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The Best Electric Mowers 0f 2019

Are you looking for best electric mowers? Be sure to try Makita ELM3311, equipment recommended by many consumers. The mower is not very big, it works in small and medium gardens. You will enjoy it, especially if you have trees or flower beds on the lawn, because its working width is 33 cm, so it will fit anywhere, and mowing will not take too much time. The model is solidly made, especially its housing and wheels. Another mower recommended is the Hecht 1803 , a model for large lawns. His bin has a capacity of 60 liters. The working width is 46 cm, so mowing a large area will not take much time.

Comparison table of 3 best electric mowers

Makita ELM3311

  • The equipment is relatively small, so using it is comfortable and not tiring. It has well-made wheels that do not slip even on wet grass. The basket can be easily detached from the body, so emptying it is not complicated.
  • Changing the cutting height is not so easy for everyone. Some people find it difficult and sometimes it takes up to several minutes.
  • The capacity of the basket is 27 liters. The working width of the model is 33 cm. The equipment has a power of 1200 W, copes well even with dense grass. The mower gives you three levels of mowing height, the garden will look the way you want.

Hecht 1803

  • The bin has a capacity of 60 liters, so work is interrupted very rarely. Changing the cutting height is easy, it only takes a few seconds. The device has a large working width, it is 46 cm, which is ideal for large areas.
  • According to user reviews, the front wheels are small and often get stuck in the grass, which can delay the mowing process. In addition, they are not very solid, so they can be damaged while driving.
  • The power of the equipment is 1800 W. It is a mower with a drive, thanks to which you will get rid of grass faster. The device has a foldable handle, thanks to which you can easily transport and store this equipment.

MacAllister Set

  • The grass trimmer is accurate, with its help you can get rid of grass in the most difficult places available. Using the equipment is comfortable, it has well-shaped handles and it is not too heavy, which also affects the comfort of work.
  • Sometimes the grass trimmer cannot cope with taller grass, especially if it is thick, which extends garden cleaning.
  • It is a set of two grass trimming equipment: a grass trimmer and a lawn mower. The first of them has a power of 300 W, the second 1200 W. The mower’s cutting width is 33 cm, its basket capacity is 30 l. It has 3 levels of cutting height adjustment.

The best electric mowers 0f 2020

The ranking of best electric mowers presents descriptions of several products that have been distinguished by consumers due to their ease of use, robustness, working width and many other aspects. Familiarize yourself with it and choose the one that meets your expectations. 

Our recommendations

Makita ELM3311 

Makita ELM3311 is an electric mower, which is worth recommending, its power is 1100 W, so mowing even larger areas will not be a problem. A 27-liter basket is considered to be an advantage, the mowed grass does not carelessly lie in the yard and does not rot, but all fall into the said basket. 

Using the model is not bothersome, it has 4 large wheels, and the handle is large and well profiled, so mowing can be a pleasure. The working width of the equipment is 33 cm, which means that you can cut even a large area very quickly. This Makita electric mower, however, is quite large and efficient.

Users like the fact that they can freely set the cutting height. As a result, the garden will look exactly as you wish. The weight of the device is about 13 kg, so driving the mower on the grass is not too complicated. In turn, the dimensions of the equipment are 60 cm x 46 cm x 32 cm. 

Hecht 1803 

If you are looking for a powerful and best electric mower, choose Hecht 1803. It has a high torque, so getting rid of thick and long grass is not a problem. The working width of the equipment is 46 cm, which allows very quick removal of too long grass from large spaces. Drive wheels speed up the entire mowing process. 

The capacity of the grass catcher is 60 liters, as a result you do not have to stop mowing to empty the bin. A well-made rocker switch allows two-handed and one-handed operation of the equipment. This powered electric mower is accurate, with it you can remove grass even from corners and corners. 

Users really like the handle being folded. As a result, you can easily store your equipment. In addition, it is worth mentioning a well-made tread of wheels, thanks to which this good electric mower does not slide on wet grass and is easy to drive. An interesting element is also a carrying handle.

