Best Axe For Chopping Tree

The Best Axe For Chopping Tree- Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

Wood axes have always been used to cut firewood. This obvious, the truth is given the variety of tasks included in this section it is important to know how to choose the most appropriate ax to it. An ax for pruning is not the same as for cutting logs or preparing firewood, for example. In any case, the choice of materials and designs of the best axe for chopping trees for chopping trees must be taken care of precisely to optimize your work. In this field the Bellota 8130-300 model is one of the most interesting and recommended by users.


A short ax of 300 grams of weight, Biscayan design and that has some very interesting materials to be able to carry out all kinds of works of small scope or scope. If you prefer a piece for cutting firewood and large logs, the Fiskars 122503It’s your choice. An ax with which to cut logs up to 30 centimeters in diameter, with a grip system that improves the comfort and safety of the cutting process.



Comparison chart of the best axe for chopping trees


Acorn 8130-300 – Biscay ax 300 grams


  • This model has a Biscayan-type design, traditional style, which makes it highly efficient to do all kinds of small-scale cutting works, such as cutting branches, pruning or trimming of logs, among other tasks.
  • The product is not sharpened as standard, so it will be necessary to sharpen it before starting to cut. But this has the advantage of being able to adjust this sharpness just to the level or angle that suits you.
  • A traditional cutting ax with which to perform small cutting jobs with the quality and versatility of the brand.




Fiskars 122503 – Slitting ax, 2.7 kg

  • The design of the cutting blade has been optimized to be able to tear and open large logs, with a wedge specially designed for it and with the necessary strength to perform complex tasks and high force load.
  • Precisely because of the high quality of the blade, as is the case with knives, it is necessary to use caution when using it especially if you have never used this type of axes, due to its high cutting capacity.
  • Cutting large and measured logs has never been as easy as this high strength and capacity model allows.



Silverline 763553 – Ax with long fiberglass handle (3.96 kg)



  • The nylon-coated fiberglass handle is perfect for absorbing the impacts of the cutting area against the wood, while the coating protects the hands and prevents slipping during work.
  • Some users mention that the relation of weight and dimensions of the handle could be better, since having a handle of about 90 centimeters, the total weight of 4 kilos is scarce and forces more effort than it should.
  • A large draft ax with high-tech materials and attractive price, so that equipping you does not get more expensive from the account.



What is the best axe for chopping trees in the market?


As with chefs’ knives, axes have a wide range of modalities and options to choose from. Each ax has its specific use, so that any comparison of axes must necessarily consider this issue to be effective. So that you can choose your next ax better, we offer you our guide to buy the best axe for chopping trees in the market. In it you will have the main guidelines with which to convert your purchase into a success.



What is the best axe for chopping trees of 2020?


Whether it is cutting wood, pruning, preparing firewood or even performing survival tasks, axes are ideal tools to perform these tasks. But given its versatility it is better to bet on the models closest to your activity, since a hand ax is not the same as a survival ax, for example. So that you know which is the best axe for chopping trees according to your needs, we give you some guidance in this regard along with our selection of the best axe for chopping trees of 2020 in which you will surely find the perfect piece for you.


Recommended Products


Acorn 8130-300


Main Advantage:

One of the positive aspects of this tool is that its head has been manufactured from a single piece, that is, it has no welding points or joints, which increases its hardness and robustness.


Main Disadvantage:

One of his buyers commented that the plastic wedge that is included to protect the edge of the ax does not adapt properly to the entire length of the ax, although this does not affect its performance.


Verdict: 9.8 / 10

If you like to work with nature or need to cut firewood from time to time to fight the cold, an ax like Acorn can be a great purchase option.



Main Features Explained



Axes are mainly used to cut wood and, given the robustness of this material, it is very important to invest in a model that is strong enough. Experts recommend giving dry blows to the pieces of wood and a power of this level could break the ax heads if they are of poor quality.

Acorn 8130-300 is an ax that stands out for its hardness. The head of this model is composed of a single piece of iron, which eliminates the presence of joints and welds that could be weak points in the head. Thanks to this, you can give dry blows with confidence without worrying about damaging the tool.

As commented by its buyers, the Acorn finishes allow it to be used to work with wood of different hardnesses, thus increasing its practicality at all times.



