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5 Best Pots For Indoor Plant Reviews 2019

In the garden, flowers do not have to grow only on flower beds. They also look beautiful in pots. Of course, when deciding on such a solution, you should choose a best pots for indoor plant model that will be suitable for outdoor installation, where different weather conditions prevail. That is why we present you with a ranking of garden pots, ideal for placing on the balcony, terrace, as well as in the garden and the immediate surroundings of the house.

5 Best Pots For Indoor Plant Reviews 2019

Rank#1: LA JOLIE MUSE Flower Pot Garden Planters

Our first proposal is a set of LA JOLIE MUSE Flower Pot containing a flower pot, an internal contribution, as well as a water level indicator, a water wick and a LA JOLIE substrate. The product is made of high quality varnished polypropylene.

Thanks to this the pot is durable and an interesting optical effect of metal was obtained on the outside. This model is resistant to external factors, including rain, frost down to -30 ° C, or UV rays. In addition, this best pots for indoor plant  is also highly resistant to cracks, breaks and bruises.

Due to the fact that this model looks beautiful, it can be successfully placed on terraces or indoors. The hole located on the bottom of the container allows the excess water to drain when we water the plant excessively or when there was heavy rain outside.

The substrate included in the set ensures that the plant maintains optimal soil moisture. A specialist irrigation system integrated with the best pots for indoor plant is also a great help. The dimensions of the pot are 40 cm x 15 cm, height 18 cm. The product is valued for its large capacity, solid workmanship, but above all, for its attractive design.

Rank#2: Farmhouse Decor Flower Pot and Tray Set

Elegant and modern, good and cheap Farmhouse Decor Flower garden pot is an interesting combination of a simple form and functionality. Thanks to the upwardly expanding container, even small flowers are beautifully exposed.

The model has dimensions of 32.5 cm x 32.5 cm x 61 cm and holds 49 liters of soil. It is made of plastic in white, finished in gloss, so it looks beautiful in any environment.

It is suitable not only for decorating the garden, but also terraces or balconies, and even the interior of our house. The product is characterized by high resistance to sunlight, any scratches and large frosts.

Opinions about garden pots of this brand are very flattering. Farmhouse products are valued for the quality of workmanship and their functionality. This model has also gained wide recognition among consumers, mainly due to its attractive design.

Rank#3: White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters

White Ceramic Flower pot  by White Ceramic is the fourth product to be found in our ranking. It is a stylish proposition for the garden and terrace of the house. The original shape and interesting design have been combined here. This makes the pot not only acts as a container for flowers, but above all decorates the surroundings.

Thanks to the fact that the texture resembles natural wood, it looks very classic. It also suits modern arrangements in the garden, as well as on the terrace, balcony or at home. The material is highly resistant to damage and external factors, and therefore the pot will serve us for many seasons.

The product is kept in a classic tone – a combination of browns and beige. It is made of plastic. Pot dimensions are: length – 29.7 cm, width – 29.7 cm, height – 29.7 cm. This model has gained the recognition of many consumers, including garden designers.


Rank#4: Tall Planters Set 2 Flower Pots

The Tall Planters Set concrete flower pot is the last offer in our set. It is characterized by its unique shape. It is available in various sizes, so you can easily arrange your garden in a unique way.

The model we presented has a beautiful gray color and is made of concrete and acrylic. Its dimensions are 44 cm x 77 cm. Unlike our other proposals, this product is very tall, so it will be perfect for large, high-growing flowers or shrubs.

It has a beautiful, slim form that will be an interesting decoration of the garden or terrace. This model has gained the recognition of many consumers who highly rated its attractive design. This is not the cheapest and best pots for indoor plant, but it is worth investing in it.

Not only because of the very nice appearance but also the solid material that does not deteriorate under the influence of adverse weather conditions, or despite the passage of years.

Rank#5: Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub

The concrete-acrylic Aquaphoric Herb garden pot is the second product worth paying attention to. This model is available in many different sizes (width – 34 cm and height – 30 cm, width – 42 cm and height – 38 cm or width – 54 cm and height – 49 cm), so you will definitely find the right pot size for your garden or terrace.