MacAllister Set 

MacAllister Set is a set of two devices that will allow you to control the tall grass in the garden. The Castorama electric mower weighs 15 kg, so handling is easy. In turn, its power is 1200 W, it is enough to efficiently get rid of grass from your property. 

The trimmer’s power is 300 W and its working width is 25 cm, so it is small enough that you can get anywhere. In turn, the working width of the mower is 33 cm. Both devices are well made, so you don’t have to worry about them being destroyed quickly. 

The cutting height is between 2 cm and 6 cm. Users like the fact that the capacity of the mower basket is 30 liters. Many people also think that using the trimmer and the mower is convenient.

NAC LE18-40-PB-S 

For those who like maximum control, we recommend the NAC LE18-40-PB-S mower, which allows you to freely adjust the cutting height, and you can choose from 5 levels. Adjustments are available on each wheel, so you can be sure that the grass will have exactly the same length everywhere. This good electric mower Nac is equipped with a 40 l basket. 

Users say positively about the handle, it is perfectly profiled, so driving the device for even an hour will not cause ugly prints. Moving on the lawn also improves the weight of the product, which is only 10 kg. This good and cheap electric mower has a solidly made and attractive plastic housing. 

The cutting width is 40 cm, which means that you can quickly mow a large lawn. In addition, the engine power is 1800 W, which allows you to get rid of tall and dense grass without obstacles, which another model cannot handle. Consumers also appreciate the easy use of this equipment. 

Bosch ARM 37 Ergo-Flex

If you are looking for solid equipment and look good at the same time, you should stop by the Bosch ARM 37 Ergo-Flex for a moment. An interesting shape and useful functions make the model one of the most frequently chosen devices. Its power is 1400 W, you only need to drive through the grass once and it will be nicely trimmed. 

Noteworthy is the housing, which is made of solid plastic. Under the influence of external factors, it does not deform and does not fade. According to users, the use of equipment is easy. This Bosch electric mower is not heavy, weighs only 12 kg, so operating it will not be a problem. 

When storing your model, you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space. Its handle is folded twice, so it will not interrupt in any way. The grass bin, which has a capacity of 40 liters, can also be easily detached for easy transport and storage. 

Stiga Collector 39 E

Stiga Collector 39 E is one of those mowers that will make mowing a nice activity for you. Due to the presence of very large wheels, riding even on uneven surfaces is easy. In addition, they are grooved, so they have high grip. What’s more, the handle is soft, so it doesn’t cause fingerprints. 

This Stiga electric mower has two handles. One of them, the one used to move the model on the lawn, can be folded, so it does not interfere with storage. In turn, the second was attached to help during transport. Both are well shaped. The grass catcher is quite large, it can fit up to 40 liters of waste. 

Mowing with the equipment is easy, mainly because the mower is relatively light (weighs about 15 kg), and also because it has a relatively large working width (39 cm). Users like the option of choosing the length of the grass after mowing. Opinions about electric mowers of this best electric mower brand encourage buying, consumers in their assessments repeatedly emphasize the solid performance of the equipment.

Stiga Combi 48 ES 

Stiga Combi 48 ES is a 1800 W electric mower that will not let you get tired. It has wheel drive, so you don’t have to use a lot of force to push, just give it the right direction. The equipment is ideal for large gardens. Its mowing area is 48 cm, so mowing large areas will not take much time. 

The body is made of steel, thus it is resistant to external conditions. Consumers like the fact that they can choose from several types of mowing. One of them is the rear ejection, i.e. simply leaving the mowed grass on the lawn, and mulching, which is a small chopping of the grass and leaving it in the garden and collecting grass in the basket. 

The capacity of the waste container is 60 liters, so you don’t have to stop work just to empty it frequently. The advantage of the equipment is the ability to set the cutting height, levels are 5. The large wheels run even over uneven surfaces and do not get stuck in wet grass. 