The ax is a purely manual tool and very useful outdoors. It requires strength and balance from the user to perform correctly. Therefore, it is very important that the handle is taken into account, whether evaluating its size, ergonomics or grip.

The handle of the 8130-300 is made entirely of wood, offering great strength and durability. It is also varnished, so the grip is much more pleasant to the touch and helps improve friction. This will allow you to hold the ax firmly to deal with the necessary blows that can easily cut the wood.

It also highlights the presence of a hole at the end of the handle with which you can hang your tool from a nail on the wall and prevent it from being taken by children or simply to avoid clutter in your garage.



As expected, with any cutting tool it is essential to take into account the edge of the blade. The ax is no exception. High quality cutting is required to facilitate the division of tree trunks with ease. If not, you run the risk of having to hit more and run out faster.

This will not happen if you decide to invest in an ax like the one offered by Acorn. This model has a special curved design in the cutting edge area, designed to facilitate the entry of the ax into the wood and reduce the number of strokes needed.

In addition, the edge has been obtained with dedication and good finishes to keep it as new for longer. In the cutting area, any type of hitch that could exist to allow fluid and light movements when entering and leaving the wood has been eliminated.





Fiskars 122503


 The Fiskars 122503 ax is a model intended primarily for cracking wood and therefore cutting large logs, starting at 30 centimeters in diameter.

An ax with which to cut in one fell swoop, thanks to the total weight of 2.7 kilos that the piece has. Something to which also contributes the special sharpening, which slides properly through the wood.

And so that you do not worry about comfort, the long handle has a 3D grip that offers greater security when it comes to holding the piece, as well as adequate comfort that prevents calluses and hand damage, typical of other products worse quality

For some, Fiskars could be the best axe for chopping trees brand today thanks to its finishes and durability:



One of the most outstanding elements of this model is its blade, since it has been forged with a thin edge that can slide between the layers of wood and then be separated by the thick part of it.


Its weight is also 2.7 kg. This weight is an advantage for everyone with the ability to handle it because, combined with a good swing, it can increase the ax’s power significantly.


The 122503 is equipped with a 3D design handle designed to facilitate the ergonomic grip of the ax, which will prevent discomfort, calluses and instability.


According to its manufacturer, this Fiskars ax is ideal for working with logs with diameters greater than 30 centimeters, so it is quite practical and very useful in any lumberjack task.



Although its weight is a point in favor, you must be strong enough to lift the ax and balance it properly.






Silverline 763553


 Technology and modernity. Two elements that are not always present in traditional products such as axes, but in the Silverline 763553 model make an exception.

This product is made of steel forged in the part of the blade and a new handle made entirely of fiberglass, to give greater comfort and lightness to the use.

A comfort that is topped with a nylon coating that absorbs impacts better. This ax has a weight of almost 4 kilos, with a long-handled design according to the traditional large ax.

A product that also has an attractive price, which makes it the best axe for chopping trees for value for money at the moment.

Before making the decision about what ax to buy, check out its materials and capacity, so that it is the right one for your needs:



The Silverline model stands out for having a cutting blade made entirely of steel, which guarantees robustness and durability for many years.


The handle, meanwhile, has been manufactured in fiberglass with a rubber coating, which improves grip and increases user comfort.


In addition, it also features a nylon coating that is responsible for minimizing the effect of impacts on your hands.



This tool is delivered without sharpening, so you should prepare it first before starting work.


A couple of shoppers complained that they did not get the promised carrying case to keep the ax.




Silverline HA68


 The Silverline HA68 ax responds to the conventional design of cut-ax ax, being suitable for pruning, cutting and any other short-haul work.

This product has a forged steel head and good sharpening with which to make all kinds of cutting easily. The piece is mounted on a wooden handle, light and resistant with which to have a good comfort of use.

The product has a weight of 680 grams, being very practical in all these situations. It is also a cheap product, but of quality, thanks to the resistance of its materials, which prevent the chipping of the handle and damage to the cutting area by much work that is placed on the ax.

The HA68 could become the best axe for chopping trees for 10 euros, which also makes it one of the cheapest in this list:



The blade is made of steel with a brushed finish that, in addition to making it look good, will also allow you to use the tool with confidence.


It has a low weight of just 680 grams so you can take it where you need without bothering too much.


