Best Camping Hammocks

The Best Camping Hammocks – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

For adventurous people who enjoy country walks and sleeping outdoors in contact with nature, a camping hammock may be the right option to spend comfortable nights, away from the dangers of the ground. If you want to buy one of these items, you should compare the options available in the market. There are several brands considered good.

However, there are two models of camping hammocks that are frequently recommended. The first is the NatureFun NT-0005 , a hammock of only 499 grams, but with a high degree of resistance, made of denim and nylon. It is breathable and has a classic design, but functional parachute style. In addition, it is available in several colors. The next model is theUnigear SB-AM02520 , a hammock resistant and with a high support capacity, which has a high degree of resistance.

Comparison chart of the best camping hammocks

NatureFun Ultralight camping hammock

  • This is a hammock that stands out for its lightweight of only 499 grams, but with a load capacity of up to 300 kilograms, which allows it to be carried from one place to another, without inconvenience.
  • Some users claim that the hanging tapes, despite being resistant, are thin, so they deteriorate with the rubbing of trees and other objects.
  • It is a lightweight, resistant and breathable model, which is capable of supporting a weight of up to 300 kilograms. In addition, it is comfortable and has acceptable measures for two people.

Unigear Hammock 320X200CM Ultra Resistant 210T Nylon

  • This is a camping hammock that stands out for having a bag or travel set, which makes storage and transport easier. This is incorporated and when the hammock is being used, it serves as a suspended bag for other objects.
  • This model has no mosquito net, so users are exposed to mosquito bites or other flying insects, being an element that users miss.
  • It is a hammock made of lightweight and resistant nylon, with capacity for 2 or 3 people, for a total of 300 kilograms. It is suitable for the beach, the countryside, and the garden.

Camping Hammock with zipper mosquito nets egymcom

  • This camping hammock has a multifunctional design since on the one hand it can be used as a hammock with protection against mosquitoes and insects, but when inverted, it becomes a comfortable and suitable tent to install on the ground.
  • It is a thin and thin nylon hammock so that the cold easily passes through it and reaches the body, being necessary to have an insulating and protective blanket.
  • This is a lightweight and convenient model, made of high strength nylon fabric with a capacity to support up to 200 kilograms. In addition, it has a mosquito net.

What is the best camping hammock in the market?

When buying a camping hammock there are a number of basic features that you cannot ignore, if you want it to be a quality and convenient model.

Not all have the same qualities, as some have a greater resistance and others are suitable for their comfort. Therefore, we have prepared a guide to buy the best camping hammock, in which we detail these properties, hoping that it will help you to select a successful model.

Shopping guide

Design and colors

When making a selection of a camping hammock, in addition to determining if it is good and economical, you should also check the colors and design that the model has, so you can mark your personal style with it. In addition to the colors and the striking that you can wear, a hammock needs to be practical.

For this, many are equipped with designs and implements that make them more comfortable, such as the slots to leave the mobile or a bag to transport it more easily.

This bag is usually suitable because in most models it is incorporated into the hammock, so that when it is open, the bag hangs and does not touch the floor, which is convenient to leave personal items, clothes, keys, repellents, among others objects.

Other designs also come with a built-in mesh screen and are suitable to prevent insects from approaching. These models usually have multifunctional designs, being convenient to place on the ground like a tent or hanging.

Dimensions and weight

When making a comparison of camping hammocks it is necessary that you include the dimensions and weight as properties to contrast with other models.

According to the dimensions of this type of item, you can get an idea of how comfortable and large it is, as well as the space you will need to install it. The convenient thing is that it is large, even for individual use, because with the excess material you can cover yourself from the cold and from the animals that can try to bite you.

Regarding weight, the important thing is that the hammocks are light, because being an implement for outdoor outings, it is normal to have to load them, so if they are very heavy, it will not be convenient, since it will slow your March. On the other hand, if they have a lightweight, this will be easy to carry for kilometers without disturbing you. In the market, there are several pesos, but the appropriate ones are those that do not exceed a kilo and a half.


The capacity is indicative of the level of resistance that a camping hammock has. In the market, there is a wide variety that has different sizes and capacities. Some are small, with a capacity for a single person and a maximum support of 80 kilograms, which are usually the simplest and most delicate.