We recommend one of the best mowers on the market, which is the JAK-MET 1700CL. The equipment is made mostly of plastic. It is equipped with a basket, which capacity is 45 liters. This electric mower with an induction motor has a cutting knife located just below the engine, so it cuts very effectively. 

Many people like the large cutting width of 39 cm. The cutting height can be easily adjusted and can be set to 3.3 cm, 5 cm and 7.7 cm. It gives you control over what your garden will look like. The advantage of the mower is its low weight, which is only 15 kg. 

Consumers appreciate that the equipment handle can be removed without tools. An electric mower test showed that the storage of this model is easy and can also be transported without problems. It is worth adding that the product is solidly made and rarely damaged. 

Which best electric mowers to buy?

Shopping guide

Do you want to buy a mower that will help you mow a small or medium-sized lawn? Then the electrical equipment should meet your expectations. We checked what a good device should stand out and described all the important issues below in the purchase guide. We hope this helps you decide which electric mower to choose.


For many people driving a mower is associated with a lot of effort, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If we want to make grass cutting less tiring, look for equipment equipped with a drive. Then the device will move on the lawn by itself, and we just need to direct it precisely. This is a great help for owners of larger gardens. Pushing the mower for a long time can quickly cause hand fatigue and therefore frequent breaks, which extends the overall working time.

Electrical equipment without a driver is certainly much lighter (due to the lack of an angle gear), and thus slightly easier to maneuver. This is very important in gardens with many hard-to-reach places, for example, flower beds. What’s more, the lack of drive means that regular servicing costs are also lower. 


Most electric mowers are equipped with a power cord of a certain length. This means that they require a power connection. If the cable is short, it may be necessary to use an extension cord, which is not always a convenient solution. It also sometimes happens that the cord laid on the ground makes it difficult to mow quickly because you must be careful not to drive over it with the mower. There is also battery-powered equipment that provides greater freedom of movement. However, they usually weigh more than ordinary electric models, and regular battery charging can be a hassle. Our habits and preferences have a big impact on what the best electric mower is. We need to think about whether the model with the cable will be comfortable enough for us. Some manufacturers offer so-called hybrid equipment. After discharging this type of battery, the device can be connected to the socket to finish mowing the lawn. However, these models are not the cheapest.


Based on the engine power, you can deduce whether the mower is suitable. It is worth taking into account the lawn surface. It is believed that equipment with a power of 1,400 W or less is suitable for quickly mowing land up to 200 m2. In turn, for a larger garden, you need over 1600 W mower.

Cutting width

Cutting width, otherwise working, is usually 32 cm, maximum about 50 cm. The larger it is, the faster we can cut the lawn. However, you also need to consider whether there are a lot of cramped nooks in the garden. If so, it will be difficult for us to introduce equipment with a very large working width there. Sometimes a narrower device works much better. Although you need to spend more time mowing, maintaining precision is much easier.

Cutting height

To properly care for the lawn, we must mow it to a certain height. Gardeners advise that in early spring and late autumn do not cut the grass right on the ground. For this reason, the best electric mower should allow you to adjust the cutting height. Usually, this is done by changing the position of the axle connecting the wheels, but more modern models are equipped with central adjustment, operated with a single lever.


Usually, an electric mower is connected to a basket in which mowed blades fall. This is useful because thanks to it we don’t have to rake the grass after mowing. The capacity of the basket is several dozen liters, from about 30 to even 60 liters. Although a large grass container is emptied less often, it also increases the weight of the mower.


The housing must be solid because it is responsible for protecting the engine and other parts of the construction of the device. The most durable are steel and aluminum bodies, a feature that distinguishes more expensive equipment. Cheap mowers usually have a housing made of plastic.


The handle for carrying equipment should be height adjustable. This allows you to adjust its position to your height, thereby increasing the comfort of mowing. Let’s also pay attention to which side the switch is on. Usually, it is placed on the right side of the handle, but sometimes it is stretched along its entire length, which makes it easier to work with both hands.

