entry of pests.

The composter is easy to install and has a convenient access system to the finished fertilizer. Consumers appreciated the solid container design, its reliability and capacity. This best composter has gained the recognition of many people. Users highly appreciated the fact that it does not take up much space.

The very appearance of the product was also highly rated – it is neutral and blends in well with nature. An undoubted advantage mentioned by users is also easy access to ready fertilizer.

Prosperplast Module Compogreen IKSM-800C is a composter with dimensions: height – 82.6 cm, length – 135 cm and width – 71.9 cm. The model has a capacity of 800 liters. The product has a black color.


Material: Good grade plastic was used to make the composter. The material shows high resistance to mechanical damage, and is not susceptible to negative weather conditions.

Ventilation holes: The model has ventilation holes that ensure adequate airflow. This is necessary for the correct decomposition of the waste contained in the container.

Inspection holes: The consumer has free access to the fertilizer produced in the composter. There are inspection holes at the bottom of the containers. As Internet users assure, the inspection holes do not jam, and in addition they are solidly made. 

Capacity: The presented best garden composter model has a large capacity – it is 800 liters. As a result, you can get a lot of manure and not worry that due to the small size of the composter we will not be able to throw all the waste into it.

Design: Consumers are positive about the design of the model. The simple appearance means that the product does not attract too much attention, and additionally suits every garden.


Assembly: Some people think that the assembly of the product is complicated – it is difficult to combine individual elements because they are not accurately cut.

Ekobat Maxsilo 1100


The EKOBAT MAXISILO-1100 eco-composter is our second proposal that will allow you to completely get rid of grass, leaves and various household waste from the garden. Thanks to this you will create a very good, natural fertilizer for your home garden.

Due to the capacity of 1050 liters, this is a great option for large households that create large amounts of waste. It will provide us with quite a lot of organic fertilizer that is able to meet the needs of people with large gardens. The product provides very good air circulation, which speeds up the composting process.

The dimensions of the model are: height – 100 cm, width – 123 cm and depth – 106.5 cm. The material from which the product is made is high quality black HDPE polyethylene.

The container itself weighs 18 kg, so it is relatively mobile. People who chose this model confirm that it is a high quality, efficient product. This good and cheap composter is functional and has an attractive design.

Ekobat Maxisilo 1100 composter has the following dimensions: height – 100 cm, width – 123 cm and length – 106.5 cm. The model has a black color and its capacity is 1100 l.


Editing: Reading the opinions published on the Internet about the presented composter, it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that it is an easy-to-install model. We do not need to use tools to assemble the product, and the activity itself takes little time.

Workmanship: Many people confirm the high quality of the composter. The model was made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). It is worth emphasizing that the material is environmentally friendly, which means that it is recyclable.

Frost resistance: As indicated by the manufacturer, the product is frost resistant. This means that we can use the composter throughout the year and not worry that low temperatures will damage it. 

Appearance: The product is black, so it will look good everywhere. It should also be emphasized that the model looks like new for a long time.


No protection against rain: The product presented has no roof to protect against rain. For some people this is a minus.



Prosperplast Compogreen IKSM1200L

Prosperplast Kompostownik 1200l COMPOGREEN is the third proposal in our statement. It is basically a set of three modules that can stand separately or can be combined to form a composter with a total capacity of up to 1200 liters. This solution is ideal for people with a large household.

This  best garden composters is made of weather resistant material, thanks to which it will serve us for many years. Such a large and practical solution will allow us to obtain a natural fertilizer even for large areas. At the same time, the amount of bio-waste in our household is decreasing.

Each of the three containers has a top cover and a special side wall cover for easier fertilizer collection. Special ventilation openings in each of the elements accelerate the fertilizer formation process and ensure appropriate waste conditions. The dimensions of the composter are height – 82.6 cm, total width – 198 cm.

The container weight is 12 kg. Opinions about the composters of this manufacturer are very positive. They are valued for high quality, resistance to external factors and large capacity.

The Prosperplast Compogreen IKSM1200L composter has the dimensions: height – 82.6 cm, length – 198 cm, width – 71.9 cm. The product capacity is 1200 liters.


Well thought out design: The described composter is a modular model. The product has sufficiently large ventilation holes to allow free air flow. Thanks to this, the composting process is successful.

