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Best Electric Leaf Blower Of 2020

This time we want to describe the Bosch ALS 30 leaf blower because, according to customers, this is the model featured as the best electric leaf blower by 2019. This is not strange, because this model is easy and safe to use, thanks to the ergonomic handles and well-distributed gravity of the device. It was also equipped with a 3000 W motor, as well as an adjustable blowing speed with a maximum blow of 300 km / h, which allows the removal of even wet and sticky leaves.

The device is also equipped with a vacuum cleaner function, thanks to which you can collect and crush the leaves in a ratio of 10: 1 of their original volume, to a bag with a capacity of 45 liters. The bag is installed easily; it is easily emptied and made of waterproof fabric. Comfortable use adds an adjustable handle and a soft, adjustable shoulder strap, which avoids pain in the shoulders and arms after long cleaning.Gardelina Ergojet 3000 9332-20 , before you decide to buy, you should also familiarize yourself with its parameters.

Comparison Table Of Best Electric Leaf Blower Of 2020

Bosch ALS 30

  • The device is very easy to use, and additionally has specially profiled handles. The high engine power and high efficiency mean that with the help of a blower you can quickly clean the garden or driveway from the leaves.
  • The size of the equipment can be an obstacle to the effective cleaning of a large area. It is relatively small, so cleaning the leaves from a very large plot can take more time than using a blower of a much larger size.
  • The device is handy and comfortable to use. Thanks to it, cleaning the lawn before winter will not be too problematic. The spacious bag inside the blower means that you don’t have to remember to empty it often, which can be annoying.


Gardena Ergojet 3000 9332-20

  • The equipment can act not only as a leaf blower, but also as a vacuum cleaner. So it is an extremely practical product. Because it has been well balanced, it is comfortable to use, and the hands holding it do not get tired quickly.
  • As a vacuum cleaner, the device poorly sucks in wet leaves. This is a significant obstacle, because cleaning the property can take much longer than when using traditional rakes.
  • The model is very efficient, and the speed of its work can be freely adjusted. This allows you to tailor the device’s operation to your needs and preferences. Changing the function of a blower to a vacuum cleaner is easy and does not require the use of specialized tools.

Black & Decker GW3030


  • The bag for the leaves sucked by the equipment has a capacity of up to 50 liters, so you do not have to empty it too often when cleaning the garden or property. The belt facilitating the transfer of the product positively affects the comfort of use.
  • Clearing the leaves and other impurities of hard to reach places can be a real challenge. This operation requires a lot of patience, as well as effort and proper maneuvering of the device.
  • Although getting rid of leaves from some areas can be troublesome, the blower is still recommendable. It has a lot of power and efficiency, and it also finely grinds the collected impurities. It is a functional device that makes it easier to take care of the environment around the house.

The best leaf blowers in 2020

Annual garden cleaning in the fall and early spring can be a tiring activity. Especially if the entire surface be cleaned with ordinary rakes. However, there are machines like best leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners that allow you to do all cleaning work much faster. However, the question arises about which product to choose? The answer is our ranking of leaf blowers, which contains the best products of this type available on the Polish market.

Our recommendations

Bosch ALS 30

The first garden vacuum cleaner ALS 30 is the proposition of the well-known manufacturer of electrical devices – Bosch, which focuses on the highest quality of its products. It is not surprising that this is the best leaf blower, enjoying much positive feedback from users. The use of this product will improve all garden work – we will clean the leaves quickly and without fatigue.

This model is extremely easy and safe to use. Since we hold the best electric leaf blower in our hands, the manufacturer has ensured that it has an ergonomic handle that guarantees an even distribution of the weight of the device. You cannot forget about the weight itself, which is only 3.2 kg, when it performs the function of a blower and 4.4 as a vacuum cleaner.

With this model, you don’t have to worry about emptying the container during extended work. The shredding capacity of this device is 10: 1, and the bag capacity is up to 45 liters. In the end, however, the bag needs to be emptied, so it was made sure that its operation was really simple.

The engine power is 3000 W and the blower efficiency is up to 800 m³ / h. Adjustable blowing speed is up to 300 km / h, thanks to which we can easily remove sticky leaves.

Some consumers believe that the Bosch ALS 30 is the best electric leaf blower in 2019. This device collects positive reviews because of its intuitive operation and high power. What other advantages does it have?


Easy operation:  This model has ergonomic handles that guarantee a good balance of the device, therefore the machine is easy to maintain and manipulate.

High power:  The engine power is 3000 W and the blower capacity is 800 m³ / h. This ensures quick and efficient removal of leaves.

Easy bag handling:  The blower is equipped with a 45-liter bag, which when attached to the device in a vacuum cleaner mode pulls and shreds the leaves. The handling of assembly, disassembly, and emptying of the bag are well planned. The bag is closed with a zipper.