Mowing modes

As standard, the mowers have two cutting modes, i.e. collecting to the basket and rear ejection. However, models of known brands are additionally equipped with a mulching function. This is differently shredding cut straw and evenly spreading it on the lawn. They decompose and become a natural fertilizer.


A heavier mower will probably prove to be more solid, but also more difficult to drive. We should find equipment that can be easily maneuvered. Depending on the material of the body, the capacity of the basket and the motor used, electric devices weigh from 10 kg to 35 kg.

Electric mowers at good prices

How much do you spend on buying an electric mower on average? It depends on the engine power, body solidity, working width and cutting modes. The brand and whether the equipment is equipped with a drive is also important. The cheapest models cost about  300 dollars, but they are not adapted to work in a wide area. We need to pay over 1000 dollars for a powerful motorized mower that will allow you to quickly mow a large lawn.


Q1: How to repair an electric mower?

In the case of electric mowers, failures are most often associated with cutting knives. When you notice that the equipment does not cut the blades as accurately as after buying, check the condition of the cutting element. There is a high probability that the knives become dull or chipped as a result of rolling over a stone. There may also be a slight shift, as a result of which after turning the mowers begin to make sudden and uncontrolled movements. In this situation, try to change the position of the cutting mechanism or disassemble it and replace it with a new one. This is not difficult, so we should do it without the help of a specialist. Wheels are another vulnerable element. If they are cracked, we can glue them (when they are made of plastic). 

Q2: Where to buy the best electric mowers?

Electric mowers are so popular that we can find them in many different places. We are talking about supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as gardening stores as well as electronics and household appliances. This means that we can easily do shopping stationery. However, often transporting a new mower is a bit embarrassing, especially for owners of small cars. Many stationary stores offer home delivery of purchased products, but this is an additional expense. For this reason, electric mowers are increasingly ordered via the Internet. This is due not only to the lower price and a wider offer but also to the possibility of using free delivery. It is often the case that after making purchases for a certain amount; we do not pay for delivering them to your home.

Q3: Electric lawn mower – what engine?

There are two types of motors that are used in the production of electric mowers, i.e. brush (also commutator) and brushless (induction). The first type of power unit is equipped with a rotor made of many windings. It is connected to the commutator, on which carbon brushes slide, responsible for power supply. The brush motor is lightweight and achieves very high speed. In turn, this brushless has an electrically controlled commutator, which replaces the brushes. This design makes the drive unit more durable and works reliably for a long time. In addition, the induction motor generates less noise. Not only the type of engine is important, but also its power. In a mower with a cutting width of up to 33 cm, it should be at least 1000 W, and for a width larger than 40 cm – over 1500 W.

Q4: How to maintain the electric mower?

If we do not take care of the electric mower properly, it can quickly break down (even if we have invested in a reputable brand model). First of all, it is necessary to clean the device, preferably after each use. To ensure your safety, you must first disconnect the equipment from the power supply. Cleaning should start with knives. In order not to damage them, it is worth reading the user manual first. Then we can proceed to remove dirt from the housing, and then from the engine. From time to time you also have to sharpen the knives, which will be useful for the grinder. Let’s not forget about systematic lubrication to minimize the risk of corrosion.

Q5: How to mow with an electric mower?

To mow the lawn with an electric mower, we must, first of all, connect it to the power supply. This often requires the use of an extension cord, because most equipment does not have a cord long enough to be connected to the socket at home. Holders of the battery model must ensure that the battery is charged. Remember that the grass should only be mowed when it is dry. Wet blades are difficult to cut evenly, and moisture from the ground can cause equipment failure. Work should be started from the edge of the lawn and headed to its parallel edge, keeping a straight line. Approaching the arch, we should not press the wheels harder to the ground, because then the grass in this place will be cut shorter than the rest.

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