Other models incorporate a larger size, for a capacity of up to 200 kilograms and can support the weight of two people. Meanwhile, there are other extra-large designs that tend to stand out for their high level of comfort and strength to support a capacity of 300 kilograms, which is equivalent to about four people of average weight.

In this aspect, the capacity and support are given by the manufacturing materials, the structure and the muskets, which allow the suspension of the hammock, as well as the quality of the node and the ropes. It is recommended to select models that have a high capacity. However, for safety reasons, it is better not to load the hammock with its maximum weight, or overload it, to avoid accidents.

Manufacturing materials

If you want to know how much a camping hammock costs, you must know what materials were incorporated in the construction of the same because on this the resistance and final price of the product will depend.

Most models incorporate lightweight but resistant materials, such as reinforced nylon or parachute fabric. This material provides high support, is soft, comfortable and allows perspiration for quick-drying, as well as being convenient to isolate the cold.

Other models incorporate the fabric composed of a certain amount of polyester and cotton. These are a bit thicker and heavier but have a high level of resistance.

In addition to the materials on the surface of the hammock, it is important that the ropes that allow it to be held are firm and strong, knowing that many of these are made with double fabrics and dense hooks, being resistant to friction wear. Also, it is important that the carabiners are made of some resistant metal such as steel and aluminum.  

What is the best camping hammock of 2020?

The market for special products and implements for camping is booming. So if you want to buy a camping hammock, you should know that there are a variety of models and brands that offer certain benefits, but not all of them are convenient and choosing one can be complicated.

Therefore, we present the following section with the five models of hammocks that lead the preferences of users, so you can compare and select a model that suits your needs.

Recommended Products

NatureFun NT-0005

Main Advantage:

Its lightweight of almost 500 grams and its construction with nylon parachute fabric, allow you to take this hammock anywhere with ease. In addition, the fabric is breathable and mildew resistant and includes a convenient storage bag.

Main Disadvantage:

For some users, the tapes for hanging the hammock are thin and tend to break with the rubbing of trees, and have had to buy thicker and longer ribbons for assembly.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

It is an ideal hammock for camping because it is ultralight, comfortable and supports an approximate weight of 300 kg. In addition, it includes the necessary implements for its installation.

Main Features Explained

Manufacturing materials

One of the main aspects that you should check when you buy your hammock for camping, has to do with the materials that were used in its preparation, because it will depend on it being resistant and durable.

In the case of this NatureFun model, we highlight that it is made of 210T military-grade nylon parachute fabric, with triple stitching, very strong and resistant, capable of supporting up to 300 kg of weight, so you can sleep in it two people of average weight comfortably and safely, thanks to its size of 275 x 140 cm.

It is good to point out, that this clothing material gives the hammock great support, because it is a soft, light, resistant fabric, allows perspiration and dries quickly, it is also resistant to mold and rot, so you do not have to worry if it gets wet.

For its part, the straps are also made of nylon and were designed exclusively at each end of the hammock with a breaking strength twice as strong as similar ones, are firm and includes two carabiners made of ultralight 12 KN aluminum.



This brand of hammocks has a wide variety of colors that facilitate your selection, since you can choose the one that best suits your style, because among the existing range you can choose in different shades of green, such as apple green, army green, dark green, blue, black, gray, among others.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this hammock turns out to be very practical to take it to any place of camping, or traveling, backpacking, even in the garden.  In addition, it includes a comfortable bag to carry it and the hammock has a small pocket that hangs where you can store the mobile, repellent, among other things.

Capacity and weight

The NatureFun hammock has ample dimensions that allow it to be installed comfortably in almost any space since it is 275 cm long x 140 cm wide, a size that serves both for individual use, where you could cover yourself with insects and cold, or sleep two or up to four people of average weight.

This is because this hammock has a high level of capacity, thanks to its extra-large design that can support a weight of up to 300 kilograms, thanks to its strength and great resistance, providing comfort for its users.

As for the weight of this hammock, we can tell you, that it is a very light model with a weight of 499 kg, and when it is stored in its bag it reaches a weight of 520 kg, being very easy to carry in your suitcase or in your backpack camping without causing discomfort.

Unigear SB-AM02520

 To get a quality model, you should look for among the best camping hammocks of 2020. The Unigear brand presents the SB-AM02520, a hammock with a size of 320 x 200 centimeters that stands out for being light but resistant because it has a capacity to hold up to 300 kilograms or the weight of about three people.