Adjustable handle: This device has an adjustable handle and a soft shoulder strap, thanks to which every user will adjust the parameters to his height.

Low weight:  The model used as a blower weighs only 3.2 kg, while when used as a vacuum cleaner, additional equipment raises the weight to 4.4 kg.


Insufficient performance:  Users of large gardens find that the blower is not efficient enough to clean the entire property at once and recommend buying a larger device.

Gardena Ergojet 3000 9332-20

The Gardena ErgoJet 3000 vacuum cleaner 9332-20 is another proposal with the same power, i.e. 3000 W and a blowing speed of 310 km / h. However, it is worth remembering that the speed of this device is adjustable. It also has a 45-liter basket.

However, it is a bit heavier than the Bosch ALS 30 blower. ErgoJet 3000 is a model that works great as a blower, leaf crusher (the grinding ratio is 16: 1) and a vacuum cleaner. The metal impeller is responsible for the crushing. Thanks to the patented ClickFit function, the device can be easily customized depending on what function we need at the moment.

The metal impeller enables effective shredding of small garden waste while vacuuming. The device also has an ergonomic handle made of soft elements, thanks to which work becomes much easier. The Gardelina Ergojet 3000 9332-20 sucks 17 liters per second, so it has really great performance.

The large waste bag means that you don’t have to empty it often, and if it’s necessary, it’s not a major problem. This specification made the users’ opinions of this device very flattering.

Gardena Ergojet 3000 9332-20 is a model containing both a blower and a garden vacuum cleaner and a leaf crusher. We assess it as the best leaf blower up to PLN 400, let’s check its advantages and disadvantages.


High power and blowing speed:  The device has been equipped with 3000 W motor power and 310 km / h air blowing speed. These parameters allow for efficient cleaning of the surface of a home garden.

Blower and vacuum cleaner function:  This machine can work as a blower, but also has the function of a vacuum cleaner with suction of 170 liters per second. In addition, the blown leaves into a 45-sack are crushed in a 16: 1 ratio.

A simple change of function:  To change the function of the blower to the function of a vacuum cleaner and vice versa, thanks to the ClickFit technology it is done with one click, without using any tools.

Good balance:  This model has been perfectly balanced, so thanks to the correctly placed center of gravity and handles made of soft materials, work comfort is felt positively.

Adjustable working speed:  Gardena Ergojet 3000 9332-20 has an adjustable blowing and suction speed, which allows it to be adapted to the current needs of the working area.


Vacuum suction:  Some users say that the vacuum cleaner is not good at wet leaves, which significantly affects the pace of work.

Black & Decker GW3030

Black & Decker W3030 is our third proposal. The undeniable advantage of this model is the blowout speed increased by 40%, which is as much as 418 km / h, which makes it the most powerful equipment in the set. Such speed ensures that even the toughest garden cleaning works can be carried out in a short time.

Thanks to the low weight and easy maneuvering, using this model is really convenient. The high suction power allows you to remove even very wet waste, especially leaves that are crushed.

Here is another advantage of the device – high-performance knives that crush waste, which reduces their volume. This leaf blower also has a switch that allows you to change the speed, which further facilitates work. In addition, the device has a 50-liter, comfortable bag that allows you to clean a large area without having to empty the basket.

The power of the device is up to 3000 W, thanks to which it sucks up to 14 m3 of leaves within a minute. The blow-out speed is 230 – 418 km / h. Due to the power, the device is quite noisy. This model also has an additional carrying strap. One cannot forget that reviews about this company’s best leaf blowers are very flattering.

In this model, we have a low weight for easy maneuvering, as well as a metal fan that allows a large flow of air and allows for accurate crushing of leaves.


Tank capacity on the list: The bag on the list in this model is up to 50 liters, thanks to which when vacuuming the leaves into the bag, the user does not have to delay it often, which affects the pace of work.

Robust chopping blades:  We have exceptionally good chopping blades with high performance that reduce leaf volumes compared to their original 16: 1 size.

High engine power:  3000 W motor, and blow-out speed adjustable from 230 to 418 km / h. makes this device effective and efficient.

Increased suction power:  Compared to the previous model, the manufacturer has improved the suction power when working with a vacuum cleaner, which is currently 14 m3 / min.

Carrying belt: This belt makes it easy to use and carry the machine during operation.


Difficult places to clean:  Customers report that this model is poor at dealing with stubborn garbage in difficult places and cleaning them requires patience and a lot of effort.

Sand:  When sucking leaves from places where sand is behind, it also gets into the bag, and then gets through the bag, which is not comfortable for the user.

Makita BHX2501

The fourth proposal is the MakitaBHX2501 0.81kW BHX2501 combustion leaf blower. The device has an electronic ignition and a Primer pump. Works great in blowing leaves, cut branches, paper, etc. in one place. The device has a 4-stroke engine.