Upper flaps: Many people noticed that the flaps at the top of the model are solidly made, lightweight and easy to open. As a result, you can quickly check the status of composted biological waste.

Version: The composter is made of durable plastic. The material is resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as frost. This suggests that the product will serve us for many seasons.


Folding: A certain group of consumers in their reviews indicate that folding the composter takes a relatively long time.

Ekobat Thermolight 400 Plus


Another proposition in our ranking is Ekobat Composter THERMOLIGHT 400 PLUS – a high quality product that will certainly meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. It is a nice, modern, plastic container, which has the advantage of high quality and materials used for production.

The flap has a comfortable handle and a special latch, irreplaceable when the weather is more windy. Finally, we can forget about cleaning the yard after the storm.

The assembly of the whole is very simple it takes a few minutes. This product is an ideal solution for medium-sized houses that will allow you to create a natural fertilizer – humus – from food debris, branch leaves and debris. The 400-liter capacity will allow you to store quite a lot of waste and thus produce a large amount of compost.

The container provides good circulation, accelerating the composting process. Thanks to the great construction of the container, we can forget about the unpleasant smell of compost, which can be very irritating. Product dimensions are: height – 83 cm, width – 72 cm, depth – 72 cm. Its weight is 5.8 kg.

Ekobat Thermolight 400 Plus is a good composter up to PLN 100. Product dimensions are: height – 83 cm, width – 72 cm and depth – 72 cm. The capacity is 400 l.


Hinges: Consumers appreciate that the composter is equipped with durable, corrosion-resistant metal hinges.

Compact dimensions: Due to the fact that the model has compact dimensions, it is often chosen by people who have a small garden or a small plot outside the city. It should also be added that the product can be easily moved.

Assembly: Consumers are positive about the assembly of the composter – it runs quickly and without problems.


Too light: Consumers point out that the product is extremely light. Therefore, if there is little or no waste inside, a strong gust of wind can cause the composter to tip over.

Scratches: Some people indicate that the surface of the container does not have aesthetic scratches.

Keter Eco


We present the Keter Eco composter made of strong materials. Good quality plastic was used to produce the model, which shows resistance to adverse weather conditions. The model has a solid construction, so there is no fear that the container will tip over during intense wind.

The Keter Eco composter has dimensions: height – 75 cm, length – 65 cm and width – 65 cm, and its capacity is 320 l. The product will be suitable for small and medium-sized gardens. The model is equipped with hinges enabling easy opening of the flap, as well as a large hook for closing the container. Ventilation holes guarantee adequate air flow. The composter is black.

The described model has gained a lot of positive consumer reviews. Internet users indicate that the assembly of the product is simple and does not require the use of tools. As a result, everyone can handle it. The composter is available at an attractive price, thanks to which a lot of people decide to buy it.

Keter Eco is a composter with a capacity of 320 liters. The dimensions of the model are as follows: height – 75 cm, length – 65 cm and width – 65 cm.


Assembly: We do not need any tools to assemble the composter. People who decided to buy the product ensure that its installation is simple and quick.

Ventilation holes: Ventilation holes on the sides of the product ensure the correct distribution of biological waste in the composter.


Packaging: Consumers note that the product is not well packaged, which increases the risk of damage during transport.

Hitch: Few people think that the orange hook on the cover is not solidly made. Therefore, it can be easily destroyed.

Poska WS KMP-105

Our ranking closes Poska WS KMP-105 – a garden wooden composter with which you will take care of the natural environment. Due to the fact that it was made of wood, it is also a fully ecological solution for your garden or plot.

It was made of strong pine wood, which was properly protected against external factors – humidity, temperatures, rainfall or pests, as well as the compost itself. Composting will allow us to obtain fertilizer fertilizing the soil in your garden.

In addition, it facilitates keeping clean. The advantage of the product, which satisfied customers mention in their opinions is that it harmonizes with the garden and at the same time is easy to install. The dimensions of the container are height – 43 cm, width – 80 cm, depth 100 cm, weight is 21.5 kg.

The disadvantage of this best garden composters model may be small capacity. In addition, there is no cover, thanks to which the smell of compost does not spread throughout the whole plot.



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