The 6 Best American Bonsai Tools Kits Reviews Of 2019

Do you have a bonsai or are you going to buy it? To be able to take care of it properly it is necessary that you have in your possession the best American bonsai tools. Thanks to these tools you can take care of your tree to the fullest and enjoy this great experience that takes millennia between us.

Rank #1: Voilamart 14 Piece Bonsai Tools Kit with Case

Whether you are a lover of bonsai, or if you want to start in this world, you must be clear that it is important to have a good tool kit like this to be able to ensure that bonsai are always in perfect condition.

The Voilarmart brand offers us the possibility to choose between the case of 10 pieces or the case of 14 . Personally I recommend the 14, because it includes more tools and therefore you can do a higher quality job.

The kit comes very well prepared. It includes tools of all kinds and of different sizes for the care of bonsai. So you can work on it with great care and you can have a bonsai that will be the envy of everyone.

As for the quality of the tools, I can assure you that it is very good. All of them have been prepared and sharpened for this type of use. Really your bonsai will thank you and much.

All these tools are well in a small case that you can store without problems. Moreover, in this case you can easily carry from one place to another, thanks to its weight is less than 3 kg

Rank #2: IMAGE Carbon Steel Bonsai Tool Set

Caring for a bonsai is never easy, so you always have to have the best tools on the market to get the plant to grow healthy and strong. A good tool kit for bonsai can be the Image brand. In this case, we offer a pack of 10 pieces.

The tools are of medium quality, while if you notice any problem in any of them, you can always request that you change the kit for a new one that is in perfect condition.

Inside the pack you can find 5 rolls of wire, 5 varieties of scissors of different sizes to be able to make different cuts, a rake, a root hook … it is a very complete pack in exchange for a very competitive price.

I recommend this pack especially for people who want to have a good Japanese kit to have their bonsai well cared for and are starting in this world. If you are new and do not want to spend a lot of money on the kit, this option is sure to adapt perfectly to your needs.

Rank#3: ZELAR MADE Bonsai Set

If you do not want a complete kit, but you are only looking for a set of scissors to prune the leaves that do not fit well in your plant, this set of scissors will come in handy.

In this case, you can enjoy a total of 4 scissors of different sizes. So you can perform high-quality pruning and all this in exchange for a very competitive price.

As for the scissors, they are 120, 180, 200 and 210mm. They have been manufactured with medium quality materials, but more than enough to be able to prune the plant carefully and especially without causing damage that can cause the bonsai to end up being lost.

Thanks to the pack include different sizes, you can perform different types of pruning. Both are outside the small tree, and inside. For example, you will find a long model, which will allow you to cut internal areas with great precision so that you always get the plant in perfect condition.

Rank#4: Planters' Choice Bonsai Starter Kit

This time I present a kit that I think is very good for the price it has. To begin, I have to say that each and every one of the tools has been manufactured with carbon steel and then polished.

If you bet on buying this pack, you can enjoy different tools such as scissors, Trimmer, root cutter, doorknob, hook, wire cutter … and all this is accompanied by a nylon sheath. This case has not only been created to protect the tools but has been created with the aim of having everything tidy. When you are not using the tools, you just have to close its zipper and thus you will not lose any of the tools.

With this pack, you can not only prune the leaves of your bonsai, but you can also work your soil, adapt the roots or trim the branches if necessary. So you can give a really elegant design for your bonsai.

It is perfect for both professionals and people who begin to start in this world.

I really like the touch of these tools. You just have to touch them and you can realize that they are very pleasant to the touch, which means that you will surely feel really comfortable using them.

Rank#5: ZELARMAN Bonsai Training Wire Set

On many occasions, you will need to have good special bonsai wires in your possession, through which to ensure that the small tree can have adequate growth.

With this kit, you can have wires of different formats, to get where necessary. With these wires and some good tools, like the ones I have previously recommended, you can easily shape your bonsai.

These wires have been created with materials that will not damage or cut your tree due to the pressure effect. The material that has been used is aluminum. It is a type of rust-resistant wire. And as you know, bonsai is not good to have rust around you, hence you should always use the highest quality wire like this.

Within this pack, you can find 3 wire wheels of 10 meters each. The thinnest is 1mm, the other is 1.5mm and the thickest is 2mm. As you can see, depending on the needs of your bonsai, you can use one size or another. And since they are 10 meters, you can be sure that with this wire you will have for many years and it will always be as new.

Rank#6: BambooMN Bonsai Kit 16pc Master Tool Set

To finalize the list, I want to talk about a really very complete and top quality kit. It can be used by anyone, but it is perfect for professionals, who only look for the best for their small trees.

In this case you can enjoy 5 wires of different sizes with many meters each roll. You will also enjoy trunk splitters, branch pins, wire cutters, scissors and pliers. You can have everything your bonsai needs.

And, although it may seem complicated to maintain a bonsai, which really needs a lot of care to survive, it is true that today thanks to these tools everything is much easier.