The big advantage of the product is low exhaust emissions, as well as low weight – 4.5 kg, which makes carrying and operating the device with one hand really easy. This good and cheap leaf blower also has an extremely ergonomic handle with convenient and practical constant speed control. The airflow in the device is 8.91 m3 / min.

You should also mention a place for your thumb, thanks to which you can have better control over the device and the hand load is also reduced, so its use is not so tiring. The MakitaBHX2501 also has a large oil filler that allows you to easily check its level and make up for any shortcomings. The disadvantage of the MakitaBHX2501 leaf blower can be the quite high price.

Another issue is the lack of a bag on the list and waste. On the one hand, it can be a very convenient solution, because you do not need to empty anything, on the other hand, it requires an additional insert at work. However, it is still an extremely attractive device that has gained a lot of positive feedback from satisfied users.

The MakitaBHX2501 diesel model is much easier to use due to the lack of an electric cable.


Engine:  4-stroke internal combustion engine with a capacity of 24.5 cm3 and 0.81 kW ensures long and trouble-free operation.

Weight of the device:  As for a combustion device, it has a very low weight, which is 4.5 kg, making it possible to operate with one hand.

Efficiency:  This model blows air at a speed of 64.6 m / s, which translates into a blower efficiency of 8.91 cm3 / min.

Ergonomic handle:  Ergonomic handle with adjustable speed and thumb place for better control and less fatigue.


High price:  Users indicate that the blower is quite expensive and this is its definite disadvantage.

Poor suction:  We have met comments that the device is not able to pull in pine needles.

Bosch ALB 18 Li 06008A0500

This is the best leaf blowers. It is a powerful, battery-operated leaf blower, thanks to which we can clean the yard quickly and comfortably. Due to the air flow, which reaches a maximum speed of 210 km / h, the device was in the last place in our ranking. However, this is not the weakest blower on the market.

It is still great when cleaning terraces and medium-sized gardens. The big advantage of the device is the light weight that does not burden the user. The extremely soft Softgrip handle is also important, thanks to which cleaning in the garden is even easier and does not cause any injuries.

The device also has a removable pipe, which makes it easy to store. The blower has a li-ion battery, making it more efficient. Its weight is only 1.5 kg, so it is the lightest model in our ranking of leaf blowers. A charger is also included.

A well-known manufacturer is also a guarantee that the product was made with the greatest attention to detail and quality. As a result, it is a product that enjoys great popularity and extremely favorable opinions among users.

The cordless model Bosch ALB 18 Li 06008A0500 with a 18 V Li-Ion battery is another solution without an electric cable. It allows you to maneuver the device freely.


Weight: An undoubted advantage of this model is its weight of just 1.8 kg. Thanks to her, even a child will do garden work.

Blowing speed:  The maximum air flow speed is 210 km / h, it is sufficient to clean a medium-sized garden.

Short battery charging time: The battery is fully charged for 1.5 hours.


No vacuum cleaner:  This model only contains a blower, so you won’t use it to pick up leaves.

Short battery life:  With a full battery charge, the user can only count on 14 minutes of work, so you can not clean a single charge, not even a very large garden.

Vacuum cleaner or leaf blower?

If you want to take care of the aesthetic appearance of your garden, a good way is to buy effective devices to facilitate its care. Among them are worth mentioning vacuum cleaners and leaf blowers. What is the difference between these devices? Which one is more useful? We answer these and several other questions in our article.

How does a leaf vacuum work?

A leaf vacuum cleaner works in the same way as a regular home vacuum cleaner – it draws in the dirt. It is equipped with a special container (usually made of material), in which all the dirt from the garden accumulates. When the tank is full, empty it to continue working. As you can easily see, such lawn care is not time-consuming. We don’t have to bend down, rake the leaves or transfer them to a waste bag. By using a vacuum cleaner we can save a lot of time.

Application of a leaf blower

The leaf blower works slightly differently than the previously mentioned equipment. The difference is that the device generates a strong stream of the air outside, not inside. This allows you to easily move the leaves to another place, e.g. collect them on one stack. The leaf blower works well when you want to clean a paved path or pavement. With its help, we can remove dirt from the road to the lawn. However, if you want to get rid of the leaves permanently, you must put a little more effort into it. It is necessary not only to collect them in one place but also to put them in a bag for later disposal.

Is it worth buying a leaf blower?

Considering the possibilities of using the equipment, consumers are wondering not only what best electric leaf blower is recommended by users, but also whether this type of equipment is worth buying. It all depends on what we expect from the device and how much money we want to spend on it. If we only want to clear the path leading to the house from the exit gate, and the small leaves remaining on the lawn do not bother us, the blower will meet our expectations. This type of equipment is also recommended for people who have a small garden. 

Which device is more functional – a blower or a leaf vacuum?