It is made with 210T nylon, a soft, smooth material that allows perspiration. It has three meters of polyester silk strap, which is tear-resistant and has stainless steel carabiners to hold it. These provide greater resistance and support in the suspension of the hammock.

It is equipped with a striking design, available in two shades of green: apple and olive. It is recommended to take to the beach, use it in the garden or outdoor walks. In addition, it has a set or built-in travel bag that facilitates storage.

This could be the best brand of camping hammocks, as Unigear sells good quality products for excursions, camping, climbing, and other outdoor activities.



It is a large green hammock, 300 x 200 cm, in addition, it is made of 210T nylon, being comfortable and safe to use.


It supports up to 300 kg of weight, so it is quite resistant and useful for continuous use almost anywhere you go camping.


It serves to install in the field, terrace, beach, among other places, also works as a swing, for greater user entertainment.


This hammock uses professional straps for easy installation, with two carabiners, one at each end.



It only comes in green, so, for people who want the same model in another shade, this hammock will not be useful.

Egymcom A2063-Oliver-L

If you still do not know which are the best camping hammocks, it is convenient that you verify the properties of the Egymcom A2063-Oliver-L, a model with a weight of 998 grams, in olive green color and dimensions of 290 x 145 centimeters, which makes it a large, comfortable, portable and easy to load copy.

This hammock is made with high-quality materials and resistance, which give it a capacity to support up to 200 kilograms. The canvas is made with parachute nylon fabric and also has stainless steel hooks and strong ropes for suspension.

To facilitate transport, it has a storage bag that reduces its size to dimensions of 30 x 28 centimeters. It is also equipped with a mesh screen, to isolate insects. Thanks to this property, the hammock has a double function, since it can also be converted into a tent.

If you still do not know what camping hammock to buy, perhaps the Egymcom A2063-Oliver-L is appropriate, because it has qualities that have attracted the attention of many users on the Internet.



It supports up to 200 kg of weight, so it is optimal for one or two people, as long as they do not exceed that capacity.

Mosquito net:

The package includes a mosquito net that can be adjusted to the hammock with a practical zipper.


It is easy to move because when it is stored in its bag it has an approximate size of 30 x 33 cm.


This product can be converted into a tent. To do this, you must add camping sticks, canopy, and mat.



The fabric of the hammock is fine, so you may need to use a blanket under you when you use it so that mosquitoes do not pass through the bites.

Logei 246969330

If you are looking for the best camping hammock, you should check the qualities of this model of the manufacturer Logei, which has quality and resistance to withstand high weights. This is a model with a striking multicolored design that is suitable for outdoor excursions, the beach or the garden. It is made with denim, with a composition of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, resistant and lightweight materials.

It has a weight of 1.3 kilograms and its surface has dimensions of   200 x 100 centimeters, with the capacity to support up to 150 kilograms of weight.

The safety of the suspension is covered with a pair of carabiners with a high level of resistance, non-slip buckles and a thick rope of high durability, which is resistant to wear.

This model can be machine washed. However, drying must be natural. It also has a bag for storage.

This is the best camping hammock for 20 euros according to some people who have acquired it, making it one of the cheapest on the market, but it fulfills its function correctly.



It is a high-quality cotton and polyester hammock, so it is comfortable and durable.


The bedtime is approximately 200 x 100 cm and its total length is 290 cm. This means that it is spacious enough to rest in it.


This hammock can be put into the washing machine for ease of maintenance, saving you time to do another activity.



It is the hammock of the list that supports less weight, only 150 Kg, however, many buyers are satisfied with its acquisition.


Tree, pole or wall fastening rings could be more robust. Some people have acquired another type of anchor separately.



With a surface area of 210 x 150 centimeters, this camping hammock model is a favorite of the users, because it has a high level of resistance and capacity to support up to 300 kilograms of weight and up to four people sitting or lying down.

It is a hammock of the manufacturer Songmics, which is made of woven material composed of 70% cotton and the remaining 30% in polyester, being breathable and easy to wash. It has a striking multicolored design that combines blue and green tones.