What you should be clear about is that these tools will not help you if you don’t know how to care for your plant. For this reason, before buying a bonsai, I recommend you read manuals, so you can know from the first minute which kit interests you most and above all you can see if you can offer your tree such care or not.

Tips for buying the best american bonsai tools

When caring for a bonsai, it is very important to have knowledge about your care and above all to have the necessary tools to succeed. You must be clear that this world is not simple, so the tree may not survive a year if you are a beginner. To succeed, it is important to buy a simple bonsai to keep with good tools. As you take practice, the next step will be to buy other more complicated bonsai.

When buying tools you can bet on buying a kit like the ones I have recommended before or you can buy the tools individually.

You should always have a fine scissor in your possession . This tool can be used for pinching as for pruning small branches. This type of scissors stands out for being long scissors that allow to reach any part of the plant, which allows pruning of the highest quality.

The concave mower is another tool that I recommend you have in your possession. Through this tool you can prune primary and secondary branches.

Thanks to the thick pruning shears you can prune the thickest branches, that is, you can remove the oldest branches, which do not fit into your plans for bonsai.

The concave dump can seem like a tool of little use at the beginning, but with the passage of time you will realize that it is a tool that you need to have in your possession. Through this tool you will get a concave cut, which will allow the bonsai to recover much earlier, because the wound will close quickly. If you need to prune a branch that has contact with the trunk, it is most likely that this tool is the one you need. Of course, you may find it in other places with other names such as spherical pruner or stump pruner.

Types of american bonsai tools bonsai tools

In the market, you can find different types of tools to prune bonsai, but the most important is 3 and then we will talk about them.

The Chinese tools are perfect for people who want to start in this world and therefore do not want to spend a lot of money unless they do not like the experience. Of course, the vast majority of people who start caring for bonsai, end up falling in love. These tools fulfill their function, hence you can achieve very good results.

The Ryuga tools stand out as having been made of stainless steel and have a higher level point against the Chinese. They are manufactured with high-quality materials and pass quality tests. They really look like Japanese tools, but with the advantage that they are not expensive at all.

Finally, the American bonsai tools are the best you can buy today. These tools are more expensive than the previous ones, but in return, you will have the assurance that they are of the highest quality. They are imported from Japan, so I can assure you they will last a lifetime. That is, the investment is really not as expensive as it seems, because we are talking about tools for a lifetime. That is why, so professionals only use Japanese tools. And they really are the best in the market.

How to care for a bonsai?

Bonsai are very beautiful and taking care of them is a really pleasant experience. But before buying this plant, you should know that they are not easy to care for. Moreover, some species are more complicated than others. If you are going to start in this world, you should always acquire a simple kind of caring and later evolve.

Keep in mind that bonsai are very sensitive to changes in light, to watering … you should always pamper it to get it to survive and offer you a really very beautiful color.

Watering should always be done when the soil begins to dry out. At no time should you wait until the earth is completely dry, nor should you flood the earth because you will drown the plant?

The payment is another important point for the care of bonsai. You should always pay correctly, remembering that the doses should be lower in autumn and winter. Moreover, you should always use a suitable fertilizer for this type of plant; it is not worth using a regular fertilizer.

Pruning is necessary every so often. In addition, it will help you get the design you want to give your bonsai.

It is important that every 3 or 4 years do a transplant of the plant. The land eventually wears out, so if you do not want to kill your plant, every few years you must perform a transplant to offer its roots new soil.

The best tactic to know when you have to transplant a bonsai is to look at its growth. If its growth begins to paralyze and weaken, this is a clear sign that the plant needs a change of land as soon as possible. This operation is not complicated, but it needs to be done carefully and with a minimum of knowledge. And when transplanting to the plant, you should always use special soil. Never a traditional substrate.

When pruning, pruning should always be done with the knowledge and not based on tastes. You should always cut the branches, leaves or roots that are not useful for the plant and therefore they are taking energy away from the main bonsai section. If you manage to perform proper pruning, you can be sure that the bonsai will grow strong and healthy. On the other hand, if you do an aggressive pruning and of poor quality, what you will get is that the plant will weaken or even die.

Do not forget to make a good pinching, in order to increase the density of the leaves, in exchange for reducing the size of the plant.

Finally, it is important to give the tree a beautiful design. Many people do not want their plant to grow only upwards, but they want it to have beautiful shapes. To achieve this, it is very important to always use a fence that forces the plant to grow that way. If you are looking for a good wire, on the list I have recommended a good pack that will give you very good results and also will not oxidize with moisture and the passage of time. Remember to do this job very carefully, in order to prevent the plant from breaking or cutting.

Where to buy a cheap and best Americans bonsai tool kit?

Once you are clear about what type of tool you want to use, the next step will be to buy it. You must be clear that you should never buy tools of poor quality, because you would be condemning your little tree.