The handle or handle is made of solid wood with a varnish finish for comfort.



It is a short-handled model and this indicates that it is an ax for simple jobs or for basic land cleaning.


some consider that it is not the most robust equipment in the market since, in some occasions, the leaf does not remain fixed.




M-Tech MT-AXE14


 Designed to be available in any situation and be able to escape from any situation, the M-Tech MT-AXE14 ax is a versatile, lightweight and high-strength piece with which to increase your chances in any hostile environment.

The product has a large cutting area finished in a tip on one side, while on the other side we have a hammer area to drive the stakes of our store, for example.

This model has a properly coated handle to prevent slipping, also having a transport rope to carry it hanging. This is something that also helps its light weight, just 900 grams, so you do not load more weight of the bill.

Having an ax at home may be more practical than you think, especially if you live in country settings or have a garden with large trees:



It has a special blade that, in addition to working as an ax, can also be used as a hammer.


M – Tech has an ergonomic handle with rubber coating that will help you maintain stability and firmness while you are using it.


A nylon belt holster is included with the purchase. This will help you hang the ax to your belt and always have it at hand.



It is primarily a model for simple tasks, as it is designed as a survival ax.


In addition, the handle is short which complicates working with trunks of considerable thickness.

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Acorn 8130-300


 Considered as the best axe for chopping trees of the moment by some users, the Acorn 8130-300 model is a traditional Biscay ax with a weight of 300 grams and excellent quality.

This model has a high penetration without hooking in the material, incorporating a special edge that helps to penetrate the branch better.

The product has a length of 36 centimeters, of which 4 correspond to the blade and 32.5 to the handle, according to the ax design with a long handle that is usually used for jobs of all kinds.

A product with a cutting head forged in one piece and that includes a pleasant weight to work comfortably and safely.

The Acorn model has considerable advantages that may make it the best axe for chopping trees of the moment . We invite you to meet them below:



This acorn ax has the advantage of having a head forged by a single piece, which adds greater strength and resistance to be able to withstand intense uses of wood cutting of any kind.


The handle is made of wood and has been varnished to be more pleasant to the touch and allow you to hold it firmly when hitting. It also has a small hole in the end so you can hang the ax in your garage.


The blade has been carefully sharpened and has a curved design designed to penetrate the wood more deeply with each stroke. In addition, it has penetration capacity without hooking and this helps to maintain a more fluid movement to cut logs in a short time.


With the purchase of this model an edge guard is included that you can place on the blade to keep it sharp for much longer as well as avoid accidents.


the dimensions of this acorn ax are 12 x 3 x 38 centimeters. It is very easy to handle and only requires your effort to apply adequate pressure on each stroke. In addition, its light weight of just 300 grams will allow you to balance it easily so that you add more speed to each ax.





How to use an ax


Today, thanks to technology, we can count on axes that offer good cutting efficiency, whether it be small cuts in branches and shrubs, as well as large log cuts of large magnitudes, due to the designs and materials with which they are made. That is why you will then have a set of recommendations that will allow you to use your ax.



When you have a short-handled ax you can use it to make branch cuts, eliminate knots or any other cut of few proportions, since the designs of short-handled axes have not very wide leaves and little weight, to provide you with a high effectiveness when making those small cuts.

Now, if you have a long-handled ax with a broad blade, you can use it to cut logs and very thick pieces, since these long-handled ax models have a considerable weight and a large, sharp blade to take advantage of Log cuts and thick pieces of wood.


They are ergonomic

Another important feature that you will find when using your ax is that you can manipulate it with great stability to make your cuts effectively, thanks to the new ax models have ergonomic handles that facilitate grip. In addition, they do not cause you discomfort by protecting yourself from corns and blisters during your days of cuts.


Absorb impacts

Another point you will find when making the cuts with your ax is that your hands will not move, nor will you feel the impacts of the cuts no matter how strong they are, since most of the new axes have handles coated with specific materials of First quality that provide greater comfort, shock absorption and stability to protect the hands.


Safety rules

Safety regulations are important in all types of work; Failure to follow them can bring serious inconveniences, therefore, the user must be the first to be committed to follow them and practice them on each work day.