The pot is resistant to changing weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry that after a few seasons its appearance will change.

You do not have to hide it for the winter, because it is resistant to frost. The product has a gray, very natural color, thanks to which it blends beautifully with the garden.

Although this is one of the more expensive proposals in our ranking, it enjoys great interest among consumers. Solid performance and functionality are the most frequently mentioned advantages of this product. People who decided on this model also highly appreciate its appearance.

What best pots for indoor plant should I buy?

Shopping guide

When buying a garden pot, you should take into account not only its design, but also its purpose. There are many types of this type of product available in stores, each of which is dedicated to growing other plants, from herbs to shrubs and small trees. For this reason, the purchase of such equipment is quite difficult. To help you choose, we have prepared a guide that will tell you which best pots for indoor plant to choose. 


The best garden pot is one that completely meets our requirements. In addition to the design, which consists of the shape and style of the model, you should also pay attention to what it is made of. Among the most common materials we distinguish:

Concrete – such pots are very durable and stable, which is why they are great for shrubs or small trees. It is an ideal garden model that is resistant to weather conditions such as rain, wind or sun.

Ceramics – models made of this material are characterized by an interesting design. Such pots are relatively heavy, so they will certainly work in our garden. However, it should be remembered that such ceramics are very fragile and in case of impact, they can crack.

Wood – is distinguished by an interesting but universal design, so it will fit into the decor of any garden. The wood is very solid. However, it should be remembered that this material is not resistant to moisture, which should not be exposed to water for a long time.

Metal – pots made of metal are very modern models. However, you must remember to properly maintain the equipment, as corrosion may occur.

Plastic – the cheapest models are those made of plastic, including plastic. This is a variant that will fit into the decor of any garden. However, it should be remembered that such pots are very light and therefore not resistant to wind.

Shape – which garden pot is the best?

When deciding to buy a garden pot, you should first and foremost consider the shape of the equipment. Among the plants there are species that prefer a round or square substrate. An unmatched pot can limit the plant’s development by limiting its root system.


When choosing a garden pot, you should also pay attention to the size of the model. This consists of the diameter and height of the dish. It must be remembered that each plant species prefers different conditions. For example, orchids have a very simple root system, which means they do not require deep pots with lots of soil.

Place of exhibition

In addition to the size or quality of workmanship of the model, it is also worth paying attention to the place where the pot would be placed. It must be remembered that plants, depending on the species, are more or less sensitive to sunlight or cold. Therefore, it is worth placing them in a convenient place where weather conditions will not limit them in any way.


Choosing a best pots for indoor plant is not easy because of the elements of construction that should be considered before making a purchase. In addition, first of all you need to think about the purpose of the specific vessel. If you already have seeds of a species to plant or another flower to replant, you need to make sure its requirements. Depending on the type of plant, the pots are divided into:

Herbs – pots dedicated to growing herbs are usually small in size. They are made of ceramics or wood.

Flowering plants – pots dedicated to such plants should be made of ceramics or wood. Due to the complicated root system of these species, the vessel should be quite large.

Shrubs and small trees – growing shrubs and small trees seems quite tiring, but the pot itself has a big impact on their development. It should be heavy and balanced. This will prevent any equipment falling over during a gale or gusty wind.  

Seasonal plants – are primarily marigolds, pansies and other species that grow at a certain time. Such pots are relatively shallow and oblong, because these plants do not overwinter, making their root system shallow.

Cacti – pots dedicated to cacti are usually very small and cramped, because such a plant has a very simple root system and does not require much space. In addition, such equipment can be made of any material.


Let’s not forget about the appearance of the pot. It is obvious that it is the flower that decorates the garden, but at the same time we must not forget that it will harmonize with the pot. In the case of garden models, it is best to choose those that do not attract attention, match flowers, herbs or shrubs. Browns, grays or blacks work best.

Garden pots at good prices

Prices of garden pots differ from each other primarily due to the quality of the model and the design. The cheapest pots are those made of plastic. The cost of purchasing such an instrument should not exceed  50 dollars. Ceramic, wooden or metal models are definitely more expensive. Such equipment can cost up to  700 dollars.

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