It is best to buy good quality american bonsai tools and make the purchase online to get cheaper prices. For example, if you are not sure what tools to buy, by buying one of the kits that I have recommended before you can be sure of having made a very good purchase.

And remember, the bonsai hooks, so once you have it in your home, you will want to take care of it every day to the fullest so that it looks pretty and with different shapes. If you don’t have it at home yet, I recommend you enjoy this experience as soon as possible.

The list of professional tools for forming bonsai trees is quite long. We suggest what tools are needed to start forming bonsai trees.

The list of professional bonsai tools is quite long: they include planting, pruning, and wiring tools. It would be ideal to have all the original Japanese tools, but they are very expensive and difficult to access. Fortunately, in every garden store, you will find their cheaper counterparts. It’s best to start the adventure with bonsai forming from them and buy professional tools in the future.

We suggest what tools will be useful for bonsai forming.

25 American Bonsai tools:

  1. Pruning scissors
  2. Standard shears
  3. Long, slender shears
  4. Leaf scissors
  5. Scissors for azaleas and “shohin”
  6. Large oblique forceps with straight blades
  7. Small oblique forceps with straight blades
  8. Convex ticks
  9. Tweezers with a spatula
  10. Large folding saw
  11. Medium folding saw
  12. Thin ball
  13. Grafting knife with a wooden handle
  14. Root hook
  15. Small root rakes
  16. Large root rake
  17. Sickle saw
  18. Sickle
  19. Root forceps
  20. Strong root pruners
  21. Jin / wire bending pliers
  22. Large wire tongs
  23. Small wire tongs
  24. Small bent pliers for jin / wire bending
  25. (Middle) set of blades to the ground

Bonsai planting tools       

For planting, bonsai tools will be no different from typical gardening tools. When digging trees from the garden you will need a shovel, and a small spatula or shovel is enough to remove the plants from the pots and scoop the soil. The bottom of the flat pot must be lined with a fine mesh, which will cover the large holes in its bottom. For planting and transplanting, you can also use a sharp pruning shears to trim the roots.


Tools for trimming bonsai shoots and roots

There are several different pruning shears and bonsai shears. Many creators limit their number to only three: spherical branch pruners (for cutting thicker branches and roots), oblique pruning shears (for thinner branches) and scissors for pruning thin shoots. For a beginner bonsaist, all you need is a large and small pruning shears and ordinary shears or a gardening knife. Large and thick shoots are cut with a regular branch saw.


Bonsai wiring tools

Forming shoots with a wire allows you to give bonsai trees the desired shape and to keep plants in the right position and place in the pot. However, bending the wire is not an easy task and requires the right tools such as pliers and pruning shears or wire cutters and pliers. We also need to stock up on wires of various diameters: thick (3-4 mm) for forming the trunk and thin (1 mm) for bending twigs.



Using the right tools is a very important element in growing Bonsai trees. You must be able to make accurate, clean cuts with a special profile and even edges.

For beginners, a few basic tools are enough, e.g. good-quality oblique forceps and standard shears. The longer you work on Bonsai, the more specialized tools you will need.


Japanese tools are widely known for their high quality (and high prices), while Chinese are much cheaper, but their quality is lower (although it is still growing). Black steel, which most tools are made of, needs a little more maintenance because it tends to rust. High-quality stainless steel tools are even more expensive. Use the tools as intended and take care of them, and then they will serve you for many years.

Bonsai shears and tongs

Shears are available in many sizes and shapes. They are intended for cutting shoots, smaller branches, leaves or roots. If most of the plants in your collection are small Bonsai, do not buy large scissors or ticks. Scissors with a standard, wide shape are available on the market, which is strong enough to trim thicker shoots and scissors with narrower and longer forms, which are easier to work in the middle of a dense tree crown. We also find scissors for small Bonsai (in the shohin category) or for pruning azaleas and removing its withered flowers.

We use oblique forceps to remove branches growing directly from the trunk. Thanks to the special structure, the cut is deeper, which makes it easier for the plant to heal the resulting wound. On the market, there are oblique forceps with straight or semicircular blades, as well as convex forceps with which a fairly deep cut is made. Of course, all types of ticks are available in different sizes.

Saws and knives

When you need to trim branches, trunks or roots that are too thick for ticks, you should use a suitable saw. You have to take into account that Japanese saws cut when you pull them towards you. Do not press them hard when pushing, because you can then bend or break the blade. For smoothing the cuts left by ticks and saws, grafting knives (the same as those used by professional gardeners) is best suited.

Knitting tools and Bonsai wire

Of course, you will need different sizes of wire, wire tongs and bending pliers to knit the Bonsai, which is also used to create deadwood (jin). These tools are available in various shapes and sizes. Buy smaller if you have a lot of small Bonsai (shohin). Bonsai wire is made of aluminum or copper, however, novice bonsai owners should use aluminum wire because it is easier to use.

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