When working with an ax, safety regulations must be taken into account, since any accident can cause serious damage. The ax must always be used with the edge facing forward, so that it cannot touch the body; safety boots and gloves that must be non-slip should be worn.

Working with this tool needs concentration, so you should not work under the effects of sedatives or medications that cause drowsiness. Equally important is to avoid the presence of people in the perimeter or area where the ax is working.


Keep your ax sharp

The edge of an ax is essential for your work, so you should evaluate the edge of your ax frequently. In order for an ax to effectively perform its work it must be well sharpened, otherwise you will have to invest more time and effort. It is pending the edge of your ax; if you notice that you have lost it you must sharpen it; If you can’t do it yourself, you can take it to a specialized site.




The most popular brands


Today there is a wide variety of axes available in the market, each model for a specific task. In this sense, there are axes specialized in the cutting of firewood, so the presence of any of these becomes indispensable especially in country houses, where producing fire in the fireplace or stove is so common. Especially in the winter time. Thus, we should not overlook that some are sponsored by brands such as Fiskars, Acorn and Silverline Tools, providing quality and functionality.




If we talk about old companies, Fiskars has a lot to tell. Well, this Finnish company was founded in 1649 by Peter Thorwöste, being one of the first blacksmith shops that by the seventeenth century already provided its services to the general public. In this sense, after such a long time, it is proud to represent what would be synonymous with quality and reliability during its journey in the western world.

To learn a little about its history we must take into account that, like many companies worldwide, it began to be humbly forged as a small village, but by 1783 this blacksmithing goes to the Björkman family, achieving its specialization in copper processing giving way, in the year 1832, to the foundation of the first cutlery in Finland.

From then on, Firkars was responsible for manufacturing its best tools at the same time that it grew considerably, so it is appropriate to take into account that today it has approximately 9,000 employees worldwide, operating in more than 30 countries for what would be the development of different tools for the daily use of its different users.




Maintaining an experience based on more than 105 years, the Bellota company is established in 1908 under the name of Patricio Echeverría Corporation, developing two types of activities aimed at the manufacture of hand tools to provide its users with basic solutions. Well, it should be noted that they were aimed at the construction, gardening and agriculture sectors.

In this sense and taking into account its extensive trajectory, Bellota offers a wide range of tools available in the market, such as harrow discs, plow pieces, even different types of blades, among which axes specialized in cutting wood to obtain firewood properly.

With the passage of time, this company was imposed in more than 120 countries, with at least 11 registered trademarks, maintaining a broad vision characterized by continuing to grow daily while providing solutions and services through innovative hand tools and quality.




For a long time, Silverline Tools has been in charge of providing its distinguished clientele with quality tools and to show this, it has the ISO 9001 certification, which demonstrates that it is governed by current regulations and legislation that is responsible for regulate the manufacturing, import and distribution process of its different products.

Going back to the beginning of it, it should be noted that in 1999 D ‘Castro Importadores de América, SA de CV was born, and it is from there that the Silverline.US brand is created, characterized in the first instance by meeting the needs and priorities of the different consumers, among them those carpenters existing worldwide, so that they could carry out their work in the hands of quality products and above all with affordable prices.

It should be noted that this brand has at its disposal a specialized catalog with more than 5000 products manufactured in different parts of the world. But more important is to know that this company is interested in environmental conservation, so it tries to significantly reduce the environmental impact that occurs as a result of the different manufacturing processes.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: What is the blunt part of an ax?

The blunt part is the one that has no point or edge.


Q2: How to sharpen an ax?

Protect yourself with thick leather gloves and safety glasses.If the ax is rusty, then rub those areas with sandpaper.

Take the ax to the edge of a table or any other firm surface, with the blade facing out. If you have any press to hold it, it is advisable to use it, but if you don’t have it, then use your strength. Tilt the ax a little so that the blade is parallel to the table.

Get a lime bastard, about 15 to 30 centimeters. Detail the ax bezel, as the edges may vary between one tool and another. If you will work with hard wood, the edges should be wide, but if your work will be carved, the tip should be straight and triangular. Decide what shape you want to give the ax before you start sharpening.

Use your dominant hand to hold the file and start sharpening the ax with a firm movement towards the blade, follow a leisurely pace.