It is a sturdy and durable hammock since the end ropes have been reinforced and woven by hand, resulting in a fishbone node. It is recommended for walks and outings outdoors, beach, camping or garden and terrace. In addition, it is equipped with a bag to store and facilitate its transport, which is incorporated into the hammock.

This product is also one of the best on the list, therefore, some people recommend its acquisition. Here are the most important pros and cons.



It has bright colors that make it elegant and useful even to decorate the environments where you install it, for example, garden, terrace, field, etc.


The resting surface is 210 x 150 cm, which means that it will be quite comfortable to use.


It supports up to 300 Kg, so, according to the seller, it can be used by several people at once.



The package does not include carabiners to install it with greater security, however, these can be purchased on the Internet without inconvenience.


It would be good if it were softer to the touch, but for most buyers, this is enough.

NatureFun NT-0005

If the low price is a feature that leads you to buy and you are looking for the best price-quality camping hammock, then this is the model for you, because it is the cheapest of our selection. It is made of 210T nylon parachute fabric, a material that is light and resistant, as well as being mold-proof, breathable and with triple-needle seams for reinforcement. Its weight is 499 grams.

It has a capacity of up to 300 kilograms, thanks to its ultra-strong system straps, which are brand specific and have 12 KN carabiners made of ultralight aluminum. It has a simple design, is available in several colors and its measures are 275 x 140 cm.

This model stands out for being portable, because the package resembles a volleyball ball in size, so loading it is simple and can be carried and installed anywhere.

For some buyers, this is the best camping hammock of the moment, so we invite you to take a look at its main features, which we present below.



It is made of sturdy nylon with triple-needle stitching while being a breathable product, quick to dry and mold resistant.


The hammock has dimensions of 275 x 140 cm and supports up to 300 kg of weight, so it is useful for people of various sizes.


The package includes a bag in which you can store the hammock so that it does not take up too much space while moving it from one side to another.


This product weighs 520 grams when stored in the bag, so it will not be difficult to carry it in a traveling suitcase or backpack.



For some users the ropes are very short, so they have had to acquire longer ones.

How to use a camping hammock

Going out camping does not necessarily mean sleeping badly or being in poor condition. Obviously, you will not have access to the same comforts that you can enjoy in your home, but you can get some resources to facilitate your stay. For example, camping hammocks are very useful and today we will show you how to use them.

Check the parts

The extension of the hammock will be the most evident when opening the product packaging. And, as it is the one that will support your weight, you should verify that it does not contain holes, wear, among other negative aspects in its widest part. Also, consider that the width is suitable for your texture and the purposes for which you intend to use it.

However, there are other elements that you should check before proceeding to use it outside your home, as they will be the ones that will give you the greatest security. In the first instance, there are the straps that will be the ones that will be attached to the trees to hang the hammock, which should come in pairs. On the other hand, it is necessary to check the carabiners, metal parts that attach the earmuffs of the hammock to the straps.

Make the selection of trees

Sure you will find many trees when you leave camping, which will be useful to install your hammock. To choose the right ones, you must verify that they are seeded pairs at a distance of, more or less, 3 or 3.5 meters.

Also, you should assess the width of your trunk to ensure they will have enough strength to support the entire weight. In this case, it is better to choose one that is not too wide or too thin.

Install the straps

Once you have selected the trees, you will have to fix the belts we are talking about above. To do this, you must measure a height of one and a half meters, approximately, from the ground. Remember that with the weight the hammock will descend a bit and it is necessary that the suspension is adequate not to rub against the ground.

The use of these straps is simple, it will only be necessary to surround the entire trunk and pass one of the tabs through the upper circle that is well identified to create a very strong knot. You will have to do the same procedure on both trees.

Adjust the carabiners

Each carabiner has a tongue that allows it to be opened. After having the hammock in the correct position, raise one end and hook this element to the strap, then repeat the procedure at the other end.

Check the height and test it

Before you get on, you must verify that the hammock is firm and at a considerable height. In general, it is not good that it is too high or too low. Press firmly with your hands and, if you think it is correct, you can get on.

This process should also be done carefully, first sitting down and then slowly resting your head and arms. Raise your feet and also incorporate them into the hammock structure.

If all goes well, you will have a very good place to spend the night or rest during the day, according to your preference. In case you need to make any adjustments, it will be easier if you have followed all the previous steps.

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