Thinking about which model to buy, it is worth answering the question which of the devices is more functional – a leaf vacuum cleaner or a blower? There is a belief that the second of these devices is a bit more practical. All because this type of model allows you to effectively remove leaves on the sidewalk or lawn. The blower only allows you to move them to another place. Nevertheless, the choice of specific equipment should be determined primarily by our needs.

It is also worth mentioning that on the market there are devices combining two functions – a blower and a vacuum cleaner. The purchase of such a product seems to be the most reasonable. In this case, the user can choose the operating mode, which allows you to adapt the equipment to current needs. However, you have to remember that those usually such models are expensive. Therefore, not everyone can afford to buy them. However, if you do not know exactly which of the devices will be more useful to us, it is better to save some money and invest in a model with 2 modes of operation. This will allow us to avoid any disappointment.

What leaf blower should I buy?

Shopping guide

The best Leaf blowers are devices that are extremely useful during spring and autumn cleaning, both in the garden and on the terrace. Contrary to appearances, it is not heavy and expensive equipment. It is important to choose the right model and verify the pros and cons of the product we are interested in. In this guide, we ‘ll tell you which best electric leaf blower to choose.


The devices can be divided according to the power supply method. There are three variants of leaf blowers on the market:

combustion – it seems the most, but at the same time a relatively heavy proposition. It has a large engine and considerable power, and this generates a lot of noise. However, it can not be hidden that it copes well with large impurities. Working with such equipment is very efficient.

electric battery – it is convenient because it can be hung on the belt. However, it is not very light. It has average performance, so it will be suitable for medium-sized courtyards.

electrical network – it is the least convenient solution because it must be connected to the network, which significantly limits our movements. It is worth emphasizing here that even a very long extension cord will not help much, because many devices have some operating restrictions. For example, the device cannot be connected to an extension cord that is longer than 20-30 meters. If you have a terrace to clean and a small space around the house, this will be a good solution. It is light and quite efficient. However, for large areas, it is hardly functional.

The size of the device

A very important issue that we need to consider when choosing a device will be its size and ergonomic design. It can’t be too hard so that working with the blower does not cause us much trouble. On average, this type of device weighs 3-6 kg, but on the market, you will also find models weighing 10-12 kg. It may seem that this is not a heavy burden, but if we carry such equipment for 2-3 hours, soreness is the least worry we will have to deal with. Some blowers have wheels, which is a practical option.

Such devices usually have additional functions and despite the considerable weight, they turn out to be a very interesting choice. A long pipe seems like a great addition, but it’s not always practical. Therefore, it is best to choose the model in which this element is regulated.

Comfortable handle

A comfortable grip is extremely important for classic models that we hold in hand. In addition, comfortable, wide braces are important. When buying, it is worth checking whether the model fits the anatomy of our body. You should also read the opinions of other consumers who have already had the opportunity to test this equipment.

Blower power

We can not forget about the power of the device. The larger it is, the more efficient the equipment is. The device with more power also allows us to clean a large area without having to stop working in fear of overheating the engine. A good, efficient product has a power of approx. 3000 W.

Airflow and rate

The stronger the blast, the faster you will do the work. It is worth choosing a device with an adjustable stream. Remember that too high speed is not always needed, and in some cases unnecessary. Keep this in mind, especially if you want to clean the leaves of delicate shrubs and flowers.

The volume of the device

There is no blower that makes no noise, but this does not mean that there are no devices that have relatively quiet operation. The loudest models are combustion. So if you live in a quiet area and are looking for something quiet, then choose rather electrical equipment. This has a noise suppression system. Remember also about proper hearing protection. Even a device advertised as quiet can give us a headache. Therefore, it is better to equip yourself with good headphones.

Overheat protection

When choosing an electric model, pay attention to overheating protection. It will turn off the device when the engine temperature reaches a critical level.

Rotation lock

A useful feature is the rotation lock, which allows you to adjust the blower speed. Devices without this function have a special handle, but its operation is much more problematic.

Air filtration system

This solution affects the service life of the device. You need to know that the cleaner the air entering the blower, the safer our equipment is, and this makes it less emergency. Therefore, it is worth choosing a device that has an air purification system.

Additional features

This type of equipment is often available with a built-in leaf vacuum cleaner. It is a functional solution, but if you decide to do it, there are a few important things to consider. First of all, an additional bag that fills up during work. This increases the weight of the machine during operation. The bag must be quite roomy. Its installation and dismantling system also plays an important role. In addition, leaf crusher has a big impact on performance.

Leaf blowers at good prices

Among the best manufacturers of this type of equipment are Bosch, Makita, Black & Decker, Gardena, and Stiga. These companies offer electric and combustion models from various shelves. Remember to choose the equipment for your needs – the larger the area to clean, the more powerful the device should interest you.

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