If in the process you feel a burr, turn the ax and start sharpening the other side of the blade. Do this side shift frequently during tuning, as this may give you a more uniform edge.

Take a sliding squad and adjust the angle you want the ax to have with a protractor. Place the square on the edge and verify that it fits, because if it does not fit, you must sharpen and lower the ax in the exceeded sections. Do it until finished and ready.


Q3: How to cut firewood with ax?

Equip yourself with safety glasses, gloves and safety boots to avoid accidents. Find a large block of wood to serve as a base. If you find a block of knotty wood, this will be perfect, as this type is more resistant to the blow of an ax.

Locate the piece of firewood you want to cut, placing it in the block in a stable and central position. Get away and spread your legs at shoulder height. Take the ax, placing the dominant hand on top of the other. The first does not move, while the second can move until you find comfort.

Look at the firewood and try to look for some crack or smooth streaks, as these are the easiest places to cut. Make a bow over the shoulder of your dominant hand and hold the ax up firmly before hitting. Bring the ax down quickly and without hesitation, to avoid hitting a place other than the one you see.


Q4: How to cut a tree with ax?

If you already have the appropriate permits, get safety equipment to protect you, as a first step.

Collect everything that is near the tree. Examine the tree to determine its inclination, how stable it is, the direction in which it will fall, etc.

Approach with the ax and start cutting slowly. The goal is to form a V with the sides of the tree. Start on one side and, at the end, continue on the other side until you get the “V” shape.

At this time you must pay attention, because the tree will lose stability. Look up and, hearing any click, follow the previously established route to leave, as the tree will fall.


Q5: How to make an ax handle?

Make a pattern on a sheet of paper with the measures of the handle that your ax had. Cut a wood with the jigsaw following the pattern.

With the wood in your hands, sand it by the edges to round them. Use a small piece of glass to polish the handle, the edge of this is the part to use. Take the handle and place the ax on top, marking the eye of the tool with a pencil.

In doing so, it begins to rough up until the desired shape is obtained. Make an opening with a handsaw at the top to place a steel wedge inside and, in doing so, proceed to place the ax.


Shopping guide


Ax applications

As we said, the first element of importance is the applications or tasks that we can perform with the ax. It would not make sense to use a branch-cutting ax or pruning to try to cut logs and vice versa. The good news is that there are some versatile tools with which to have access to more cutting options.

The most common axes in the market are those that offer short or hand designs, so that we can work on cutting branches, removing knots and other minor elements. They are axes of short handle, leaves not too wide and that allow to apply force when working but with a good cutting efficiency.

For larger work it is necessary to expand the measures of all the elements: handle and blade. In this case there is a difference in how much it costs, but obviously the functionality is worth it in terms of spending. The models for cutting logs and pieces of greater draft increase the weight to several kilos (the more more power) as well as long handles. By the way, it is important that the handle and weight have a correct relationship to make the cut more comfortable.


Product sheet construction

Following the example of knives, ax blades are another element of great importance in the choice of ax. This sheet will be directly related to the cutting system or the mentioned functions, although there are additional elements to consider.

Normally, the cutting blade is made of high quality tempered steel, which prevents it from being damaged during the process. This element is key so be suspicious of cheap axes if you really cannot fully trust their construction.

This area is the one that also allows the rotation of the cut, so that the more we weigh the product, the higher the level of cutting power we will have. This is especially important when making the stroke in the designs with the highest cutting capacity. By the way, do not forget to check that the wedges and the designs of the sheets are effectively adapted to the intended use, for greater efficiency.


Product handle

The handle of the product is the last aspect that we must consider, both because of its importance in offering security, as well as to prevent the cutting process from affecting our health, causing injuries and other problems. All this is without forgetting the dimensions according to the applications of the ax that we have already commented.

The handle must be made of lightweight materials, but always resistant, to avoid breakage and risks when working. In this aspect we have two main materials: wood, which must always be polished and compacted to improve grip; and synthetic materials that must have high strength and help absorb shock. This is an issue that allows you to work better, both in safety and comfort.

On the other hand, as with the leaves, the handles also have a variable dimension depending on the model. The more powerful the cutting capacity of the product is generally the longer the handle will be. So, just as we mentioned with the leaves, it is convenient to see that the handle has an adequate size ratio to the blade so that the sliding is correct.


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